Contributor Information

Welcome to our  information section for speakers, moderators and workshop experts.

Hands volunteers 14Key Contacts for Contributors
The first point of contact for queries should be your session or workshop producer. If you need to make direct contact with the CMC team, here are key members: 

Greg Childs
CMC Editorial Director
m: 07714 708986
Editorial and content.

Jacqui Wells
Conference Administrator & Operations Manager
+44 (0) 114 221 0222
Registration, biographies, photos and website.

Lauren Bartles
Conference Assistant and Guest Travel and Accommodation Manager
+44 (0) 114 221 0222
Delegate and general enquiries and Travel and Accommodation

Darren Chouings
Conference Production Manager
Skype: darrenchouings
Technical and logistical, speakers’ presentations, release forms.

Rachael Brown
Speed Meetings Coordinator

Janet Balmforth
DDA Blueprint PR
m: 07957 564 050
Monique Levine
DDA Blueprint PR
m: 0781 437 4446

Helen Brunsdon
CMC International Exchange Manager

Julia Posen
CMC Sponsorship Coordinator

Travel and Accommodation Advice for Contributors
Contributors can get advice on travel to Sheffield from the CMC travel and Accommodation Manager:

Lauren Bartles

If, as a contributor, you have problems with a hotel booking when you get to Sheffield, please contact Lauren immediately.Lauren is responsible for petty cash payments to contributors.

If your arrival time is critical for your conference session and you are delayed, please inform your session producer as soon as possible. If they cannot be contacted, contact the Conference Production Manager:

Darren Chouings
Skype: darrenchouings

Pre-conference Information for Contributors

Contributors need to register before you come to the CMC. For your contributor discount code and instructions on how to register, please contact:
Jacqui Wells
+44 (0) 114 221 0222

Contributors receive free registration for the main conference. There is a small charge for Pizza Express supper.

Personal Information from Contributors
Before attending CMC you must provide your name, job title, company, a 80-word biography, plus a photograph of yourself (300 dpi).

Send all the above to:
Jacqui Wells
+44 (0) 114 221 0222

PowerPoints and videos must be passed in advance to the Conference technical team. For technical needs contact:
Darren Chouings
Skype: darrenchouings

Use of Content
Please request the release form and sent it to Darren Chouings. It is ok for you to say “no” to our publishing your PowerPoint, video or audio online, but it is useful for us to know in advance which contributions can or cannot be used.

Contributors Arriving at CMC

 To “check in” at the Conference go to the Registration desk in the Workstation (Paternoster Row). There you can pick up your conference badge, delegate bag and Conference Guide. Please do this as it assures us of your arrival.

There is a large secure cloakroom in the Workstation, that can hold your suitcase, open from 8am to 8pm on Weds 1, and from 8.30 am to 7pm on Thurs 2 and Fri 3 July.

You can leave your luggage in the cloakroom after checking out from your hotel.

Suitcases are not allowed in the Showroom cinemas during conference sessions.

The walk to the station from the Workstation is 7 minutes.

Conference Information for Contributors

Your session or workshop can be seen here.

The Conference timetable is available here.

Please double-check the scheduled date and time for your session.

Your biographical information and all the contributors can be seen here.

An updating list of all attendees at CMC 2015 is available by clicking the Delegate list download button on the Conference Homepage.

Technical Prep on the Day

The Technical Preparation room is in Showroom 5, the Showroom.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation or video that has not previously been sent to the Conference technical team, please take it to the Technical Preparation room on arrival.

75 minutes before the scheduled time of your session, you must go to the Technical prep room.

You will spend 45 minutes checking your technical needs with our technicians. This is also the time for a final briefing with your session producer and your fellow-contributors.

If you have not signed a release form, now is the time to do so.

30 minutes before the session you will go to your session venue and there will be a final run-through with the technical director in the room.

Workshop contributors are asked to register at the Workstation and be at their allotted venue (in Hubs A, B or C) 60 minutes before the start for a technical rehearsal and briefing. Start time for all workshops on Weds 1 July is 1 pm.

Your session

All sessions will start on time whether all contributors are present or not.

Moderators and Chairs will be asked to make housekeeping announcements at the start and end of their sessions. Housekeeping script cards will be handed over during the briefing in Showroom 5. We ask that Moderators pay particular attention to sponsor announcements as sponsorship is not only a vital source of funding, but also a key component of the collaborative ethos of CMC.

Moderators and chairs are asked to announce that if there are to be further conversations with the speakers after the session, this should take place in the Showroom bar where there are refreshments or lunch on offer. We need to clear the rooms quickly at the end of sessions to allow the next session to rehearse.

Speakers are asked to leave the room quickly after each session so that it can be turned around for the next rehearsal.

All sessions are manned by volunteers who can assist you and will carry out audience microphone duties.

All volunteers are issued with a set of business cards so that they can network. Please be as helpful as you can!

All contributors are very welcome to attend any part of the CMC and we would encourage you to take maximum advantage of your time with us to enjoy what the conference offers.

Recording and Reporting

All sessions are audio recorded and those in Cinema 4 and the Crucible Theatre are video recorded and a selection will be made available online after the conference as podcasts and videos, provided release forms have been signed, assigning the right to do so.

All sessions are blogged during the conference by the CMC blogging team.

CMC photographs will go online after the conference.

Contributors’ PowerPoints and presentations will go online after the conference, provided release forms have been signed allowing us to publish them.

Speakers should be aware that all conference sessions are open to journalists.