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July 2019

CMC 2019: Report – Merging Digital and Physical Experiences 

Posted on: Saturday 06 July 2019 10:51pm by Helen Dugdale

Merging Digital and Physical Experiences was a friendly and informal panel discussion looking at the way real-world play and digital play are now entwined. The panel discussed how to help some parents to overcome their resistance to the world of digital as it is now linked to many of their children’s toys. The panel explored the challenges, possibilities and experiences of working in this space. Takeaways: Children use coding to come up with real-world problems and digital solutions A big challenge is communicating to parents that digital isn’t evil. 70% of girls are more interested in learning to code which is a pattern replicated around the world. Detail:  To kickstart the hour, moderator Laerke Vindahl asked the panel: “Playing in the real world always…

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