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One Minute to Save the World

PQATV and CMC challenged young people to make a short on the theme One Minute to Save the World. They asked for a film that’s authentic to them, about something they believe in, and to make us think. The competition was open to young filmmakers under 19 across the world.

After much deliberation PQA are excited to reveal the final 15 shortlisted films which will be screened at the CMC 2019. Delegates will decide the winning film, with the filmmakers being awarded with camera equipment worth £2k! You can see all the films and vote now.

The Shortlist

    • Butterfly Botox: Directed by Charlie Hills (PQA Wickford student)
    • Children’s Right: Directed by Tilly Mae Jones (PQA Wickford student)
    • Dare to Change: Directed by Dylan Scott & Romain Soubes Goldman
    • It’s Not To Late: Directed by Will Stogden
    • Limitless: Directed by Annette Hannah (PQA Derby student)
    • Nature’s Child: Directed by Eden Quine-Taylor (PQA Cardiff student)
    • One Person Can Save the World: Directed by Satie Polidoro-Thursby
    • Plastic World: Directed by Iyla Small, Sophie O’Neill & Neve Rich (PQA Wickford students)
    • The Choice: Directed by Louie Fellows & Amy Newman (PQA Maidstone students)
    • The Magic Money Tree: Directed by Jacob Michel (PQA Cardiff student)
    • Uranium Oven: Directed by Jack Thompson & Tyler Smith (PQA Swindon students)
    • Zoo: Directed by Mia-Mai Costelloe – Densem, Sophia Kazarian, Ella-Scarlett Gallart Houghton, Jaime Roberts & Ava Abel (PQA Richmond students)
    • Just Imagine: Directed by Blue Group at PQA Finchley
    • Another Story: Directed by Thaisa Smart, Amelie Bridge, Alba McCann-Carrasco, Kenya Richards & Leah Odell Angba (PQA Richmond students)
    • You Are Not Alone: Directed by Jessica Devonald, Sofia Piletto, Katharine Smallacombe Riley, Anna Tresigne, Rhea Sahib & Stella Parkinson (PQA Richmond students)
Watch the shortlisted films at CMC on 3 & 4 July, or on this voting website

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