July 2011

CMC 2011: On my way….

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 1:48pm

#tcmc. Delyth Thomas is now in the building…. So, here I am sitting on a train on the way to Sheffield to the Children’s Media Conference. It’s cool and grey and the train is full of snotty business folk on their laptops – that includes myself, but it’s hayfever causing the snottiness in my case rather than a psychotic need to have 4 seats to myself when 2 will do. I’m both energised – its my first time at the CMC and nervous- first time blogger. Hey nothing like getting pushed out of your comfort zone…Apropos comfort zone, I recently visited a couple of London schools to talk about Tati’s Hotel, a live action series aimed at 4-7yr olds that…

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CMC 2011: Can’t think of a title – so I’ll call it “This”.

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 1:16pm

#tcmc. Jayne Kirkham is now in the building and has sent “THIS.” What’s that distant rumble - thunder? It’s the sound of wheelie suitcases grundling towards the Showroom cinema as the children’s media world gathers for its annual conference.  Grundle is my own word by the way.  The cessation of grundling followed by the screech of breaks and an unpleasant thud is the sound of a children’s media person stopping in the middle of the road to read the enormous text on the Hallam University and getting hit by a bus.  Never read the writing on the wall. Take care dear delegate or your lovely new business cards will scatter on the breeze and you’ll be networking with the angels.  But then again,…

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In defence of Children’s TV

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2011 7:26am

Nina Koo-Seen-Lin People give TV such a hard time – it’s making children dumb, fat and unsociable. But I think otherwise. Children’s TV has helped to shape who we are today, and I predict new forms of children’s media will do so for future generations. 'I'm ten years old. TV is my life.' So said Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York when asked by the Bell Boy at New York’s Plaza Hotel if he knew how to work the television (duh!). That line pretty much sums up my ten year old self. Now I must make it clear that I wasn’t one of those kids that grazed in front of the box at every possible moment. My…

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Blogger biog No. 8

Posted on: Monday 04 July 2011 11:07pm

Nina Koo-Seen-Lin is a freelance writer and children’s book reviewer.  Nina has an MA in Children’s Literature from the University of Roehampton, where she got the chance to attend classes on writing for a child audience, visit the Roald Dahl Museum (and sit in his chair!), explore the Carnivalesque in Fairy tales while being chased by the residential campus geese in between lectures. She did a 20,000 word dissertation on the Moomins. Since the age of 6, when she wrote a story about a blue cat called ‘Puppy’, Nina knew that she wanted to be a writer. She is the black sheep in a family full of medical professional, (but  loved all the same!). As well as being a freelance writer,…

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Partnering in the Arab World

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2011 10:37am

A C21 Viewpoint by Estelle Hughes 3Line Media will be taking part in the Arab Awakenings session at Sheffield’s Children’s Media Conference next week. Here the UK indie’s MD Estelle Hughes (below) discusses the Middle East connection.Let’s start with the FAQs: No, I don’t have to wear an abaya when we’re in Abu Dhabi, and yes, it is tricky to work a production schedule through Ramadan. But it’s tricky to work a production schedule through Easter, May bank holiday and a royal wedding too, so fair’s fair.To be honest, when we did a deal in early 2009 with the Abu Dhabi Media Zone’s newly set-up Twofour54, we weren’t even sure of those answers ourselves. Two-and-a-half years on and the learning curve and…

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Broadcast Blog – How to Pitch Transmedia

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2011 1:41am

Triona Campbell, Managing Director, beActive Triona Campbell will be participating in the New Frontiers in Storytelling session at the Children’s Media Conference, which takes place in Sheffield between 6-8 July.    The myth of the Transmedia commissioners  So you have the most amazing transmedia project and a meeting with a potential financier – how do you pitch it? The truth is you don’t.  There are no transmedia commissioners (in my opinion, yet).  Even public service broadcasters who have print, radio, online and TV platforms are not ideally placed to be transmedia commissioners.  The reality is each department is only focused on its own needs so as a result it is almost impossible to sell and develop a project that involves…

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Viewpoint – Joe Godwin, Director of BBC Children’s.

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2011 1:39am

Joe Godwin will be will be participating in The Salford Key session at the Children’s Media Conference, which takes place this week in Sheffield between 6-8 July.     BBC Children’s has been based at MediaCityUK in Salford for just over a month now and all the signs are that we’ve not just moved offices, but have embarked on a very different way of creative life.  The journey here has been a long one: in the planning for many years, the move has been a huge logistical and technical feat for the project team and the moving departments. For Children’s, the move won’t be over until Newsround starts broadcasting from here in the Autumn.   But even when the moving is done,…

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Children’s Media Conference Nears

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2011 1:36am

Article in by Samantha Loveday Full line-up revealed for next week’s Sheffield-based event. The Children’s Media Conference takes place next week in Sheffield, aimed at everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing kids’ content across all platforms. Running from July 6th-8th, the gathering will this year welcome a delegation of media companies from China and Argentina for the first time. Organised by the UKTI, the delegations will take part in one to one meetings with UK businesses, as well as taking parting in the conference. "The Chinese and Argentinian delegations are a first for us and it’s also a major first for the children’s content community in the UK," explained Greg Childs, editorial director. "It’s a unique opportunity for…

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Televisual Article

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2011 1:32am

The Children’s Media Conference has unveiled its programme for 2011, which takes place from the 6 - 8 July in Sheffield. A delegation of media companies from China and Argentina will be coming to the event for the first time. Greg Childs, Editorial Director said: “The Chinese and Argentinian delegations are a first for us and it’s also a major first for the children’s content community in the UK. It’s a unique opportunity for UK companies to get a head start in building new business relationships in key developing markets.” Headline speakers include Lord Puttnam, who will deliver this year’s keynote speech, Michael Acton Smith, MD of Mind Candy and creator of the Moshi Monsters phenomenon, and Rory Sutherland, executive…

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Children’s Media Conference to Feature Delegations from China & Argentina

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2011 1:31am

Article from: WORLDSCREEN.Com By Kristin Brzoznowski Published: June 27, 2011 LONDON: Taking place July 6 to 8 in Sheffield, this year’s Children’s Media Conference, which features the theme of “Thinking Differently,” is set to host a delegation of media companies from China and Argentina as first-time representatives. Organized by UKTI, the delegations will take part in one-on-one meetings along with taking part in the conferences. Greg Childs, the editorial director at The Children’s Media Conference, said: “The Chinese and Argentinian delegations are a first for us and it’s also a major first for the children’s content community in the U.K. It’s a unique opportunity for U.K. companies to get a head start in building new business relationships in key developing…

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John Lennon at the CMC?

Posted on: Saturday 02 July 2011 4:17pm

Colin Ward on why he cares about children’s media,  is not in favour of the international children’s market, plus his plans to bring John Lennon - well his lyrics anyway - to  the CMC. (Below. can you spot Colin amongst the Johns?) “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon In 2005 I decided to take a three year sabbatical from kids’ media. I wanted to work with young people with challenging behaviour, start a family, and try my hand at writing a book (not necessarily in that order). Six years later my daughter is five, I’ve learned a lot about why they call it ‘challenging behaviour’, and the first book of the trilogy ‘Cities of…

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Number 7 of the blogger biographies.

Posted on: Saturday 02 July 2011 2:35pm

Christina Boonstra has just joined the CMC blogging team….. Christina Boonstra has always been obsessed with stories, from Fables to Sci-Fi, stories about superheroes, and those about ordinary people. Her childhood was split between the Netherlands and South Africa and perhaps, because of this, stories about other cultures are a particular fascination for her.   A recent graduate from The University of Liverpool, she wrote her dissertation on storytelling through parables, and the way in which we learn from this type of tale.  She began writing songs at the age of 12 and since then has developed a love for writing short stories, poems and plays.   As well this, she is a photographer and reviewer for the Summer Festival…

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June 2011

Blogger biog. 6

Posted on: Thursday 30 June 2011 11:56pm

John Kent explains how his career underwent metamorphosis thanks to some aphids, plus how his knowledge of ecology now helps him build multiplatform ‘ecosystems.’ Intrigued? Read on…. “Could you write a brief biog?” is one of those phrases that sends a little chill down my spine. I love reading other people’s biogs – but hate writing them: other people’s are inevitably full of insight and wit. Whereas I just think I’m been very fortunate to have a series of what I think are pretty cool jobs - and I’m still expecting to get found out.  It wasn’t planned. When I grew up I’d thought I’d be a scientist. Specifically, an ecologist: I wanted to know how species and communities interact with…

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Blogger’s biog 5.

Posted on: Wednesday 29 June 2011 11:32pm

Delyth Thomas, director.   Delyth Thomas is a Bafta-nominated TV director who has worked on a wide range of drama, from The Bill , A&E, Julian Fellowes Investigates a Most Mysterious Murderto Richard Herring’s feature length comedy-drama, You Can Choose Your Friends. She has extensive experience directing children’s drama having made three seasons of the hugely successful, The Story of Tracy Beaker,  the wonderfully anarchic,The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury and Machine Production’s, Tati’s Hotel,  a charming, funny, live action/puppet series for 4-7yr olds currently airing on ITV.      

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There’s a ‘madness’ in children’s media…..

Posted on: Monday 27 June 2011 11:23pm

You will hopefully have seen Francesca’s biog (see the post before this). Here’s her first blog for the CMC 2011. This is for all content makers across all genres and platforms, as well as advertisers. Francesca says children’s media is riddled with a type of ‘madness.’ Are you guilty of it? Francesca’s professional interest and passion is the relationship between girls’ identity and the media. Here she explains why, and just what this madness is. I wouldn’t like to start my first blog with a rant about girls’ representation in the media, but this is something I can’t avoid doing: I am hoping that by reading this you‘ll be able to understand why I feel so passionately about this topic. …

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Blogger biog. 4

Posted on: Monday 27 June 2011 10:28pm

Here is the fourth installment of  ’meet the bloggers.’  Francesca Morosi.   Academic researcher (Nottingham Trent University)and writer. Francesca is an academic researcher with previous background in consultancy. Her main research interests lie in the areas of Marketing Ethics and Consumer Behaviour, with particular reference to media, advertising and children. Her doctoral research is exploring the impact of advertising and media on young girl’s gender construction. In particular she’s looking into how pre-adolescent girls respond and interact with ideals of femininity presented in current advertising messages, through a child-lead, in-depth and qualitative approach.  She has always enjoyed writing and she continues to do so as a sideline: she writes extensively on the internet and she has published two children books in UK…

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Blogger’s biog, part 3.

Posted on: Sunday 26 June 2011 1:30pm

The third in our series of meet the CMC bloggers. Sanjay d’HumièresCommunications specialist and MA student in Media Management. Sanjay d’Humières is currently completing an MA in Media Management at the University of Westminster, where he is writing his dissertation on Change Management and Transformation at BBC Children’s. Prior to resuming his studies, Sanjay worked in communications and strategy planning for various European companies. In 2008, he was part of the press team at Airbus in Germany for the launch of the flagship aircraft the A380. He later moved to Bangalore India, joining a strategy and investment firm developing its business arm. Sanjay returned to Europe on a new communications mission at engineering giant Alstom, working on a number of projects including…

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Wednesday Morning at CMC – Meeting the Chinese Delegation

Posted on: Friday 24 June 2011 3:11pm

Meeting the Chinese delegation at CMC just got even more interesting.  New research predicts $7.5 billion revenues for pay-TV in China by the end of 2011.  150 million kids watch the CCTV Children’s Channel.  Is this a market we can afford to miss?   The delegation of 15 companies, including the national children’s channel, animation producers and internet portals focused on kids and youth, will be at the workshops (6th July p.m.) and the Conference on Thursday 7th.  UKTI have organised one-to-one meetings in the HUBS Sheffield which CMC will facilitate on Wednesday 6th a.m. (you don’t need to be a registered delegate to attend these).   Book for the one-to-ones at:   UKTI tell us there are still some paces left and all the…

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Blogger’s biog, part ll.

Posted on: Thursday 23 June 2011 5:16pm

 The second in the series of meet the bloggers. Colin Ward Writer/Publisher/Director/Producer Colin Ward is a freelance writer and producer who combines working in children’s media with publishing company history books. He started in children’s TV with Yorkshire Television winning a Bafta for The Scoop before joining Granada Kids to produce the Bafta nominated gamesho w Jungle Run. He then moved to the BBC where he won a second Bafta for the gameshow Raven, going on to work as an Executive Producer with CBBC Scotland on a range of entertainment and dr ama. He is also active in voluntary work with children and young people, focusing on issues around emotional well-being.

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First blogger’s biog.

Posted on: Wednesday 22 June 2011 9:55pm

Here is the first biog. from one of the team who will be blogging at the CMC. Please read through the biogs as they pop up over the next week, and say hello to the team at the conference. They will be either at the bar (working, possibly), The Creative Lounge, or of course in one of the sessions. —————————————————————————————————————————————— Here’s a bit About Jayne Kirkham (by Jayne Kirkham). Jayne took up writing at the age of three with a blue crayon on the front por ch.  It is still her favourite style.  Having spent much of her life working with young people, Jayne began writing professionally in 2000. She now lectures in screenwriting at the Northern Film School and has acted as…

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stand by for bloggers’ biogs.

Posted on: Tuesday 21 June 2011 5:00pm

The blog team for the CMC is now confirmed after some last minute changes. They will be the eyes and ears of the sessions which delegates can’t get to. They will blog soon after each session to let you know what went on and who said what. So there is no need to miss out on anything.  Starting this week, each of the bloggers will be introduced with their biog - the team is an exciting and eclectic mix of skills, backgrounds and expertise.  watch this space….. (blog ed).

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Discounts still available…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:27pm

With just over two weeks to go, there are still discounted tickets available for the CMC.  Members of certain associations can register for £190 + VAT – that’s 28% off the full price. The Supporting Organisations are: ACA / BAFTA / BIMA /Directors UK / ITF / LIMA / PACT / SYP / The Publishers’ Association / TIGA & UKIE. If you’re a member of any of these, contact them to get a discount code to use on our booking page. Not-for-Profit organisations also receive this rate.  To organise that, you need to send evidence of status Meanwhile there is a preferential rate for freelancers, students and employees of companies with 2 or fewer staff. It’s just£115 + VAT. This has limited availability…

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Great Speakers are the Key…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:26pm

We are really pleased that Lord Puttnam of Queensgate will be opening the conference on Wednesday 6th at 6pm in the Sheffield Memorial Hall. A passionate advocate of innovation in education and with a record of huge success in the film industry, David Puttnam is the one of highest profile speakers to ever attend the CMC.   Our Creative Keynote this year will be given by Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Mind Candy,  and creator of the hugely successful Moshi Monsters. As Moshi moves up to 50 million registered users worldwide, and goes truly transmedia, Michael will explore the pitfalls and challenges along the way to global success. Rory Sutherland will close the conference with a provocative and agenda-setting presentation. Rory is Chair of the Institute…

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Hands Across the Sea…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:24pm

It’s not just about content of course.  A good conference also needs plenty of opportunities for networking.   Regulars at the CMC will know we always try to provide that, but this year we have also worked with partners to extend the range of delegates attending the event and enhance the business development potential.   UK Trade and Investment have built two official delegations or “inward trade missions”.  They’ll be attending on the 6th and 7th July and are keen to meet broadcasters, producers, interactive companies, content distributors, and people with IP and ideas. The Chinese delegation of 15, comes from the national broadcaster - CCTV Children’s Channel, Beijing’s KAKU Channel specialising in animation (General Manager Mr. Shuai Min, pictured…

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Workers’ Playtime…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:23pm

The CMC Wednesday Workshops have become a popular fixture in the Conference calendar thanks to the generous support of UKTI. This year they are booking up fast. You can book one when you register, but it’s also OK to go back to the booking system and add a workshop, after you’ve booked your main ticket. There’s a small additional charge to cover the lunch you’ll be given on arrival so that we can start promptly at 1 pm. And after that it’s a packed four hours of expert advice and hands on participation – because in our workshops everyone gets down to it! There are four topics to choose from – including co-production, project development, creative techniques and everything you need to…

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On the Way to the Forum…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:21pm

With so many delegates registered it was inevitable that the popular Pizza Express evening (switched this year to Thursday night) would book up quickly. It’s the biggest space in central Sheffield but it still can’t hold everyone. Undaunted, your socially minded CMC team have booked an alternative – the Forum Barbecue. The Forum restaurant is just across the road from Pizza Express at 127 Devonshire Street, and will accommodate another large party within shouting distance of the Pizza group. It’s the same fixed price deal, with a barbecue menu and two free drinks – you can download the menu  and it’s easily booked on our registration page. 

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We’re Getting Animated…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:14pm

How cool is this? A crazy animated promo for the CMC devised and created by our friends at Animated Yorkshire. It’s a big collaboration and carries several of the animation styles you’ll see at the Conference in our introductory interstitials. Big thanks to everyone who made this happen and to Animated Yorkshire. It epitomises how the CMC is still your conference. We always say it’s put together “by the industry, for the industry” and it couldn’t be more true. We’re indebted to our sponsors  who represent every sector of the industry at all levels, the Advisory Committee of 24 individuals who work all year round to build the content, over 30 volunteer producers working on individual sessions, a team of bloggers who report it (last year’s team pictured), and…

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Location. Location, Location

Posted on: Saturday 11 June 2011 10:56am

One of the amazing things about running events nowadays is the power of the registration and  management software to show you things you could never have hoped to understand so clearly in the past. I drop into the registration system every so often, not just to check on ticket sales (though that is always  heartening) but to check out who is coming, which sections of the industry they are from and to try to figure out for the session producers where their interests might lie. But the fun bits of Eventbrite are things like the whizzy charts and a great section which lets you track registrations on a world map.  That’s a real revelation, and literally symbolic of how widespread the…

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May 2011

Timetable and Speakers Online

Posted on: Monday 30 May 2011 5:58pm

The full timetable for the Conference (July 6th - 8th) including descriptions of most of the session content, PLUS an impressive and growing list of contributor biographies, is now available on the CMC website .   You can plan your days at the CMC around a fantastic range of content.  There are more sessions than ever, including five “Meet the Commissioner” events, five research sessions, creative masterclasses and screenings, and business, policy, strategy and creative strands. We are incredibly grateful to the small army of Volunteer Producers working away at preparing this content, with the able help of  Advisory Committee members as Executive Producers on each session or workshop.  The range and scope is greater than ever, and if you haven’t registered yet, it’s worth…

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Joe Godwin gets the Keys to Salford

Posted on: Monday 30 May 2011 5:55pm

They’ve moved in…   It rained a bit…   But spirits are not dampened at BBC Children’s as the “Salford Experience” begins.   We’re really pleased to announce that Director of BBC Children’s, Joe Godwin, has agreed to be interviewed at CMC in July on his view of the future from Salford Quays.  Joe will explore the ways in which the move north opens doors to new relationships with in-house producers, the audience, and external suppliers in "The Salford Key " on Thursday 7th at 11 a.m.

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