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November 2016

Manimation 2016: Report – Presentation 3: TV and related media in the lives of UK pre-schoolers

Posted on: Thursday 17 November 2016 5:17pm by Helen Dugdale

Speaker: Fiona Scott, University of Sheffield Takeaway:  The traditional belief is that when preschool children consume TV and related content it is a solitary and sedentary experience – but the truth is parents tend to watch TV with, and engage with, their young children. Detail: Fiona’s research focuses on the lives of eight pre-schoolers and their families living in mixed households across Sheffield. Fiona showed footage of her research subjects. On the video, children were seen to be keen to do other thing while watching their favourite shows; colouring, talking about the content and often dancing and singing. The young children also take what they’ve learnt on screen and play it out as a game later. Plus, pre-schoolers tend to use their understanding of…

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July 2012

CMC 2012: Should we be listening to the parents?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 1:04pm

Paul Shuttleworth is producing a session on parent power. What have parents got to say about children's media and should we be listening? Thursday, Hubs C, 2pm - 3pm >I can't stop myself. As soon as my latest series starts, there I am dual screening, watching the twitter feed, hungry for an audience's response. > >No. That's the presenter's girlfriend. You'd expect that. > >Some twins in Inverness seem to like it. Thank you and no, you can't have tickets for Justin's House. Copy and paste standard reply. > >Then... Ouch. There is the tweet that gets to that point in the show where you had doubts about yourself. > >Despair. Head on desk. Unfollow. > >Everyone it seems, is…

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