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July 2012

CMC 2012: Testing Testing….

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 6:12pm

Blogged by Tom Webb. Testing, Testing… Presented and Introduced by: John Kent, Freelance Cross Platform Producer Speakers: Dr Adam Galpin, Senior Lecturer Psychology, University of Salford Josh Selig, President and Founder, Little Airplane Productions Dr Amanda Gummer, MD, Fundamentals For those in the creative processes of generating new children’s entertainment, user testing is not only necessary, but now one of the most important stages in drafting and writing. Without it, one of our greatest questions ‘how do we talk to children’ will never be answered. ‘Testing, Testing…’ explored the unpredictable and ‘make or break’ arena of screening new material to a child audience. For Josh Selig, President and founder of ‘Little Airplane Productions’, broadcasting that doesn’t apply user testing to…

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