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July 2019

CMC 2019: Report – Going Global

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2019 10:38am

Changemaker Finlay Pringle is an Ullapool Shark Ambassador, at only 11 years old. He inspired the audience in the session to “Think like a mountain”. What he suggested using this quotation is that people shouldn’t just think about the top of the mountain, but try to think about the other aspects surrounding it. Session Takeaway:  “No beach you’ve ever stood on will be there in 35 years-time”. Keep your eyes on the horizon. Life’s a journey, and what you experience in yourself. You give children the right access to the right tools and they absorb it. Detail: After Finlay Pringle’s inspiring Presentation, Professor Stephen Hepple asked Finlay to join the panel to give a young person's perspective on education. The…

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June 2019

CMC 2019: Preview – Going Global

Posted on: Thursday 20 June 2019 2:52pm by Jo Redfern

Thursday 4th July 2019, 14:00 - 15:00 Showroom Cinema 4 24th Jan 2019 saw the first International Day of Education - the director-general of UNESCO said: “Firstly, education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility. Secondly, education is the most powerful force in our hands to ensure significant improvements in health, economic growth and to unlock the potential and innovation we need to build more resilient and sustainable societies,” In Going Global four experts working in education at an international level come together to discuss the macro issues facing content creators, entertainers and educators endeavouring to scale-up in a world in which national sentiments are coming to the fore. Through social media, YouTube etc. there is little doubt that 21st century kids consume entertainment on…

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CMC 2019: Preview – Pushing the Boundaries for Learning

Posted on: Thursday 20 June 2019 2:40pm by Becky Jones

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 11:00 - 12:00 HUBS The Stage If you are interested in finding new ways to link media and education in the fast-changing world of EdTech, then this session is  for you. With children exposed to prolific volumes of stimulating media, how can we produce learning content that stands out? Join us on a creative journey that explores what’s working best to keep children delighted, engaged and inspired in the school setting.  And take a peep at what’s just over the horizon. Delve into the magical world of the Night Zookeeper, and find out how this interactive literacy tool has been turned into a Sky Kids TV series – where children can create their own stories. Meet the Editor of BBC Bitesize and…

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July 2017

CMC 2017: Report – Play to Learn or Learn to Play?

Posted on: Monday 10 July 2017 11:52am by Tyler McRae

The full session is available here as a podcast: Emma Cooper led the open talk on the educational side of gaming and what this can do for the future of education. Takeaway: There is a demand for quality educational games Government needs to invest more in other creative ways of learning Newer technologies can lead to greater exposure for educational gaming Detail: Ever since the closing of BBC Jam, the independent side of the e-learning industry had lost money and confidence in gaming with educational purposes. With new developments being made to help bridge the gap, is this helping to rekindle a student’s love of learning with a love of gaming. It is now a crowded market for casual games,…

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July 2016

CMC 2016: Report – Creative Curriculum: Lost or Not?

Posted on: Friday 08 July 2016 1:25am by Zarin Virji

The session focused on the indifference of British education policy towards non-core subjects such as art, music and language in the current curriculum Takeaways Global education experts agree that creativity is the most important 21st century skill Knowledge is freely available at the speed of our connection. The curriculum must reflect this reality, ensuring that creativity is injected into all subjects, particularly at the primary level Children need to be asked the right questions and they must feel safe even if they fail in their endeavour Detail Justin Cooke, Chairman, Big Clever Learning, shared his enthusiasm for children’s application of knowledge in being creative and making new products. His product, Digital Theatre, has attracted three million subscribers. Joshua Davidson, Co-Founder…

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