July 2018

CMC 2018: Report – Steps to Retail Success

Posted on: Saturday 07 July 2018 12:29pm by Simon Bor

Sarah Fletcher (Maximum Licensing) asked the question: 'Is it tough for new IP to break through?' Takeaway: • Amazon must help to police licensing better. • Licensed products help reluctant readers get a book in their hands. • Licensing is not about exploiting but extending a property. Detail: Ian Wickham (Licensing Link Europe) was first to answer. 'Yes, it is difficult for new IP to break through'. With major retailers going and others in trouble, the market place is tough. Consolidation is a further problem, the proposed merger of Sainsburys and Asda especially. It’s the discounters who can be used to launch products now, as Warners have with Lidl and Aldi. ‘It’s tough at the moment but you have to…

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CMC 2018: Report – Focus On Chinese Kids and Family

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2018 10:24pm by Michelle Jones

Takeaway: Chinese parents are young and want to educate their children. Chinese children are under pressure to achieve.  Content makers want to strike the balance between fun, play and education. “Family”, “Food” and “Sharing” are really important. Western animation is well known to Chinese children and parents. Content for China can’t be overtly sexual or violent. Humour is international. Detail: Sarah Baynes from The Creative Garden and Alex Chien from A4 Studios welcomed and introduced the panel and said that we needed to dig a bit deeper into how China works - the largest country in the world. So what are the differences and where are the opportunities? Raymond So from DaYe Transmedia Group explained that children born under the 1982…

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CMC 2018: Report – Birthday Brands

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2018 10:13pm by Gabrielle Smith

Takeaway: Enjoyable and recognisable brands are usually those that are also trusted by parents. It is important to constantly strive for new ways to make audiences laugh and do appropriate market research to find out what children today want. Brands that stand the test of time are ones that can keep using their characters but are willing to be contemporary. Detail: Today’s panel invited conversation and of course, a celebration of three British brands that are famous for their longevity on and off screen. For decades, iconic characters like Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, the Beano Studios and Sooty and Co have entertained the nation’s children, our parents and us, thereby producing a truly intergenerational audience. But today’s big…

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CMC 2018: Report – Commissioner Conversations: Disney and Sony

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2018 9:46pm

The session began with a presentation by changemaker Holly Churches, a post production coordinator working on Thomas and Friends. Holly works with charity KEYPR (Kids Entertainment Professionals for Young Refugees), raising money for children’s charity UNICEF. Takeaways: The commissioners and acquisitions teams are keen to hear about great content and have open door policies The main focus is on animation but commissioners are open to live action content. Detail: Sarah Muller from Sony was the first speak at the session, discussing her new role at Sony, running their three channels – Tiny Pop, Pop and Pop Max. Sarah explained that her vision for the channels will always revolve around content, as they want to offer their audiences the absolute best.…

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CMC 2018: Report – Research 1 & 2

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2018 4:35pm by Monica Siegenthaler

Sadie Buckingham the Associate Director of Giraffe Insights, Stephen Murfet the Head of Insight at Sky within the Sky Media team and Emily Keaney the Head of Media Literacy Research at Ofcom, discuss their research on what kids watch and why. 1. Kids and the Screen: Changing the Channel Takeaway: Analysis of data around viewing habits of young viewers. Kids are navigating through the content maze, this supports the concept that “Content is King.” Now it is up to the TV provider to make navigating to this content as easy as possible. The data identified patterns in viewing behaviour during holidays, half term and term time. This data revealed if there is a true change in viewing behaviours or if…

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CMC 2018: Report – The Last Word: Toby Thompson

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2018 2:57pm by Simon Bor

The final session was opened by former changemaker, Jeremiah Emmanuel BEM (EMNL Consultancy), now a member of the advisory committee of the CMC. Takeaways: There were 239 speakers and 1100+ delegates at CMC 2018. Next year’s theme is ‘Limitless’. Toby Thompson evoked childhood wonder and made us think about 'freedom'. Detail: ‘There’s no limit to creativity,’ said Jeremiah, youngest ever CMC Advisory Committee member and a former CMC Changemaker, as he announced the theme he has chosen for next year’s conference: Limitless. Jeremiah then introduced us to Toby Thompson. Originally from Bath, Toby is based in London. He’s a 24-year-old performance poet, a Glastonbury Poetry Slam Champion who has performed not only at festivals, but at the Natural History Museum,…

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CMC 2018: Report – Building An Audience – What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 10:35pm

Takeaway: There is a consolidation of the average number of devices in households. Average number of smart phones means children “own” one more device than they did three years ago. Total time watching videos is up. Children are still watching linear and doing so on TV, smart phones and tablets. Video content consumed is different depending on the device on which that content is being consumed. Detail: The panel for this session comprised of Adam Woodgate from Dubit Trends, Sarah Muller VP Children and Youth at Sony Pictures Television and Simon Ragoonanan Brand and Communication at Hopster. Adam gave a compelling snapshot of audience trends backed up by compelling data and statistics.  One such revelation was that the 8-10 year…

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CMC 2018: Report – The F Word

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 10:22pm

Steve Jobs, James Dyson, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe all have one thing in common, they are all ‘failures’. The panel discussed how to embrace failure, welcome risk and find opportunities when it all goes wrong. Takeaway: Innovation cannot happen without failure. Reframing failure, learning from it and moving forward can lead to success. Don’t be afraid to seek support and take on board feedback. Detail: Shari Donnenfeld opened the session by joking that most people are happier saying the other F word than failure, before introducing the panellists: Cathal Gaffney, Managing Director/COO of Brown Bag Films, Biren Ghose, Country Head at Technicolor, Linda Simensky, VP of Children’s Programming at PBS and TV presenter, mind coach and author, Anna Williamson.entitled Biren…

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CMC 2018: Report – Commissioner Conversations: Branded Content

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 9:44pm by Cate Zerega

Takeaway: Do your brand homework. New IP has to fit with the brand voice to make an impact. Think more kid - qualitative child research is at the forefront of Beano Studios.  CMC Changemaker Femi Owolade-Coombes said it best: the future is inclusive and collaborative. Detail: Moderator, TV presenter Nigel Clarke, kick-started the conversation asking his panel about the opportunities for content creation. Hasbro’s Finn Arnesen seeks IP internally and externally that fits a global audience and has strong merchandise potential. The other end of the spectrum is Gina Costelloe with Lego. Lego’s content focus for the last ten years serves to amplify the Lego play system. On the digital front, Hayley Granston of Beano Studios seeks IP that matches the…

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CMC 2018: Report – Commissioner Conversations: Nickelodeon and Turner

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 9:25pm

In a session sponsored by A Productions, the ‘big cheeses’ of animation from Nickelodeon and Tuner got together to discuss how to get your project on their desks, and once it’s there, what it takes to seal the deal.  Takeaway: Nickelodeon and Turner generally look for content that is character driven, non-prescriptive, and communicates a sense of adventure. The companies are very interested in the production of local content with ‘global legs’. Be creative: there are no set rules on how a piece of content needs to manifest itself. We have entered the era of the ‘networked society’ and content is no longer restrained to a linear series - games, clips, shorts, etc...are all options as well. Detail:   As per…

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CMC 2018: Report – The Making of ‘Gudrun: The Viking Princess’

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 9:16pm by Louise Lynch

The session opened with a showreel from Children’s Media Network Scotland followed by a conversation between Alix Wiseman from 9 Story Media Group and the programme’s writer and producer at Maramedia, Simon Parsons.   Simon explained how the commission came about after a casual conversation with Kay Benbow, CBeebies Controller at the time. Natural History producers Maramedia were making a series for PBS about the Vikings.  They were able to piggyback a pilot shoot for Gudrun during some PBS filming scheduled with a Viking boat and the show was commissioned from the pilot.   Kay explained that she “liked the idea of a strong female lead who was a princess but not the princess you might expect".  It was a…

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CMC 2018: Report – The Art of Storyboarding and The Art of Puppets

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 9:04pm by Monica Siegenthaler

This session was jam-packed full, with two mini sessions combined as one! The Art of Storyboarding captured the task of creating storyboards in the process of filmmaking, meanwhile the Art of Puppets revealed how puppets can lead us down the road less travelled. The Art of Storyboarding takeway: Know the script back to front. Everyone follows behind the storyboard, it is the jumping off point for the rest of the film. Explore every aspect you can. There is always time for one more joke. Care about what you do. Find something that sparks your imagination in the script when you storyboard. Detail: Chris Drew a Series Director for Blue Zoo Animation Studio walked us through the process of storyboarding as well…

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CMC 2018: Report – Podcasts – The New Big Thing?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 8:43pm by Catherine Trewavas

Takeaway: Podcasts are on the rise. They can offer entertainment, escapism and learning and can really enrich the lives of young listeners. Technology such as smart speakers and the new Google podcast app offer exciting opportunities in audio content creation. It is important to create and uphold top quality content and high production values. Detail: “Podcasts are becoming a big deal”, opened Bex Lindsay from Fun Kids Live, the host for this session. Why are podcasts so important? Johnny Leagas, Executive Producer from CBeebies Radio, highlighted that podcasts are on the rise and said that this generation are taking content with them on the go. CBeebies Radio podcasts allow the audience to listen, download and take away. He said that…

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CMC 2018: Report – If we can’t Measure it, how can we Manage it?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 3:54pm by Cate Zerega

Takeaway:     Kids don’t see their viewing as fragmented because they are adept at navigating to get to the programming they want.     Visual appeal, ease and the impact of voice as interface are all important factors in the future of children’s programming.     Qualitative data is immeasurably important to capture the child’s television experience. Detail: How do you capture children’s cross-platform viewing habits? Moderator Matthew Macaulay of MTM began by asking the panelists what the current data tells. Turner Broadcasting’s John Conlon says a more tablet-like experience provides a gateway to other services and devices. He said investment in good interfaces is important. Emily Keaney of Ofcom challenged the tendency to talk about TV as being replaced by…

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CMC 2018: Report – The Influencer’s New Clothes?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 3:43pm by Sian Reed

Takeaway: Engagement is much more important than numbers: fans who engage with the content an influencer puts out are valued more highly than the most followers a channel/account might have. The power of word-of-mouth should never be underestimated. When looking at which influencer to use for your brand, ensure they fit the brand and actually are fans of the product/service! Detail: The world of influencer marketing is a minefield. This session took a look at the ever-changing landscape of 'kidfluencers' and how you can use these macro-influencers as part of your marketing and branding. Host Maddie Moate, YouTuber and CBeebies presenter of Do You Know? kicked off proceedings by introducing the panellists and asking them about their roles and take on…

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CMC 2018: Report – Tips and Hits from Animated Women

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 3:36pm by Monica Siegenthaler

In spite of its longevity, the animation industry has only recently seen significant numbers of women entering the field behind the camera. This panel of female leaders in the industry spoke of challenges they have faced in their careers and the importance of bravery in the industry. Takeaway: While the number of women in the industry has grown (reaching 50% in certain fields), women still need to be supported - especially by other women. When in the process of recruiting it's about looking outside the box and not hiring where you are familiar. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there -“If you don’t ask, you don't get.” - (Georgina Hurcombe, LoveLove Films) Detail: The session was kicked off by…

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CMC 2018: Report – Masterclass: Kids on Earth

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 3:01pm by Tom Jordan

Howard J. Blumenthal, creator of international hit show ‘Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?’, is globetrotting again with a new project entitled Kids on Earth – and in this masterclass he explained what on earth it is all about. Takeaway: ·     It’s about giving kids a voice, and connecting them globally. ·     Every child has a story, it’s about how you find it. ·     It’s an organic project thinking globally rather internationally – get in touch with Howard via his website if you’re interested in collaborating. Detail: This fascinating conversation with Kids on Earth creator Howard J. Blumenthal, guided by interviewer Julian Scott, began with an introduction about the origins of Howard’s previous international hit creation, ‘Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?’ A…

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CMC 2018: Report – Let’s Talk About Sex

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:57pm by Joseph Channon

What is being done to bring taboo topics to kids and young people? Covering sexual, emotional and personal education in engaging and meaningful ways.  Takeaway: Sex education is an important part of a child's emotional development and needs to be addressed in a frank but human manner. There is no widely agreed age for when it is appropriate to talk to children about sex as this comes down to each child being ready. Content creators may face criticism and concern for raising the subject matter but there is proven research showing the benefits of better education. Detail: The session was opened by Changemaker Mercy Ngulube who spoke about her campaign to highlight the lives of children growing up with HIV,…

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CMC 2018: Report – Financing Live-Action – The New Frontier

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:34pm

Introduced by: Sarah Muller, VP Children’s and Youth Programming, Sony Pictures Television Speakers: Val Ames, Kindle Entertainment; Katharina Pietzsch, ZDF Enterprises; Jeremy Salsby, SaltBeef TV; Josh Scherba, DHX Media Takeaway:  Live-action financing requires a mosaic of diffident funding sources.  Managing the various parties and their deal terms takes time and diplomacy and lots of good advice from professional advisors. With a great project and partners who share your passion, you will find a way to raise the funding. Detail: Financing live-action – specifically for older audiences – is a long and complicated road, but the panellists in this session included seasoned producers and distributors who between them have managed to navigate these tricky waters.  Katharina Pietzsch summed up the key message of…

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CMC 2018: Report – Prix Jeunesse in a Suitcase

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:00pm by Joseph Channon

The world of children's TV comes to Sheffield, with outstanding and intriguing highlights from the recently staged premier international festival, Prix Jeunesse. Takeaway: • There is an astounding variety in children's TV worldwide that is worth becoming acquainted with by anyone who is looking to work on a global stage. Detail: The session was introduced by David Kleeman who explained that Prix Jeunesse is a bi-annual festival that celebrates children's programming from all over the world and which celebrated its 27th anniversary this year. With over 400 entries from 50 countries they had a lot of potential shows to share with CMC and David Kleeman must have faced a lot of tough choices in paring this down to just 14.…

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CMC 2018: Report – Focus On Working With China

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:49pm

Takeaway: The Chinese market does not have the same content-first approach as other territories – IP is key. Contracts are vital in the Chinese market. Localisation is important for Chinese audiences. Detail: Tony Humphries, Screen Specialist at the Department for International Trade, introduced the session by detailing one of the key differences between the UK and Chinese markets – in the UK system there is a focus on content first, whereas the Chinese market has a large focus on building brands and exploiting IP. Olivier Dumont, President of Family and Brand at Entertainment One, also has experience with the IP-driven Chinese Market. When they took one of their top properties, Peppa Pig, which is over 15 years old, to China, they…

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CMC 2018: Report – Learning – What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 2:00am

This session explored ways in which AR and VR is being harnessed to bring about improvements in children’s learning, what early adopters are doing and also what needs to happen to make this type of learning experience part of children’s everyday lives? Takeaway: AR and VR each have enormous potential at home and in the classroom to enhance existing experiences and be part of new types of learning experiences. Technology issues are important; it is important not to creep into a ‘have and have not’ issue where not all children in the classroom have access to rich learning experiences. AR will change the classroom at a deep level and ties in with the future of learning, including the flipped classroom…

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CMC 2018: Report – eSports – Ready to Play

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:44am by Tom Jordan

With a diverse audience of over 300 million, Esports is a hugely exciting, growing sector – but what exactly is it, how do you get involved and how do you use it to engage your own audiences? Takeaway:  Esports is MASSIVE, and is only going to get bigger. Esports is a platform to reach the unreachable audience: millenials. The platform can be a huge platform for good, creating communities and enhancing digital education. Detail: As someone whose main experience of watching gaming is impatiently standing around nagging my son to hurry up as he completes yet another game of Fortnite while his tea goes cold, I was intrigued to find out what the real deal is behind the massive, and…

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CMC 2018: Report – Accessibility – What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:34am by Gabrielle Smith

Changemaker and activist Heather Lacey delivered a poignant introduction to today’s session on accessibility and what it means to campaign for inclusivity within professional media industries. Through highlighting some of her own experience, Heather reinforces the key message that in ‘seeing a representation of yourself- your true self is so incredibly validating, that you matter, that you are worthy.’ Takeaway: Provision of access to impaired audiences should be considered from inception, and not as a bolt-on after production. Making content alongside creative and dynamic captioning, subtitling and audio description an interactive process with added agency given to performer. Bringing something new to the table for audiences whilst reflecting their individual needs. Detail: In today’s media landscape, there is a growing…

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CMC 2018: Report – Learning – What’s Happening?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:23am by Monica Siegenthaler

Takeaway: There are many ways to measure the success of your work, either with a survey, a study or observation. The key to engaging young people is with fun. You can show them a different way of learning and they do not     even realise they are learning. Interactivity and the need to inspire forms the basis of panellist's work. Detail: Host Sophie Deen, author of Detective Dot, challenged the panel with questions. She asked questions such as: Why do the panel do what they do? Why do these panellists work in education? How do schools know if they are doing good work? How do they view success in their work and what does successful engagement look like? Abhi…

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CMC 2018: Report – Competing for Time

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:12am

Takeaway: The panel discussed challenges facing brands, emerging voice recognition technologies and the importance and influence of the younger generation and their characteristics. Detail: Emma Worrollo, founder of The Pineapple Lounge, began the session highlighting that companies do not just compete with each other, but are now competing for the time and engagement of the new generation of children. Making up approximately a quarter of the population, this is an audience who have an unprecedented amount of access to commercial experiences. Where the older generations tend to think in a more linear way, younger generations move with more fluidity between different technologies and brands. Emma briefly explained the different generational groups and how the generation hierarchy has shifted, helping to…

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CMC 2018: Report – The Art of Animation Design

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:59am

Takeaway: Ideas can come from unexpected sources. Stay true to yourself and don't fake it. Take opportunities that come your way. Detail: The session was opened by Changemaker Javid Rezai, who discussed LGBTQ+ representation in Children’s TV. Javid talked about how the television shows he watched as a child shaped him in a number of ways, and that he continues to see the influence of this. Javid said that more LGBT representation is not only important to those kids, but rooted in the goals of tolerance, and will speak to every child. Leigh Hodgkinson Author and illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson discussed with Kath Shackleton her journey from working on the first series of the BBC’s Charlie and Lola to being the creator…

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CMC 2018: Report – Commissioner Conversations: VOD

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:52am

Takeaway: Successful pitches to video on demand platforms must combine and demonstrate an exceptional concept, stunning visuals and inspire confidence in the talent behind the idea to ensure that the concept in question can be realised within the prescribed timescales Detail: At 19 years old, this afternoon's changemaker, Ben Towers, has been described as “one of the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet”. Ben gave an impassioned introduction to this session focussing on how to encourage educate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and how to establish the “driving why” behind entrepreneurship. The VOD Commissioner Conversations featured luminaries from Hopster, Azoomee, Sky Kids and Virgin Media UK and gave the packed audience a real insight into their respective acquisition…

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CMC 2018: Report – Sneak Preview: ‘Stardog and Turbocat’

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:48am by Michelle Jones

Jan and Ben started Red Star in 2004 creating TV ads and theme park attraction videos but they also wanted to make animated films... Royalties from the attraction sector videos gave them the opportunity to monetise short-form projects and ten years later Red Star has grown from a team of 8 to 24 and now have the skills, team and the confidence to invest their own money in a feature. Takeaway: The film industry and investors want to see a script Red Star recruited using LinkedIn You cannot underestimate the power of star talent If you’re going to put money and effort into a feature, create and build a franchise with merchandising, a TV series and feature sequel opportunities in…

CMC 2018 CMC 2018 Blog Event Reports animation Casting Project

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CMC 2018: Report – Distribution – What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:35am by Louise Lynch

The lively panel was comprised of Josh Scherba, DHX Media - a super producer/distributor/broadcaster behind online streaming service Wildbrain, Dominic Gardiner, Jetpack Distribution - a service-focused boutique distributor,  Colin Williams, Sixteen South - a large animation studio with ambitions to have their shows seen by every child in every home in every country and Nigel Pickard, TRX - a trading platform for programme buyers and sellers. Nigel advises “think eBay but more sophisticated”. Takeaway: Kids distribution has always been tough. Distribution is a thing of the future, not the past. Only five years ago, US was controlled by Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Detail: The chair, PACT’s John McVay, kicked off by asking if the kids distribution business is more…

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