CMC 2020 Previews


Preview: Best Of...

Posted on: Saturday 27 June 2020 2:03am

Michael Carrington was a founder member of the CMC Advisory Committee.  Having been the first Controller of CBeebies, and subsequently Chief Content Officer at Cartoon Network and CEO of Zodiak Kids, he is now Director of the Entertainment and Specialist Division at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.   CMC asked several figures in the children's media industry to choose their favourite moments from CMC Keynotes. You can see their choices in the Best Of... strand of CMC 2020 video content.   This is Michael Carrington's recollection of CMC past... "A big hello to you all planning to attend CMC 2020 Online. I’ve…

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Preview: Changemakers

Posted on: Sunday 05 July 2020 6:43pm by Dr Vicky Brophy

Vicky Brophy has been the Exec Producer of the CMC Changemakers since 2018. I’ve learned not to worry whether or not we’ll be able to unearth yet another clutch of inspirational Changemakers each year. Luckily for us all, young people are not just caring more than ever; they’re taking more positive action as well.  I know I’m getting older but, six years and sixty successful speakers into the strand, they would appear to be getting younger too.  Not so long ago I found the naive optimism of youth rather wearing.  However, I’ve come to realise that those unencumbered by years…

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Preview: Commissioner Conversations - Channels

Posted on: Wednesday 01 July 2020 5:08pm by Angela Morrow

Angela Morrow, producing the CMC Commissioner Conversations with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, wants to encourage you to attend and ask questions! In a year of unprecedented challenge and change for the industry we can all take a modicum of solace from the perennial presence of the CMC Commissioner Conversation – Channels panel. You may be a new creator, an industry veteran or somewhere between the two. Wherever you are along that road, you’ll want to hear what these highly experienced commissioners have to say. They are the conduit between creator and audience and their insights are invaluable in plotting the…

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Preview: Commissioner Conversations - PSBs

Posted on: Saturday 04 July 2020 5:31pm by Barry Quinn

Barry Quinn has produced many commissioner sessions for CMC over the years... This one is something new. This is without doubt the most extraordinary PSB Commissioner session I have ever produced - not only has production been paused, budgets slashed and future commissioning kicked into the long grass - it's also opened up opportunities for fast turnaround content and imaginative production techniques - necessity being the mother of invention and all that.  And with Black Lives Matter giving a new urgency for broadcasters to get diversity strategies right and Channel 4 going all out to win over the fickle teens, it's…

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Preview: Commissioner Conversations VODs

Posted on: Wednesday 08 July 2020 9:42am by Fayon Dixon

Session producer Fayon Dixon realty produced a research session about the SVODs for the CMC Friday Webinars.  Undaunted, she returns to the subject for CMC 2020 Online. The build up to Wednesday's Commissioners Conversations, has been another fantastic learning curve!! This is my second time producing for CMC and during lockdown and it's been an great insight to what some of the largest names in commissioning are up to and what they would like to hear from you. In the last couple of months whilst preparing, I have seen just why this platform is so necessary for enabling future ideas…

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Preview: Creative Keynote - Cressida Cowell

Posted on: Sunday 05 July 2020 6:04pm by Jayne Kirkham

Jayne Kirkham, producing this year's Creative Keynote, felt the Muse come upon her when we asked her to write a preview... Creative Magic by J Kirkham Remember the first book you read? The joy making stuff up in your head? For some fun breaking rules And top tips for all (see what I did there?) Come and join us in Cressida's shed.

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Preview: Focus On...

Posted on: Monday 06 July 2020 2:40pm by Sarah Baynes

Sarah Baynes is deputy chair of the CMC Advisory Committee and our go-to person for links with China. She has executive produced the Focus On INternational business strand this year... Our Focus On... strand is once again laser focussed (appropriately enough) on giving you the up to date view-point on territories that are keen and open for business with the UK. In an increasingly editorially competitive and commercially challenging global landscape, knowing your options and allies will be the lifeblood to industry survival as well as yours. This year we are focussing on Canada, China and Ireland -  with contributions…

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Preview: Inclusivity Now

Posted on: Monday 29 June 2020 3:29am by Olivia Dickinson

Olivia Dickinson is Excutive Producer of the Inclusivity Now strand of VOD content at CMC 2020 Online. Here she outlines the aims of the content which is new venture for CMC - practical examples of how creators and networks are pursuing inclusive content and expanding diversity in their productions. The Children's Media Conference Facebook Group Chat - Inclusivity Now offers the opportunity for delegates to comment, ask questions and discuss the content of all the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC. This year’s CMC has given us an amazing opportunity to create content that gives you concrete, practical actions and takeaways.…

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Preview: Inclusivity Now - Beyond The Quota: Authentic Inclusivity

Posted on: Saturday 04 July 2020 6:02pm by Akin Akinsiku

Akin Akinsiku, co-creator, director and writer on BAFTA nominated and Broadcast Award winning CBeebies pre-school drama ‘Apple Tree House’, writes about the efforts, sacrifices and commitments he’d like to see from broadcasters and content creators to ensure real change and authentic diversity. The Children's Media Conference Facebook Group Chat - Inclusivity Now offers the opportunity for delegates to comment, ask questions and discuss the content of all the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC. We are in a position where we can affect generational changes. When I was a kid, I loved superheroes and comic books. My favourite characters were Superman, Batman, Hulk…

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Preview: Inclusivity Now - Intentional Inclusion in Children’s Books

Posted on: Monday 29 June 2020 4:40pm by Jessi Parrott

Jessi Parrot from Inclusive Minds reveals the thinking behind their contribution to the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC 2020 Online. The Children's Media Conference Facebook Group Chat - Inclusivity Now offers the opportunity for delegates to comment, ask questions and discuss the content of all the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC. Everyone has different life experiences. These experiences are informed by background, culture and sense of identity (which incorporates factors such as gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, disability/impairment and socioeconomic status). Moreover, as academic Rudine Sims Bishop  reminds us in her 1990 research, books can be ‘mirrors, windows and sliding doors’…

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Preview: Inclusivity Now - Mission Employable - Presenting Popular Shows in BSL

Posted on: Tuesday 30 June 2020 10:25pm by Cecilia Weiss

Cecilia Weiss shares ITV Signpost's experience in creating 'Mission Employable' and 'Dare Master', two popular CITV shows - in this video for the CMC 2020 Inclusivity Now strand... The Children's Media Conference Facebook Group Chat - Inclusivity Now offers the opportunity for delegates to comment, ask questions and discuss the content of all the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC. SignPost Productions is ITV’s centre of excellence for multi-platform British Sign Language services. SignPost combines industry-leading expertise and resources with a passion for social mobility and diversity. Gareth Deighan, ITV SignPost Productions’ Head of Content, and Christopher Luke, producer at ITV SignPost…

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Preview: Inclusivity Now - The ‘Drip Drip Effect’- How to Combat Gender Stereotypes

Posted on: Monday 29 June 2020 1:38pm by Megan Perryman Tessa Trabue

Megan Perryman and Tessa Trabue from Let Toys Be Toys explain why they have made a video for the CMC 2020 Inclusivity Now strand. The Children's Media Conference Facebook Group Chat - Inclusivity Now offers the opportunity for delegates to comment, ask questions and discuss the content of all the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC. Back in 2012, heated discussions were taking place on a popular UK parenting message board about the ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ signs spotted in the toy aisles of many UK retailers.  Cooking and cleaning toys along with dolls were signposted for girls, while construction, science and action and…

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Preview: Inclusivity Now... Equal Measures - the 50:50 Story

Posted on: Saturday 04 July 2020 2:59am by Lara Joannides

Lara Joannides explains the background to this video in the Inclusivity Now strand for CMC 2020. The Children's Media Conference Facebook Group Chat - Inclusivity Now offers the opportunity for delegates to comment, ask questions and discuss the content of all the Inclusivity Now strand at CMC. "You can’t be what you can’t see”. It’s a phrase we’re all familiar with, and one which is particularly important when it comes to creating content for young audiences. People of all ages are consuming more and more content every day, whether it be TV ads, the news or social media. And what…

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Preview: Lockdown, Learning and Brands

Posted on: Monday 06 July 2020 7:06pm by Hannie Kirkham

Hannie Kirkham is Research and Business Development Manager at Oriel Square Publishing and Strategy - and a former student volunteer at CMC. Producing the Learning session for this year's webinars, she outlines the thinking behind it. Learning and education is, and always has been, a key element of many edutainment brands - even before lockdown. The last few months have thrown in some added challenges for educators and content providers alike. Challenges are always partnered with opportunities, and for the world of edtech and edutainment, that is very much the case. There has been a huge surge in the use of online…

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Preview: Masterclass: Moomins and Pippi Longstocking

Posted on: Wednesday 08 July 2020 7:03pm by Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller,  Session Producer admits to being a "late adopter" but is now a convert. Remarkably - if not alarmingly - I grew up without 'Pippi Longstocking' or 'Moomins' in my childhood.  My loss.  However...the upside is that I've been able to discover Pippi and Moomins as an adult - and understand quite how extraordinary they both  are.  The webinar on Friday afternoon at 2pm is a unique opportunity to find out and understand more about these two fascinating women - Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren, who created 'Moomins' and 'Pippi Longstocking', respectively.  It's an opportunity not to be missed.…

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Preview: Perpective On... Our Frame of Mind

Posted on: Tuesday 30 June 2020 10:53pm by Jude Spencer

Jude Spencer, mental health trainer, producing and presenting this video in the Perspective On... strand asks "How to Change your Frame of Mind?" Perspective On... Our Frame of Mind has a Chat area in the Children's Media Conference Facebook Group. Delegates can use it to leave messages, ask questions and discuss. “Coronavirus put the breaks on my career . So I went “Aggggghhhh” for a while and then I paused and then went “this is how it is, I can’t change how it is”, that’s when I re-engaged with it,” says storyboard artist and Co-creator of 'Shane the Chef', Andrew…

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Preview: Perspective On... Content Quilting

Posted on: Monday 06 July 2020 1:06pm by Ewan Vinnicombe-Wallis

CMC 2020 Online Perspective on... video producer Ewan Vinnicombe-Wallis wants you to encourage you to consider quilting... Do you want to find out which territory Nina Hahn from Nickelodeon is looking at for her next big global project? Or want to see an "exclusive to CMC" clip of the new CBBC drama 'Mystic' produced by the award winning Simon Crawford Collins? Then maybe the Content Quilting session is for you. It was fascinating to hear Nina and Simon's perspectives about producing live action from around the globe. And the title has got to be the most intriguing ever suggested for…

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Preview: Perspective On... LGBT+ Now

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2020 12:49am by Natalie Walmsley

Wrier/performer Natalie Walmsley has produced the Perspective On... video, LGBTQ+ Now.   Perspective On... LGBTQ+ Now has a CMC Facebook Group Chat area for discussion, questions and comment during the conference. A little over a year ago, I sat in a writer’s room that set out to change history. As the only queer person in the room, on one of those larger than life screens, I typed the words: “I’m gay”. It came out of the mouth of a 16 year old character and was set to be the first time anyone had said those words on live action kids…

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Preview: Perspective On... New Trends for Kids in Interactive Content,

Posted on: Thursday 09 July 2020 11:15pm by Kate Dimbleby Rupert Howe

Kate Dimbleby, who produced the CMC video Perspective on... New Trends for Kids in Interactive Content,comsiders "the world turned upside down..." As Act one of 'Hamilton' ends, the lines “the world turned upside down” ring out.   I sing along with my 14 and 12 year old feeling the relevance.  It does seem that way.  And yet, for children, they will soon know no different.  Always growing faster and more flexibly than the adults who entertain them.  In our session, we focus on the New Trends for Interactive - the streaming interactive kids' shows Netflix have been pioneering and how we can…

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Preview: PJ Briefcases

Posted on: Saturday 04 July 2020 10:52pm by David Kleeman

David Kleeman shares the outstanding children's TV that emerges from the PRIX JEUNESSE International Festival every two years. The Festival has just finished its first ever online screenings, and hot-off-the-press, David has curated three different views off some of the best kids' TV from the last two years - worldwide. I’ve been going to PRIX JEUNESSE since before many of you were born. My first festival was in 1988. That was a wholly different time in media, and some things are radically new, while others haven’t changed at all. One of this year’s top preschool competitors was a remake of…

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Preview: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on: Sunday 05 July 2020 8:28pm by Debbie Macdonald

PYMWYMI Executive Producer Debbie Macdonald reflects on what makes this session the most popular at CMC every year...  I’ve been Exec’ing this session for many years now and its become one of the key favourites at CMC. As a former buyer myself, turned creator/writer, I’m incredibly passionate about encouraging people to get their ideas out there as early as possible. For new Creators/producers, it can be seen as a daunting process but it really doesn’t have to be. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is unravels the mystery. The session is a unique and exciting opportunity for Producers to get their…

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Preview: Research

Posted on: Monday 06 July 2020 6:56pm by Vickie O'Malley

Vickie O'Malley (MD, Rockpool Licensing) has Executive Produced the CMC Research strand for several years... Pearls of wisdom from CMC research sessions have been invaluable to me and to Rockpool. The first half of my career was in the retail and toy industries where data, research and consumer insight are plentiful as can be. As much as I love my licensing life, I’m afraid the same cannot be said for consumer products! CMC research sessions provide intel and highlight opportunities and trends that have made a real difference to my business and the service I provide to my clients. For…

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Preview: The Creator's Inner Child

Posted on: Sunday 05 July 2020 6:23pm by Gráinne McGuinness

Grainne McGuinness, Creative Director of Paper Owl Films, took on an ambitious project for CMC 2020 Online What kind of kid were you? How does that kid speak to the story worlds you create for young audiences today? We asked some stellar creators that very question… What did Keith Chapman get in trouble for? Why wasn’t Nancy Kanter a Disney kid? Was Angela Santomero a tiny bit daunted when it came to bringing her own childhood hero to a new generation?  It was an honour to reflect on the childhood selves of great kids content creators and how they have informed…

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