Technical Prep on the Day

The Technical Preparation room is in Showroom 5, at the Showroom Cinema.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation or video that has not previously been sent to the Conference technical team, please take it to the Technical Preparation room, on arrival.

75 minutes before the scheduled time of your session, you must go to the Technical Prep room.

You will spend 45 minutes checking and loading your technical needs with a technician dedicated to your session.  This is also the time for a final briefing with your session producer and your fellow-contributors.

If you have not signed a release form, now is the time to do so.

30 minutes before the session start-time you will go as a group to your session venue and there will be a final run-through with the technical director in the room.  The technician who uploaded and checked your content will bring the laptop with loaded materials from the technical preparation room, and will operate it during the session.

Workshop contributors are asked to register at the Workstation on arrival, and be at their allotted venue (in Hubs A, B or C, or the Electric Works) 60 minutes before the start of the workshop for a technical rehearsal and briefing.  Start-time for all workshops on Weds 2 July is 1 pm.