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July 2016

CMC 2016: Report – Commissioner Conversations: International

Posted on: Friday 08 July 2016 12:00am by Simon Bor

Jo Daris, Head of Operations, m4e, introduced the international commissioners panel and asked what content they were looking for. Video: [vimeo video_id="174885371" width="700" height="394" title="Yes" byline="Yes" portrait="Yes" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="00adef"]   Podcast:   Takeaways French preschool is getting bigger as older children migrate to online platforms. 70-80% of all Welsh views on iPlayer are for S4C’s children’s output. Most PBS programming is US originated, because it includes the curriculum. Detail Julien Borde, Head of SVOD France Télévisions, said their content was exclusively animation, thanks to the government initiatives to support the animation industry in France. Preschool was getting bigger and bigger as older children migrated to platforms such as Netflix. He is looking for acquisitions, in particular specials, for female…

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CMC 2016: Report – The Doc Unboxed

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 4:05pm by Kath Shackleton

What do today's children define as a documentary?  Exploring a variety of ways to economically tell stories that connect children with the world around them Takeaways Children love to see others like themselves represented onscreen YouTube vloggers are using their popularity to help to talk about difficult issues Young people respond well to hearing from other young people who they identify with as peers when looking at issues such as mental health Detail Are children really interested in the world around them? How can we tell stories that help children to make sense of themselves and others in the world? Cat Lewis, CEO of Emmy and BAFTA winning Nine Lives Media, introduced the session and James Davies talked us through Childwise’s…

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CMC 2016: Report – Girl, Interrupted: A Deeper Dive into Gender Depiction

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:00pm by Kate Hilton

How is the industry changing it’s attitude to females in children’s media? Takeaways Female representations in children’s media are beginning to improve Work is being done to break down gender stereotypes in books and TV shows Using humour is the best way to cross gender divides in programming. The industry would benefit from having a greater number of women in writing and technical roles Detail Changemaker Jo Summers, began the session by talking through video games that offer alternatives with female characters and a different type of play. Jo believes that games should be considered a creative medium for artistic expression. A powerful clip from #redrawthebalance set the scene for the session itself, showing how children perceive gender in the professional world.…

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CMC 2016: Report – Too Cool for School

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 12:01pm by Jessica Thornsby

Does entertainment - film, TV or games - really have a place in the classroom? Takeaways Content originally designed to entertain has great potential to enhance classroom learning, but it needs to be used carefully. The skills children are learning in their own time, through content that’s designed to entertain, has real value. If you want your content to appeal to teachers, then give them the ability to edit and remix your content. Detail In this early morning session on the final day of CMC, a panel of experts discussed how TV shows, games and books that were originally designed to entertain, are being used to teach children in surprising ways. Freelance Science Education Consultant Sai Pathmanathan discussed how she…

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CMC 2016: Report – Safeguarding Stars and Audiences

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:02am by Zarin Virji

As children increasingly turn to social media and the internet to both consume and create content, are the current measures in place to safeguard them? Takeaways The internet was not fundamentally designed for kids Help children to be resilient as they navigate digital platforms more successfully and less fearfully ‘Screen-time’ is an out-dated concept. It is more important to consider the content and context of digital media use Research suggests that parent-child joint media engagement has better outcomes for learning and safety Detail John Kent, consultant and mentor at The Human Digital Company, introduced the topic as a complicated landscape including content creators, parents, children and regulators. Dan Berlinka, Screenwriter and Director at Kindle Entertainment, shared clippings from his award-winning…

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CMC 2016: Report – Masterclass: How to Design Games Children Want

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:47am by Kate Hilton

A delve into the design principles behind Preloaded and their work across brands, education and entertainment. Knowing your audience is just the start Takeaways It is recommended that three design principles are followed to design a game children want to play Low threshold means that a game is easy to learn how to play and draws in the player from the start High ceilings means that a game can be played at different levels Wide Walls encourage different game styles within the same game Detail Phil Stuart is co-founder and Creative Director at Preloaded Games Studio. With more than 100 million gameplays, a broad client base and many awards, Preloaded are at the cutting edge of game technology. Phil explained…

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CMC 2016: Report – Making it Happen for UK Kids

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 12:36pm by Heather McDaid

A Question Time-style panel on issues facing children’s media, with focus on the B word: Brexit. Takeaways: There are global opportunities, particularly through YouTube The industry is already used to complex deals, we just need to look further afield and go into new markets to keep doing what we do Detail: With Brexit still sinking in, a Question-Time style panel dealt in the uncertainty for children’s media in a post-EU UK. Chaired by Professor Steven Barnett, the panel featured Labour Peer Lord Waheed Alli, Marc Goodchild, Co-Founder of Gingersnap, David Johnson, CEO of Compact Media Group, Cat Lewis, CEO of Nine Lives Media, Andy Taylor, CEO of Little Dot Studios and Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s. The discussion started…

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CMC 2016: Report – Making it Happen with YouTube

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 11:56pm by Simon Bor

A workshop all about making it happen online? It's over to YouTube… Takeaways Innovate, do not imitate. Trends online are fleeting, so create content that's authentic to your brand. YouTube has tremendous revenue potential, which requires experimentation by creators to figure out what works for them and resonates with audiences. Detail For this year's Making it Happen with YouTube workshop, the participants gave three minute pitches with advice for existing vloggers, and how they could increase their presence over the year ahead. Before the practical workshop began, the participants were given advice from YouTube and a panel of producers. Cedric Petitpas, YouTube’s Strategic Partner Manager for Northern Europe, had two key messages for would-be content providers. Firstly, to innovate, not imitate.…

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