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July 2012

CMC 2012: Should we be listening to the parents?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 1:04pm

Paul Shuttleworth is producing a session on parent power. What have parents got to say about children's media and should we be listening? Thursday, Hubs C, 2pm - 3pm >I can't stop myself. As soon as my latest series starts, there I am dual screening, watching the twitter feed, hungry for an audience's response. > >No. That's the presenter's girlfriend. You'd expect that. > >Some twins in Inverness seem to like it. Thank you and no, you can't have tickets for Justin's House. Copy and paste standard reply. > >Then... Ouch. There is the tweet that gets to that point in the show where you had doubts about yourself. > >Despair. Head on desk. Unfollow. > >Everyone it seems, is…

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