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Adding Value with Research

Research is a powerful tool. But often considered to be beyond the budgets of many animation studios. However, in an increasingly competitive media environment, research can demonstrate how a new animated show connects with young audiences, the elements of the programme to highlight on launch, and – crucially –  prove value with broadcasters.   Nick Fisher, co-founder […]

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Building your Brand and Revenue with Mobile Apps

In this truly mixed media company panel, Digital Consultant Neal Hoskins will be in conversation with a developer, a YouTube channel, a producer, publisher and digital broadcaster, looking into their experience of building their brand’s content, enhancing their audience profile and generating revenue on mobile platforms in 2020. With guests including Morghan Fortier, Skyship Entertainment […]

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The Kids Ecosystem - Animation, Content & Co-Creation

Kids Insights, part of the Insights People, surveys more than 277,000 kids, tweens and teens (aged 3-18) every year, across the globe. Chief Product Officer, Jonathan Watson presents insights based on this wide survey. He explores the latest kids’ content preferences,  specifically their favourite animation titles. Plus recent co-creation trends, as kids participate with content rather than passively consume […]

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The Secret Story Draw – Opening Opportunity

The Secret Story Draw presents a discussion on opportunity for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic illustrators and animators in the Children’s media industry. Discover a new initiative for broadening the access to talent through providing opportunities, and how you can be part of that change. Contact us to find out more or offer your help […]

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UK Animation - A Worldwide Story of Success

Showcasing the success of UK animation across the world. Featuring kids’ IP creator Keith Chapman, Lupus Films MD Ruth Fielding, Peppa Pig Producer Phil Davies, and Magic Light Pictures CEO Michael Rose. Curated and introduced by Helen Brunsdon, Director of the British Animation Awards. This video was originally made by CMC for the British Council, to promote the […]

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YouTube First? 5 Things You Need to Know

For over 20 years Kids Industries has been working right around the world devising and implementing strategies that solve the knottiest of problems for the family market. Co-Founder, Gary Pope shares a selection of the insights KI have discovered that might just help you understand how to navigate your animation through the labyrinth of YouTube. […]

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