Your Session

Sessions and Workshops will start on time whether all the contributors are present or not.

Moderators and Chairs will be asked to make housekeeping announcements at the start and end of their sessions. Housekeeping script cards will be handed over during the briefing in Showroom 5. We ask that Moderators pay particular attention to sponsor announcements as sponsorship is not only a vital source of funding, but also a key component of the collaborative ethos of CMC. At the end of sessions, moderators and chairs are asked to announce that if there are to be further conversations with the speakers, these should take place in the Showroom bar where there are refreshments or lunch on offer.

Speakers are asked to leave the room quickly after each session so that it can be turned around for the next rehearsal.

All sessions are manned by volunteers who can assist you and will carry out audience microphone duties.

All volunteers are issued with a set of business cards so that they can network during their time at CMC. Please be as helpful as you can!

All contributors are very welcome to attend any part of the CMC and we would encourage you to take maximum advantage of your time with us to enjoy what the conference offers.