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November 2016

Manimation 2016: Report – Panel 1: Animation UK Update

Posted on: Thursday 17 November 2016 12:35pm by Tom Jordan

Speakers: Oli Hyatt, Blue Zoo Animation Neil Hatton, CEO, UK Screen Association Kate O’Connor, Executive Chair, Animation UK Council David Sproxton, Founder and Executive Chairman, Aardman Helen Brunsdon, Director, Animation UK Takeaway: Animation UK is joining forces with the UK Screen Association to form a new body: the UK Screen Alliance. Detail: There was a major announcement in this session: the partnering of Animation UK with the UK Screen Association, the trade body for visual FX house, post-production facilities and film studios, to form the UK Screen Alliance. The UK Screen Alliance will become a membership organisation consisting of two councils: Animation UK Council and UK Screen Facilities Council, and an executive team. Full details of the announcement are available…

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