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July 2018

CMC 2018: Report – eSports – Ready to Play

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:44am by Tom Jordan

With a diverse audience of over 300 million, Esports is a hugely exciting, growing sector – but what exactly is it, how do you get involved and how do you use it to engage your own audiences? Takeaway:  Esports is MASSIVE, and is only going to get bigger. Esports is a platform to reach the unreachable audience: millenials. The platform can be a huge platform for good, creating communities and enhancing digital education. Detail: As someone whose main experience of watching gaming is impatiently standing around nagging my son to hurry up as he completes yet another game of Fortnite while his tea goes cold, I was intrigued to find out what the real deal is behind the massive, and…

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CMC 2018: Report – eSports Tournament

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 6:24pm

Takeaway: eSports are growing in popularity, with fans across all demographics. They allow children to engage and learn through play. This kind of gaming promotes analytical thinking amongst players and improves reasoning skills. Detail: Although both online and offline competitions have been an in-home staple since the domestication of gaming technology, competitions on a professional level did not become commonplace until the late 2000s. Recently, the popularity and spectatorship of eSports has continued on an upward climb with fans across all demographics converging to watch their favourite players compete. eSports ‘shoutcasters’ — an industry term for presenters — Ketchup (Ryan Neal) and Mustard (Jake Neal) hosted a casual, improv introduction to eSports during which delegates and volunteers alike were able…

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