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Westminster Conference Centre C3


Opening Keynote

The UK animated series tax break, how we got here, and where it can take us.


The Animation Tax Break - Qualifying

An exploration of the key steps to qualification for the tax incentive. What is an animation? What is a series? What is a broadcast? What makes it British? What spending qualifies? How do you calculate the benefit?


The Games Tax Break

How the Games Tax Break, which comes into effect at the same time as the animation tax incentive, affects the animation sector and crossover companies.


The Animation Tax Break - Fulfilment

Processes, paperwork, accountancy and legal - there are issues - find out how to get it right.


The Animation Tax Break - Working in the Real World

This session explores the tax incentive's compatibility with other forms of funding including EIS and Media.  It also examines the relationship to UK broadcasters and platform providers, and considers how far the banks and other institutions will support in the early stages of the scheme.


The Animation Tax Break - International Perspective

How will the tax-break work for international co-prodcution partners.  What are the restrictions?  How will it work with co-production treaties?


The Training Levy and Training Initiatives

This session will explore the voluntary Training Levy associated with the tax incentive, and Creative Skillset will outline their plans for further training on the application of the tax break, and explore the perceived industry needs for training in an interactive "chat-back".