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July 2019

CMC 2019: Report – Online Killed the TV Star

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 10:34pm by Cate Zerega

5 BILLION YouTube videos are watched EVERY DAY. With 430, 000 hours of content being uploaded to the platform every day, it’s no surprise that we all fear the demise of TV as we know it. Takeaway:                            Recognize the snobbery that dismisses the online star. Creating a crossover success is best served with a holistic, talent first approach - can’t plug just any talent into any show and expect audience success. Detail: Presenter Leah Charles King started the session playing three clips and asked the panel and audience which clip had the most views. A clip of Kylie Jenner’s daughter won with over twenty-seven million. Influencer Lewys…

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