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November 2016

Manimation 2016: Report – Keynote: The Times are a changin’ … what lies ahead in a post Brexit future for the screen industries

Posted on: Thursday 17 November 2016 5:01pm by Helen Dugdale

Speaker: Cat Lewis, Nine Lives Media Takeaway: Big changes are coming with Brexit, so lobby to have your voice heard. Organisations such as Save Kids Content UK, PACT and the Creative Industries Federation are working hard to ensure that changes are in the industries' favour. Detail: What lies ahead in post Brexit? Cat talked about how 2016 and beyond is a time of great change, and industry bodies are committed to making the future as much in our favour as possible. She urged everyone in the industry to push their opinions, lobby and use the industry bodies to get their voices heard. Areas Cat touched upon included: PACT, which is working to help independent producers have access to the same materials…

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