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Beyond The Quota: Authentic Inclusivity

Why embracing inclusivity authentically is a necessity for your brand reputation and how to get it right.

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Equal Measures: The 50:50 Story

How is data driving cultural change at the BBC and attracting bigger audiences?

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Intentional Inclusion in Children’s Books

Inclusive Minds discuss the impact of both positive and negative representation at a young age and offer a personal perspective on how to ensure authentic inclusion.

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Mission Employable: Presenting Popular Shows in BSL

The creators of 'Dare Master' and 'Mission Employable' discuss bringing British Sign Language to the CITV audience via these well-loved shows.

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Modernising Kids’ Media: How Cartoons Can Forge the Path in an Inclusive TV Landscape

Shabnam Rezaei discusses what creating inclusive kids’ content looks like in front and behind the camera – from establishing a gender balanced writers’ room to matching voice actors to their characters’ cultures and all the little steps in between.

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Preschool and Prejudice

Hopster unveil their findings for their report ‘Is Kids TV Making Your Child Prejudiced?’ They reveal and showcase what they are doing to strengthen positive on-screen representation for preschoolers.

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The Road To MixMups and Beyond

How the viral ToyLikeMe campaign led to the creation of new fancy dress pre-school brand and animated series MixMups. Rebecca Atkinson shares the bumps in the road, and offers a practical route map for creating authentic disability representation for others to follow.

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The ‘Drip Drip Effect’: How to Combat Gender Stereotypes

Parent-led campaign Let Toys Be Toys explores unconscious bias, the limitations of stereotypes and the harmful effects this can have on content creators and children as consumers, and what we can do about it.

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YACF: This is for You

Encouraging voices that truly represent the UK.

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