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July 2016

CMC 2016: Report – Girl, Interrupted: A Deeper Dive into Gender Depiction

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:00pm by Kate Hilton

How is the industry changing it’s attitude to females in children’s media? Takeaways Female representations in children’s media are beginning to improve Work is being done to break down gender stereotypes in books and TV shows Using humour is the best way to cross gender divides in programming. The industry would benefit from having a greater number of women in writing and technical roles Detail Changemaker Jo Summers, began the session by talking through video games that offer alternatives with female characters and a different type of play. Jo believes that games should be considered a creative medium for artistic expression. A powerful clip from #redrawthebalance set the scene for the session itself, showing how children perceive gender in the professional world.…

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