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July 2019

CMC 2019: Report – The Incredible Playable Lunchtime Show

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2019 9:42am by Peter McGrath

An award-winning video-game styled comedy show where the audience take to the stage! The Incredible Playable Show draws on elements of clowning and improv. comedy to blend gaming with performance. Every person in the room should feel they made the show unique. Each performance is different and, with the audience as the stars, there’s no telling what might happen. Takeaway: The whole show is interactive. Team building and bonding are encouraged and promoted. The emphasis is on problem solving in a fun inclusive way. We are all ‘big kids’ at heart. Detail: Alistair Aitcheson introduced himself as a showman and immediately put the wheels in motion. This was the second iteration of the Show at CMC - the previous lunchtime and…

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CMC 2019: Report – Playground 

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2019 4:49pm by Jess Percival

From the 25th June until the 7th July 2019, the Site Gallery becomes Playground - a free interactive exhibition for those aged 5-12 years (but everyone is welcome to join in!). This year’s theme is Game/Changers showcasing several iconic toys and games reimagined in exciting forms that encourage participation, teamwork and having a lot of fun! Takeaway: The core focus of Playground is to combine physical and digital play. Everything is suitable for a variety of ages, and can help bring young and old together. Each exhibit combines recognisable elements with new and exciting interactions. Detail: Will Hurt’s Abstract Playground: AP1 is an interactive, engaging, abstract audiovisual scene using geometry of physical sites to re-present local architecture and landscape. The interesting style…

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June 2019

CMC 2019: Preview – The Incredible Playable Lunchtime Show

Posted on: Monday 17 June 2019 1:56pm by Matt Bowen

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 12:30 - 13:30 HUBS The Stage and Thursday 4th July 2019, 12:30 - 13:30 HUBS The Stage This year, the Children's Media Conference is offering up something different over your packed lunch. The Incredible Playable Lunchtime Show is an interactive video-game comedy show where you, the audience, take to the stage and play the game. Become human buttons, take on the Power Rangers, zap each other with barcode scanners and play Pac-Man using inflatable toys. The Incredible Playable Lunchtime Show is a hilarious CMC innovation which puts you at the centre and gives you the chance to unleash your inner kid. The Show is created by Alistair Aitcheson – a game developer creating mobile and tablet games,…

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CMC 2019: Preview – Merging Digital and Physical Experiences

Posted on: Sunday 16 June 2019 11:22pm by Tine Knudsen

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 17:00 - 18:00 HUBS Common Room Over the years, CMC has seen a lot of exciting products that merge digital and physical experiences with the purpose of creating engaging play and education for children. And now many of these are out in the market along with large numbers of products that now integrate physical and digital play. Some wow us, while others leave us questioning the need for either the digital or physical part of the experience. My work at Funday Factory has been rooted in engaging people in the digital space, but often our inspiration comes from physical products and an interest in the tactile. Having ben involved in the development connected toys in the…

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CMC 2019: Preview – Kids with Stones in their Pockets

Posted on: Sunday 16 June 2019 11:15pm by Alison Norrington

Thursday 4 July 2019, 12:30-13:30 HUBS Common Room What do you get if you put a Creative Story Lead from Lego, a Senior Researcher in Kids' Education and VR, and a Flying Seagull together in a room with a bunch of CMC delegates? A collective knowledge about how children play that is far bigger than the sum of its parts. With a title inspired by the 2013 academic study from Pauliina Rautio at the University of Helsinki - the topic of how kids play was repeatedly raised across the research sessions on VR+Kids that storycentral conducted for the Children’s Media Foundation in 2018 and was resonant across the research roadshows in Leeds (Dubit), London (National Theatre)  and Manchester (Immotion VR). Mikkel Lee, Creative…

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