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What Has The CMC Ever Done For Me?


‘Go Green with the Grimwades’ was born out of out of chance meetings at Doc Hearts’ first visit to CMC. Read more…

Andy Mundy-Castle, MD Doc Hearts




Liesl Hammer is an 18 year-old intern at ToyLikeMe. CMC 2020’s Inclusivity Now strand opened her eyes to the possible and the necessary. Read more….

Liesl Hammer, creative writing student




Dan, and Nuria Wicksman have written for film and TV companies in more than 15 countries. They took part in the CMC China Connect online meetings with earth shattering results. Read more….

Dan and Nuria Wicksman, scriptwriters and story editors




Freelance writer, Tom Jordan, describes how his relationship with CMC has re-written his career. Read more…

Tom Jordan, freelance writer, creative, editor & project manager




Cloth Cat Animation MD, Jon Rennie, considers how the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield and CMC support abroad has helped their business. Read more…

Jon Rennie, MD, Cloth Cat Animation/Thud Media




Composer Brolly reflects on the chance to meet talented people at the CMC International Exchange.  Read more…

Brolly Brollyman, Composer




Theo Sparks came up with the animation style for the CMC 2018 interstitials. “Sticker-mation” comes to Sheffield… Read more…

Theo Sparks, Freelance Animator



Bethan Cook was a volunteer at CMC 2017, who won the Disney competition to visit for a day. Read more…

Bethan Cooke, Universiy Undergraduate




Dave Collins was a “first timer” at CMC 2017. He liked it. Read more…

Dave Collins, Co-Founder, PowerStation Studios




Emma Cooper asks, “What has the CMC ever done for Sheffield kids?” Read more…

Emma Cooper, Head of Marketing, Pimoroni, and CMC Advisory Committee member




Matt Buck, Project Manager at Spinning Clock Animation, on creating the interstitial animations for CMC 2017…  Read more..

Matt Buck, Project Manager, Spinning Clock Animation




Helen Howells, Joint MD of Hoho Entertainment reveals her ambitions for working in the Chinese market and how she plans to get there with he help of CMC. Read more…

Helen Howells, joint MD, Hoho Entertainment




Hildri Gulliksen is Head of NRK Super, the public channel and VOD-service for children in Norway. Members of NRK Super’s managing group have participated in CMC three times. Read more…
Hildri Gulliksen, Head of NRK Super





Linda Hall, creator of Kids’ fitness programme ‘Animal Fu’ explains how the CMC helped her get fit for purpose and active in the kids’ media space.  What has the CMC done for me?  As it happens, the CMC helped me to put into motion just about everything I could have dreamed of….Read more…
Linda Hall, Creator


Jon Hancock circle


Jon Hancock produced the ‘Making it Live’ session at CMC 2016.  He also launched Three Arrows Media – a Children’s and Family live-action specialist production house based in Manchester, set up with his partner David Hallam. He tells us how Three Arrows first took flight at CMC… Read more…
John Hancock, Producer


Tim Bain circle


I attended my very first CMC in 2012 with only a single kids’ TV episode credit to my name. I knew nothing and no one. I felt like a freshman who’d crashed Spring Break. But it changed my career in more ways than I could have imagined…  Read more…
Tim Bain, Writer 


Anne Brogan


CMC has introduced me to a number of people over the years whom I have worked with subsequently. It’s often people with experience in areas outside our immediate territory (scripted content) whom I might not have come across in the day to day; publishers, interactive producers, writers, financiers, designers.  Read more…
Anne Brogan, Co-director, Kindle Entertainment


Eric cricle


The CMC is one of my favourite conferences in the world. I’ve met so many people who became business partners, employers, and friends. My first was when I was one of the children’s publishers at Penguin. I looked after books behind media brands, like Disney, The BBC, etc. The CMC was a nice alternative to the giant licensing shows. It was – and is – full of creators…   Read more…
Eric Huang, Development Director, Made in Me


anna Home circle


In the final session of the 2006 Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference, there was a dramatic announcement. The production arm of ITV Kids was to close. This was a huge shock. Suddenly the whole ecology of the UK Children’s TV market was going to change…  Read more….
Anna Home, Chair of the CMC Board, and for ten years Chair of the CMC Advisory Committee


Martyn Niman


The ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is‘ session is scary, but exciting.  The cinema was packed, as it’s the most popular session at CMC. Four “dragons” on stage have real money to invest, and in a new twist, the dragons were cast in the role of ‘The Voice’ judges and had to turn their chairs to show interest… or not.  Read more…
Martyn Niman Creative Director and Producer, King Bee Animation


Mark Pearce


With over 1100 delegates arriving for three days and three nights of ‘festivities’ it’s one of the most important events in my calendar. There are so many great delegates and speakers to network with. If I were to analyse return on investment over the years, this event would be at the top of the list. We’ve developed commercial relationships with producers, animators and global media giants, been inspired by the speakers, entertained by the delegates, and made many new friends.
Mark Pearce, Director, The Workshop

Stuart Pearson


Quite simply, attending the CMC changed my life. I attended as a self-funded delegate trying to get my content consultancy off the ground, and my abiding memory of the event is “white heat”.  Read more..
Stuart Pearson, Director, International Content Distribution



When I first went to CMC, I had just graduated from the German masterclass Academy for Children’s Media, encouraged by one of the Heads of Studies to think big and show the world my animation series concept, as well as myself as a writer. The same Head of Studies then told us about a conference he ran in the UK that we could come to. The suggestion struck a chord.  Read more..
Esther Kauffman, Author and Screenwriter


Kath Shackleton


Guess where this all began? At the Children’s Media Conference. We didn’t make a show about unicorns, princesses, puppies or talking toys. Our subject was the Holocaust. Yes, quite a tricky one! It took a while for people to understand why and how we might have made animation on such a difficult subject…    Read more…
Kath Shackleton, Producer, Fettle Animation




Apart from being an ideal platform to kickstart a career in a challenging and ever adapting industry, the CMC is a must attend event for anyone working in animation in the UK.  I first attended not knowing very much about the industry, having very few contacts but a passion for production and wanting to throw myself in at the deep end…    Read more…
Adam Bailey, Head of Animation Development, Cloth Cat Animation

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