July 2011

CMC 2011: The Age of Innocence? Taste, Decency and Self-Censorship

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 7:31pm

#tcmc Delyth Thomas blogs from the Age of Innocence…… Sex and swearing – none of that on kids tv please!   Chair:Julian Scott, Julian Scott Associates Ltd & BAFTA Kids CommitteeSpeakersDavid Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and MediaMáire Messenger Davies, Emerita Professor of Media Studies, University of UlsterSue Nott, Executive Producer Independents, CBBC DramaPeter Robinson, DubitElaine Sperber, Head of Family and Children’s Drama, Zodiak Media / The FoundationProduced by:Alex Cook, Regional Programmer, BAFTA The appeal of the forbidden is age old…..and it’s no different for this generation of young people seeking out inappropriate material. What is different of course, is the change in media consumption. Research by Dubit for the CMC highlighted the fact that younger children are relatively…

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CMC 2011: Innovation Showcase – A Tale of Three Apps

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 7:25pm

Jayne Kirkham blogs…. How do mobile apps innovate and still appeal to their target audience? SpeakersCharles Kriel, Producer/Strategist, Bite StudioMarc Williamson, Production Manager, Tag GamesKate Wilson, MD, Nosy Crow PublishingProduced by:Julie Adair, Director, Content Creation and Production , Disney Online, EMEA    I love sessions like this one – listening to other people’s success stories is inspiring, especially when they’re small companies doing new stuff.  Never quite overnight successes – you make your own luck and it can take years to make it.  So stories such as the making of A Bear ate My Brussel Sprouts, Three Little Pigs and Dr Who and the Maze of Time are inspiring and encouraging.  Just what you need at the end of a…

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CMC 2011: Horrible Histories- From Manuscript to Multi- Platform

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 7:16pm

#tcmc Blogged by Christina Boonstra….   Introduced By:Jeff Norton, Writer / Producer, AwesomeSpeakersKirsty Bell, Research and Insight Manager, YomegoRichard Bradley, Managing Director, Lion Television LtdLisa Edwards, Publishing & Commercial Director, Scholastic Children’s BooksNeal Foster, The Birmingham Stage CompanyDarren Garrett, Creative Director and Owner, LittleloudProduced by:Jeff Norton, Writer / Producer, Awesome The horrible history of Horrible Histories was presented before us this afternoon. As well as a debate about who got the most poo into their adaptation of Terry Deary’s well loved books, we also explored the serious business of comedy for kids. Lisa Edwards from Scholastic Publishing began the story at the 10th anniversary of Horrible Histories. Sales, which had plateaued, received fresh fuel from a magazine along with a…

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CMC 2011: Facebook Stole my Childhood

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 7:07pm

Jayne Kirkham blogs from the session…. Jo Twist, Commissioning Editor for Education , Channel 4SpeakersHenry Becket, Writer / DirectorJames Charlton, The Advertising AssociationBarbie Clarke, Managing Director, Family Kids and YouthIan Douthwaite, CEO, DubitTamara Littleton, CEO, eModerationProduced by:Benedict Evans, Interactive Producer, Freelance  A good session that despite the sensationalist title, was rather meditative.  No we didn’t dress in orange and hum.  In fact it was all very tweety and if you’re on twitter no need to read this.  The session started with short statements like “online people are a form of currency”,  “Brands that engage with children need to act responsibly”,  “This is the second generation of children to grow up in a media savvy world.”  “Social Media is beneficial to…

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CMC 2011: Programme Development – Creative or Marketing Driven?

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 7:06pm

#tcmc Nina Koo-Seen-Lin listens in to find out the key ingredients for successful development. Introduced by: Guy Tomlinson (Managing Director/Consultant, The Marketing Directors)   Speakers: John Rice (CEO of Jam Media), Shari Donnenfield (Consultant of Shari Donnenfield Consulting), Esra Cafer (Global Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing at Chorian plc)   Guy Tomlinson promises a heated debate in the style of Mrs Merton, while three distinguished people from the worlds of creative development, research and marketing come together to protest why their jobs are important in the crazy world of children’s media along with the  ingredients needed for a successful development project. He mentions Simon Cowell and his aversion to any kind of research as it “stunts the creativity”…

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CMC 2011: Meet the commissioners – Commercial Broadcasters

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 6:01pm

#tcmc Sanjay d’Humieres meets the commissioners…… Introduced by Estelle Hughes, Managing Director, 3Line Media Speakers: Michael Carrington, Chief Content Officier, EMEA, Turner Broadcasting; Paul Robinson, CEO, KidsCo; Beth Gardiner; Disney Channels EMEA; Kiaran Saunders, VP, Commercial Director, Nickelodeon UK and Ireland; Emma Tenant, Controller of Digital Channels, ITV This session was an opportunity for commissioners from a series of channels to explain to the attending delegates the kind of programmes they are looking for and gave them an opportunity to present in detail their channels and their associated properties. Due to unforeseen circumstances Orion Ross was unable to attend by was replaced by the equally able Beth Gardiner. The session was kicked off by Michael Carrington who gave an in-depth…

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CMC 2011: Meet The Commissioners: The Culture Club

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 5:45pm

#tcmc  Delyth Thomas gets cultured….Introduced By:John Davison, Co-founder and Creative Director, KanotiSpeakersSharna Jackson, Editor, Tate KidsRhiannon Looseley, Online Learning Manager, Museum of LondonPurni Morell, Artistic Director Designate, Unicorn TheatreDavid Prudames, Senior Contect Commisioner, The British Museum Web TeamProduced by:Sharna Jackson, Editor, Tate Kids 'Get em while they’re young…’ Like every other area in cash strapped Britain – finances or rather lack of  - play a crucial part in how much the ambitions to expand online content for kids is possible. The four panellists from Tate Kids, Unicorn Theatre, British Museum and  Museum of London are in a much better position than a lot of the smaller institutions and do at least have budgets, if small, to generate interesting new ways of…

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CMC 2011: The Connected Living Room

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 5:44pm

John Kent blogs from the sofa of the future Introduced by Marc Goodchild Produced by Liam Ford With Paul Johnson (Agora Media), Hamish McPharlin (Decipher), Jamie Rea (CBBC), Richard Castelline (Agora Media) A couple of years ago everyone was talking about “social media”, last year it was “Transmedia” and this year it seems, the techie buzz is around the “connected living room”. But what does that mean? And what does it mean for children? This session was a whistle-stop romp through the world of new consumer technologies. The concept of the connected living room is a useful illustration of how behaviour and technologies are changing: Modern TV’s for instance can be connected to the internet: not so you can surf…

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CMC 2011: Children as Content Creators….

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 5:02pm

Nina Koo-Seen-Lin learns to take a back seat and let the kids do the creating. #tcmc Introduced by Gary Pope (Director of Kids Industries) Speakers: Sarah Cox (Director of Tate movie Project), Oli Hyatt (Creative Director of Blue Zoo Productions), Cecilia Persson (Vice President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions – EMEA and Turner Broadcasting), Barry Sheridan (Art Manager of Muvizu)   Wowza! This is certainly going to be a popular talk –the cinema room is jam packed and every seat taken. I see two people in front of me sneakily sharing a seat while a crowd of people cram themselves at the back. Gary Pope does the introductions and tries to erase the feeling of claustrophobia by describing the room as…

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CMC 2011: Blog Slog

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 4:47pm

Blog Slog. Ahead of the tonight’s social events, here is a photo of John Kent blogging during a quiet moment at last night’s drinks reception. Catch his thoughts at the blog “Follow the Blue T-shirts.”

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CMC 2011: News of the World announcement….

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 4:39pm

#tcmc The News of the World is shutting down. This Sunday’s edition will be the last, announces James Murdoch.

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CMC 2011: Legal and Business Advice Clinic…

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 4:33pm

  #tcmc   Nina Koo-Seen-Lin enjoys a salmon bagel and gets some legal and business advice at the CMC lunchtime clinic with “an unholy trinty.”   Speakers: Keith Arrowsmith (Partner of Intellectual Property and Media - Ralli Solicitors), Judith Chan (Coutts), John Daly (RSM Tenon)   There’s nothing like a bit of financial advice while chomping down a free lunch. Sitting in what resembles a mini amphitheatre I’m here to get some funding, legal and business advice from Keith, Judith and John – a lawyer, banker and accountant respectively - “an unholy trinity if ever there was one” Keith says in the introduction.  These are the people to speak to if you want to know everything from corporate finance to copyrighting.…

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CMC 2011: Mind the Gap – Meeting the Media Needs of 10-14’s

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 4:28pm

John Kent remembers what it’s like to be a teenager… Introduced by Btisam Belola. Speakers: Dr Barbie Clarke (Kids and Youth), David Squire (Desq) Over the last few years Barbie and David have been working in an area that they think is under served by media providers. While academically adolescence spans the age 10-25 (your brain isn’t fully developed until that age), it’s the young adolescence (ie 10-14) that face the biggest challenges because there’s so much going on in their lives: puberty… going to secondary school – which means losing friends and having to make new ones… the need for friends and peer influence is at its height… A big part of this phase of a teenager’s life is…

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CMC 2011: The AR Impact….

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 4:17pm

'Reality leaves a lot to the imagination' John Lennon Blog by Colin Ward (who promised a free John Lennon quote with every post!) Introduced By:Lester Madden, Director, Augmented PlanetSpeakersNick Brown, CEO & Co-founder, CrossplatformScott Fletcher, Head of Interactive, Play NicelyProduced by:Lester Madden, Director, Augmented Planet Blog by Colin Ward (who promised a free John Lennon quote with every post!) I saw something today that made me go ‘wow’. It was Douglas Adam’s babel fish, an app that lets you point your phone camera at a Spanish sign and will then produce an image of the sign in English. It looked like it was even in a matching font. Take it on holiday and read everything from menus to notes in…

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CMC 2011: Unlikely Visionaries – How kids are Predicting and Designing the future

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 2:37pm

#tcmc Sanjay D’Humieres find out how kids will determine the future…. Introduced by Btisam Belola, Insight and Innovation Consultant, Brew Collective Speakers: Steve Mushkin, Founder & CEO, Latitude Research and Neela Sakaria, Senior Vice President, Latitude Research. This morning’s session was all about finding out how children see technology evolving in the future. Steve Mushkin and Neela Sakaria both visiting the conference from Boston, USA gave us some insight that will be increasingly useful in years to come. They shared some results of their Kids Innovation and Discovery Study (KIDS) which they conducted back home. They invited a group of children to their offices and asked them the following question: “What would you like your computer and the internet to…

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CMC 2011: Animated Yorkshire Breakfast

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 2:26pm

#tcmc Jayne Kirkham gets animated over breakfast….. 08.30 hours is a horrid time of the day. Not early enough to make you feel smug that you’re up while lesser mortals sleep, but too early considering the night before.  At least there were croissants and pastries and a goodie bag thanks to the lovely people from Animated Yorkshire.  And coffee…lots of coffee. Animated Yorkshire is a neat little network of animators from… Yorkshire.  They’ve made the idents you’re seeing at the beginning of each session.  They’ve made the idents you’ve been seeing on CITV.  They’re ready, willing and able to work with you.  And they’re very nice people.  This is turning into an infomercial.  And why not, they gave me breakfast…

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CMC 2011: Screening – Thinking Differently Worldwide

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 2:10pm

#tcmc Jayne Kirkham attends an international screening….. Host and producer:David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media I love the Prix Jeunesse screenings.  The first time I went it was in order to sit in a darkened room after a particularly late and celebratory night.  But the hangover was blown away with incredible examples of children’s TV from around the world.   In case you don’t know, Prix Jeunesse is a biennial international festival for children’s TV.    As this year is the ‘bye’ of biennial, David Kleeman had assembled a ‘greatest hits’ selection of programmes.  We were treated to a bit of Italian Neo-Realism from Spain (or perhaps the bicycle and buttocks just made me think Visconti), the opening…

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CMC 2011: The Salford Key

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 1:43pm

#tcmc Blog by Colin Ward… who has promised readers a free John Lennon quote with every blog! Host:Lisa Campbell, Editor, BroadcastSpeakersJoe Godwin, Director, BBC Children’sProduced by:Matt Locke, Consultant, Storythings This session wasn’t just about BBC Children’s moving house to Salford, it was about the current health and future ambitions of the best public service children’s broadcaster in the world. BBC Children’s is the unchallenged leader of children’s media in the UK. If a producer has an idea for a big show the only question they ask is, ‘Will the BBC want it?’ The BBC has the money and a strong creative leadership team, and even if you’re developing for the international market, you probably won’t get far without some interest…

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CMC 2011: Seven Myths about Young Children and Technology

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 1:19pm

#tcmc Christina Boonstra goes mythbusting….   Introduced By:Ayesha Chowdhury, BBC Children’s Interactive Producer, CBeebiesSpeakersJoanna McPake, Reader in Education, University of StrathclydeLydia Plowman, Professor of Education, University of Stirling.   By 10:57 every seat was filled in Showroom 5. By 11:02, the nice people with the blue shirts tried to smuggle more seats into the room for late comers. This was a popular session, but why? Perhaps, it was the cutting edge research. Perhaps, it was the lure of beautiful Showroom 5. Or maybe, delegates came with the hope of that a niggling question may eventually be answered…is technology actually helping this young generation, or does it do more harm than good? The seminar was led by Lydia Plowmen and Joanna…

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CMC 2011: Jamie Rix – a Grizzly Tale for Gruesome Creatives

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 12:31pm

#tcmc Delyth Thomas listens in on a gruesome tale…… Introduced By:Helen McAleer, UK Managing Director , Walker Books LtdSpeakersJamie Rix, Author, screenwriter and producer, FreelanceProduced by:Louise Lynch, MD, Libra Television   The first time I read one of Jamie’s The Revenge Files of  Alistair Fury books, I laughed so hard I missed my tube stop, and judging by the laughter in the cinema this morning during the clips we saw, I’m in good company. Jamie has a distinguished career producing TV comedy (My Hero, Faith in the Future, Not Going Out). Also a prolific author of children’s books, around 10 years ago he decided to put his writing and TV careers together. It’s very unusual that an original IP holder…

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CMC 2011: Follow the Blue T-shirts

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 11:06am

#tcmc John Kent heads to the Wednesday evening drinks reception… with laptop in hand. So, it’s the end of day one at the 2011 CMC, and under the instruction of Anna Home to pay attention to the ushers, we troop across Sheffield city centre from Lord Putnam’s keynote to the drinks reception. In itself, the walk’s a chance to bond with fellow delegates. I’d never been to the Millennium Gallery before – but for what it’s worth I think it’s nice… bright, modern airy, with a great animatronic sculpture made of cutlery. Go back and press the buttons if you missed them. And the inevitable congestion around the bar tables as a bunch of media types seek to quench their…

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CMC 2011: Thinking Differently – Lord Puttnam’s speech.

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 7:04pm

Jayne Kirkham listens to the keynote speech by David Puttnam. Introduced By:Anna Home, Chair, The Children’s Media ConferenceProduced by:Greg Childs, Editorial Director, The Children’s Media ConferenceI know there have been workshops all afternoon but this is when the CMC really begins - the first time the keynote has been held in such opulent surroundings - oak panels and gilded goats lending an air of dignity and anticipation.  And Lord Puttnam didn’t let us down.  Maker of films such as The Killing Fields and now an active member of the House of Lords, Lord Puttnam has always seen the value of thinking differently and crossing what seem uncrossable boundaries. He felt that the theme of this year’s conference, Thinking Differently is…

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CMC 2011: Thinking differently…with Crossover Labs

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 6:16pm

Blog by Colin Ward (who promised a John Lennon quote with every blog). Session introduced By:Mark Atkin, Director, Crossover LabsSpeakersJuliet Tzabar, Production Director, Plug-in MediaProduced by:Mark Atkin, Director, Crossover Labs#tcmc"It doesn’t matter how long my hair is or what colour my skin is or whether I’m a woman or a man."  John Lennon Absolutely right John, although in the context of this Crossover Labs session those things turned out to be rather important. It was all about something called User-experience Design. The logic of the approach is that there’s no point pouring your creative juices into devising something that will sell to a particular commissioner on a specific platform because audiences/consumers expect their favourite media to be available in multiple…

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CMC 2011: The Co-Pro Clinic

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 5:54pm

#tcmc The Co-Pro Clinic - Sanjay d’Humiers attends…… Introduced By:Steven Andrew, Creative Director, The FoundationProduced by:Lucy Murphy, Development Executive , Freelance The Co-Pro workshop opened by Judith Rooney from UK Trade & Investment, gave delegates a useful insight in what they can expect when co-producing content with international broadcasters. Tatiana Kober from Canada, Steven Kim from Korea and Zhiyuan Ma from China all presented the merits of co-producing in their respective countries and the financial incentives they all offer. Owen Stickler however, brought it all home and showed that funding is also available closer to home in places such as Wales and the Republic of Ireland and the importance of protecting the UK creative economy. Mr Ma told the audience that…

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CMC 2011: So you think you need an App?

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 5:37pm

With roughly 500,000 ipad Apps out there already  - do you think you need an App? Delyth Thomas hears the top tips in this session.Introduced By:Marc Goodchild, Consultant, FreelanceSpeakersJon Gower, Research Director, Kids IndustriesGlynn Hayward, Creative Director, Complete ControlEric Huang, Publishing Director, Penguin Children’s Media & Entertainment divisionCharles Kriel, Producer/Strategist, Bite StudioKate Wilson, MD, Nosy Crow Publishing.Roy Edmonds, Digital Director, International Nickelodeon.Produced by:Mark Bamber, CEO, MiBuys There’s a lot to consider before you embark upon your realising your App idea, not least considering the differing operating systems for various smart phones/pads/tablets, and therefore the cost of developing your App to work on all platforms. Plus of course your production costs. Is your app aiming to be an interactive replacement for…

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CMC 2011: Shape It Pitch It Workshop

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 5:17pm

Shape It, Pitch It Introduced by: Sarah Baynes, Director of The Creative Garden, Gary Pope, Director of Kids Industries, Neil Richards from The Mustard Corporation. Experts: Sue Nott from CBBC Drama (Executive Producer Independents), Jamila Metran from CITV (Programme Manager), Tom Van Waveren from Cake Entertainment, Orion Ross from Disney (Vice President original Series). #tcmc “Can you all be hard on each other and draw a few tears!” booms ex English and Drama teacher, Gary Pope, and one of the workshop leaders of the “Shape It, Pitch It” workshop. He, along with Sarah Baynes, Neil Richards, and Sean Coleman will guide a group of writers, animatorsand producers on how to present a two minute pitch to commissioners and get another…

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CMC 2011: Cross Cultural Networking

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 3:49pm

Christina Boonstra meets members of the Chinese delegation… Fancy working in Beijing? If there was ever a time to start learning Mandarin, then it’s now. This year’s conference hosts a group of around 12 delegates from China, all with an agenda to collaborate with UK media companies. But what are they actually looking for? And what does it take to make a good impression? I spoke to the delegates to find out more. Mr Ma Zhiyuan, deputy director of Children’s TV at CCTV, the main broadcasting network in China, along with his colleagues, arrived in Sheffield yesterday at 4pm. Mr Ma said he was most excited about the opportunity to meet some of the creative minds behind leading kids TV…

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CMC 2011: Meet Elspeth Penny – Director of 2BU Productions

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 3:34pm

#tcmc Francesca Morosi meets Elspeth Penny – Director of 2BU Productions I met Elspeth while we were both in the hubs trying to “devour” our sandwiches in the short lunch break before our workshops started. Despite the struggle in talking and devouring, we decided to give it a go….. Elspeth started her company about two years ago. She‘s not new to this conference, she came first time last year and it was such a productive experience that she is now looking at the CMC as a yearly appointment not to be missed. “Last year I was really lucky.  I pitched during one of the workshop and immediately after that I was invited to go on an expensive paid trip to…

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CMC 2011: Meet Wassime Achkar – Research & Audience Supervisor for Al Baraem & JCC TV channels at Al Jazzera Children’s

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 3:17pm

#tcmc Blogger Francesca Morosi meets Wassime Achkar - Research & Audience Supervisor for BARAEM & JCC TV’s channels in Aljazzera  “Looking forward to meeting producers for international co-productions and finding useful contact with companies who can develop innovative educational content for our children’s website.” This is the first time at the CMC for Wassime Achkar, he came across the CMC through his contact with Greg Childs. Understanding the value of conferences like this to link and network with the right players, his channel decided to become a sponsor for this year CMC’s conference.  They are used to attending MIP in France (another big hub from media producers all over the world) and they’ve made some very useful contacts throughout the years; they are now very…

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CMC 2011: Finger painting…..

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 2:17pm

#tcmc. Christina Boonstra is one of the bloggers, and is applying for the MA in Children’s Media. Looking at the line up of speakers and seminars at this years conference, it is becoming pretty evident that this year is all about crossing boundaries, about media mixing, working together, and seeing what can come out of it. What I’m looking forward to most this week, is the chance to get my hands dirty, the chance to collaborate with people from totally different backgrounds and specialities, to have a bit of fun trying out new things, and seeing what we can make together. Have you ever had a go at finger painting? Possibly the messiest way to paint, and possibly the most…

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