CMC 2021 Theme: Together

You might think it’s a bit contrary to adopt the theme Together for CMC 2021 Online, when clearly we are all participating virtually.  But now more than ever the famous CMC togetherness is what our industry needs.  And when we get together, great things happen for kids.

CMC 2021 is a chance for every sector in the kids’ content industry to come together, compare notes, share learning, inspire and challenge one another and make creative and business connections.

The pandemic crisis, the lockdowns and the massive changes to societies across the world have brought us together in unexpected ways. As we all face an uncertain future one of the key questions is how the changes will reverberate, what will last and what will revert, and what this means for kids, for their lives going forward and the future they’ll inhabit.

As children come together again at school, and reconnect in the real world with friends and family long missed, what will we do as an industry to take care of their physical and mental well-being, to ensure they are safe online, to provide them with valued, trusted and relevant content, and maybe even get together with them to make it? 

These questions and many more are on the agenda for CMC 2021 Online.