First Timers Guide

Coming to the CMC for the first time can be daunting. It feels like everyone knows everyone and no-one wants to talk to you. However, about half our delegates at the CMC haven’t attended before and companies are in Sheffield to seek out new talent – and that’s you, so don’t keep your light under a bushel.

Here’s our rough guide to help you navigate your way round CMC for the first time: 

First Timers Reception
Tuesday 4 July 2017 5pm
Crucible Theatre
Sponsored by: Disney
We invite all First Timers to a reception from 5-6pm in the Crucible – just before the opening keynote on Tuesday.  To find your conference buddies and hear Disney’s Orion Ross and others give their top tips, sign up to the First Timers reception when you register.

The Tuesday Workshops are not only informative; they are great place to meet new people as they almost always entail some group work.

Millennium Gallery Reception
Tuesday 4 July 2017 7.15pm
Sponsored by: NBCUniversal
Get out your business cards out and network with the industry.

Speed Meetings
Wednesday 5 & Thursday 6 July 2017 Various times
Sponsored by: Finger Industries
Speed Meetings are a good way to meet commissioners. Speed is literally the essence: each slot is five minute so come prepared with your business cards and your ideas.

First Timers Lunches
Wednesday 5 July  and Thursday 6 July 2017 12.45-1.45pm
Bar Phoenix, HUBS
If you missed (or enjoyed) the First Timers Reception, here are two  other opportunities to meet your fellow first timers at lunch hosted by a CMC “old hand” and some mates on Wednesday.

The Pizza Express supper on Wednesday is a great way to meet people: it’s informal, great fun and we definitely recommend booking if it’s your first time in Sheffield. Book in advance.

And don’t forget:

  • Make sure you sign up to the CMC e-bulletin as soon as you can. The e-bulletin is the very best way to keep up to date about what’s happening at CMC this year.
  • The full timetable is available to see here.
  • The main conference venue is the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. The cinema is a short walk from Sheffield railway station. On arrival you can walk from the station to the venue and register all in about 15 minutes.
  • Your first stop is the Registration Desk in the Workstation (next door to the Showroom). You can pick up your badge here and come back any time to the Registration Desk for assistance. The cloakroom and luggage check is also in the Workstation. Please leave enough time for the cloakroom as security will be in place.
  • The International Exchange is in the Millennium Gallery. It opens at 8.30am on Tues 4 July. You can pay to meet commissioners, buyers and producers in 15 mins slots. Sold out for 2017
  • On Wednesday you can take notes and gain tips by watching live pitching at Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.
  • Your delegate pass gives you access to the Keynote events on Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening (in the Crucible Theatre) and all the conference sessions in the Showroom and HUBS.
  • Your printed delegate guide provides information on the content and timing of all the sessions at the Conference, allowing you to plan your time.
  • Some sessions will be busy and we operate on a first come, first served basis, so remember to get to sessions in time.
  • The Showroom bar is our social centre. It’s where all delegates and most speakers will hang out during the conference. Have a coffee and you will be bound to meet up with new conference friends.
  • At lunchtime most delegates will usually be in the HUBS building. You can pick up a lunch pack there and spend your lunch breaks networking.
  • Read Questions From a First Timer and Navigating the CMC for the First Time which covers everything you want know about coming to CMC for the first time, from those in the know.
  • Finally for inspiration, have a read of What has the CMC Ever Done For Me? Maybe you’ll be writing your own CMC memoires for next year’s blog…