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June 2021

What has the CMC Ever Done for me? Mittens, Shoes and Funding Clues

Posted on: Monday 14 June 2021 11:45pm

Nai Morris is a director and animator at Matinai animation, working alongside co-owner and CG artist Matt Morris, they specialise in high end CG animated films with humorous characters and stories at its heart. They are making CMC 2021's short animated sequences that will run at the start of every session. I first came to CMC Sheffield, in the summer of 2019, with a pitch bible tucked under my arm and an aim to test the water with my pre-school series, ‘Mitten and Shoe’. 'Mitten and Shoe' was inspired by many trips to the playground with my two young sons and noticing all the children’s accessories left around the park. Of course my crazy animation-y side of my brain thought,…

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What has the CMC Ever Done for me? Little Crowns and Big Ambitions

Posted on: Saturday 05 June 2021 1:54am

What has the CMC ever done for me?   I think that's an excellent question. Although it sounds cheesy, I have always dreamed of making children's television. The fact that it is actually starting to happen is astounding to me. Let's go back a bit! Little Crowns Storyhouse has been my company since 2018. We are a children's puppetry company that provides regular workshops and mother and toddler groups in South London. My toddler groups were regularly attended and parents would sometimes say to me, “I could see this toddler group on TV.” I was always so happy that they could see my vision. Then came the lockdown! There were no workshops, no toddler group, and I had to stay at…

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November 2020

What has the CMC ever done for me? Green, Inclusive Influencing…

Posted on: Wednesday 11 November 2020 7:23pm

Andy Mundy-Castle is the MD of Doc Hearts, a factually-skewed company working across genres. From its inception Doc Hearts has been dedicated to creating moments of culture through innovative storytelling. I first heard about the CMC at the BFI Young Audiences Content Fund launch... Everyone seemed to be going. The YACF team spoke highly of the conference and recommended we attend. As a company we were newbies in the world of children’s TV with only a few commissions to our name, so this felt like the perfect one-stop-shop, to gain a thorough understanding of the landscape. Over the past ten years Sheffield had always been synonymous with DocFest, so it was great to experience another festival in the city and…

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July 2020

CMC 2020: What has the CMC ever done for me? Opening My Eyes….

Posted on: Friday 24 July 2020 11:49pm

Liesl Hammer is an 18 year old intern with ToyLikeMe - the arts and play not-for-profit organisation that campaigns playfully and effectively around disability representation in toys and its capacity to boost self-esteem and grow open minds.  ToyLikeMe is now producing ‘MixMups’ a new animation with disabled lead characters, currently in production at McKinnon and Saunders and Raydar Media. This was explored in one of the Inclusivity Now strand videos for CMC 2020 Online. Through my attendance at the CMC 2020, as part of my internship with ToyLikeMe, I was able to discover what the children’s media industries are doing to improve diversity on and off screen. In September I start a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. As a young disabled woman I was keen to see all…

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April 2020

CMC China Connect: What has the CMC Ever Done for me? The Earth Moved.

Posted on: Sunday 26 April 2020 12:06am

So, it’s around midnight here in Los Angeles. My expat self and darling wife – who is also my screenwriting partner – have stayed up late to take part in the CMC China Connect video meetings with companies in the Middle Kingdom. Five minutes into our first meeting, our building starts to shake. Mr. Wang, peering at us through the video link, might think the juddering is just a technical glitch, but the open-mouthed horror on my wife’s face kind of gives it away. Fortunately, the walls stop their twerking after a few moments, since the quake’s only a 3.7 on the Richter scale - but the epicentre was just three miles down the road, so it felt bigger. Afterwards…

CMC China Connect What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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March 2020

What has CMC ever done for me? Rewriting a Career.

Posted on: Thursday 05 March 2020 5:52pm by Tom Jordan

What has CMC ever done for me? Oh, not much. Apart from change my career, allow me to become a TV writer, turn me into a minor celebrity among my daughter’s ‘Go Jetter’ loving classmates, and help make a wealth of connections across an entirely brilliant industry. But other than that… The first time I attended CMC I had no connection with the world of children’s media. I came from a publishing background – a decade and a half of working as a travel writer and editor – but with two young kids now taking over my life, I was keen to put the passport in the draw for a while and explore new, non-jet-setting avenues. Like most creatively-inclined parents…

What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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October 2019

What has the CMC Ever Done for me? From Cardiff to the World…

Posted on: Monday 28 October 2019 2:09am by Jon Rennie

As Cloth Cat Animation has grown over the last 7 years, the CMC has been not only been an essential part of the calendar but also our route to visiting conferences all over the world. We've had so much support from everyone involved and there is a real sense of family at all the events. Visiting CMC Sheffield is always a pleasure because it's a more relaxed event, with insightful panels and conversations over coffee and sandwiches. The keynotes are a highlight and they manage to be at the forefront of discussions on the future of the industry. Keeping on top of all the new platforms, emerging markets and expectations of the audience is the most challenging aspect of building an…

What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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May 2019

CMC 2019: We’ll Keep a Welcome…

Posted on: Monday 27 May 2019 1:53pm by Brolly Brollyman

One of the things I look forward to most on my journey to CMC from Wales to Sheffield each year is the chance to meet lovely new people and see what they’re up to. This really comes into focus at the International Exchange - ‘speed dating for luvvies’.  As a composer it’s always exciting to see people’s pilots and projects and imagine what kind of music I could put to their lovely ideas. Through the exchange I have composed music for Space Chickens, Blue Donkeys, Alien Dogs and many other crazy characters but last year was special. Last year I met two lovely chaps from Dublin, Aidan and Colm from Turnip and Duck. They had a project in their portfolio that I fell…

CMC 2019 What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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July 2018

CMC 2018: Sticking to your Dreams

Posted on: Sunday 08 July 2018 9:23pm

Hi there!  My name's Theo Sparks.  I do animation stuff. So it all started with a doodle, a wacky little idea I had bobbing around in my brain for some time, and it was time to make it happen. Two years ago I attended the Meetup event, 'Frames’, in Camberley, held by the local animation studio, Fudge. At the time I had just finished creating the concept for a brand new style of animation - something that needed to be made, because it had yet to exist. And here it is. I premiered sticker-mation at this event, to get my idea out there and see what people thought. The response was fantastic, everyone was really impressed, particularly the good people at Fudge…

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May 2018

CMC 2017: What has the CMC ever done for me? From BA to Ball Pit

Posted on: Tuesday 15 May 2018 3:24pm by Bethan Cook

Bethan Cook was a volunteer at CMC 2017, who won the Disney competition to visit for a day. During the summer of 2017, my second year working towards a BA (Hons) Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University was coming to a close. Only one year to go before it’s all over! As I was soaking up the sun and enjoying my last summer of freedom, it suddenly dawned on me…what do I want to go in to after I graduate? I’d had plenty of work experience, but the career opportunities when studying journalism is so vast - do I want to work in marketing or television? Social media or web? Communications or film? The opportunities were endless, however…

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July 2017

CMC 2017: Can’t Wait for Next Year…

Posted on: Monday 31 July 2017 1:50pm

Dave Collins, Co-Founder, PowerStation Studios was a "first timer" at CMC 2017. He liked it... It was my first time attending the CMC and after attending for an invaluable 3 days. It certainly won't be my last. CMC is a very different event from any other industry event I have attended. It feels much more creative and collaborative then it does a commercial sales frenzy. The speakers and panels were informative, open, and provided genuine insights rather than manufactured sound bites. There is a real sense of an industry community and, yes, of course people are pitching, networking and doing business, but in a much more relaxed and open forum. I found myself engaged in varied and engaging conversations with a variety…

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June 2017

CMC 2017: What has the CMC Ever Done… for Sheffield Kids?

Posted on: Tuesday 20 June 2017 1:40am by Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper, CMC Advisory Committee member asks... Which for a Children's Media Conference that has happened in Sheffield every year for the last 14 years is a very good question.  As a Sheffield resident and someone who works in children’s media I’ve gained a huge amount from CMC being on my home turf. Not just sleeping in my own bed and seeing my own children while attending a conference, but also making international connections,  learning more about making media for children, and growing and strengthening my career - from outside the M25. A thousand or more delegates coming to the city to talk business and spend their hard earned money at our bars restaurants and hotels has a definite benefit…

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May 2017

CMC 2017: An Offer You Can’t Refuse…

Posted on: Monday 08 May 2017 3:44pm

The origins of CMC 2017's interstitial animations are revealed in Spinning Clock's Matt Buck's latest contribution to our occasional series: "What Has the CMC Ever Done for me?" Our first interaction with CMC was the summer conference in Sheffield in 2016. It's been a whirlwind ever since. Having met Greg Childs and talked through what our agency gets up to, he has been an invaluable voice of wisdom on the children’s media climate. Our involvement is set to jump up a few notches when we complete this year’s interstitials that open every session and Keynote at this year's CMC.  How did this happen? It’s all a bit of a blur... It all started with an impromptu conversation with Greg in the Children’s Hub…

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April 2017

CMC 2017: China on my Mind

Posted on: Monday 03 April 2017 11:25am

Helen Howells, Joint MD of Hoho Entertainment reveals her ambitions for working in the Chinese market and how she plans to get there. I sighed heavily and asked myself: “Was it really going to be worth it?” Here I was desperately shovelling coins into a machine and pressing buttons manically trying to print out yet another letter before the computer and indeed the ’booth” would say ‘no’ again at 3.00 p.m. at which point I would have to go home and come back in the morning and take another number! What was I up to? Well quite simply (or not as it turns out) trying to apply for a visa at the Chinese Visa Centre. This was the 3rd (yes 3rd)…

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February 2017

It’s Super!

Posted on: Thursday 09 February 2017 2:26am

Hildri Gulliksen is Head of NRK Super, the public channel and VOD service for children in Norway. Members of NRK Super's managing group have participated in CMC three times.  CMC has been a great place to learn how the broad spectrum of the UK kids' media businesses think about children's needs in the digital age. We've enjoyed sessions about children's digital competence, the rapid change in how they consume content, child psychology and stages in their development. The research sessions have been very helpful in shaping our own strategies. It has also been inspiring to listen to young entrepreneurs and the other Changemakers. The CMC is a nice, informal conference where it's been easy to meet and connect with international colleagues.…

What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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November 2016

What did we do for Animal Fu?

Posted on: Thursday 24 November 2016 1:03pm

In another of our series "What has the CMC ever done for me?" Linda Hall creator of Kids' fitness programme 'Animal Fu' explains how the CMC helped her get fit for purpose and active in the kids' media space. What has the CMC done for me? As it happens, the CMC helped me to put into motion just about everything I could have dreamed of. Networking in an industry I knew very little about was pretty daunting until I saw the CMC website and who'd be attending. After that it was an easy decision to take the plunge. It was clear the CMC is about uniting everyone involved in developing great content for kids. It was an ideal platform for networking…

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August 2016

CMC 2016: Two archers, three arrows

Posted on: Wednesday 03 August 2016 10:27am by Jon Hancock

Jon Hancock produced the 'Making it Live' session at CMC 2016.  He also launched Three Arrows Media – a Children’s and Family live-action specialist production house based in Manchester, set up with his partner David Hallam. Here he tells us how Three Arrows first took flight at CMC. Apparently David and I first had a coffee together at BBC Television Centre circa 2007, but I have absolutely no memory of this whatsoever and until such a time as CCTV footage proves otherwise, I shall continue to deny that this meeting ever took place. So when people ask where David (Co-founder – alongside myself – of Three Arrows Media) and I first met, I reply “CMC” – for no other reason than this…

CMC 2016 What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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Developing Relationships

Posted on: Monday 01 August 2016 12:59pm

Mark Pearce, Director of Sheffield-based creative agency The Workshop on why CMC matters. With over 1100 delegates arriving for three days and three nights of 'festivities' it’s one of the most important events in my calendar. Why wouldn't everyone in the content creation sectors attend when there are so many great delegates and speakers to network with?  If I were to analyse the return on investment for The Workshop over the years, this event would be at the top of the list. We’ve developed commercial relationships with producers, animators and global media giants, been inspired by the speakers, entertained by the delegates, and made many new friends.  Other articles in the “What has the CMC Ever Done for Me?” series.

What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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July 2016

CMC 2016: Record Breaking Hammer Pants

Posted on: Wednesday 20 July 2016 9:23am by Tim Bain

What has the CMC ever done for me? Writer Tim Bain reveals not one, but his top 5 positive outcomes. I attended my very first CMC in 2012 with only a single kids' TV episode credit to my name. I knew nothing and no one. I felt like a freshman who’d crashed Spring Break. But it changed my career in more ways than I could have imagined... Meeting great mates. Two of my best writer friends were found at the first Wednesday night drinks, Tony Cooke and Andrew Viner. They’ve become great movie dates – I no longer look so sad and creepy attending kids films at the cinema. Shameless networking. Meeting VIP execs who later hired me on shows…

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June 2016

CMC 2016: Brief Encounters…

Posted on: Tuesday 21 June 2016 11:22am by Anne Brogan

Anne Brogan is the co-Director of multi-award winning independent production company Kindle Entertainment, successful producers of 'Dixi', 'Leonardo' 'Kiss me First', 'Treasure Island' and many more.  Anne was suitably brief about the encounters at CMC which are her response to "What has the CMC Ever Done for Me?" CMC has introduced me to a number of people over the years whom I have worked with subsequently. It's often people with experience in areas a bit outside of our immediate territory (scripted content) whom I might not have come across in the day to day; publishers, interactive producers, writers, financiers, designers. Our enjoyable and successful collaborations with both Plug-in Media ('Big and Small', 'Get Well Soon') and Walker Books ('Hank Zipzer'), to name but two, came out…

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CMC 2016: Finding Our Voice

Posted on: Wednesday 15 June 2016 10:10am by Anna Home

Anna Home, Chair of the CMC Board, and for ten years Chair of the CMC Advisory Committee, considers the question “What has the CMC ever done for me?” In July 2006, in the final session of what was then called the Showcomotion Children's Media Conference, when people were beginning to think about making sure they didn’t miss their trains home from Sheffield, Anne Brogan (the joint founder of Kindle Entertainment) who was then running Children’s ITV, made a dramatic announcement. The production arm of ITV Kids was to close due to declining advertising revenue. This was a huge shock. Alarm bells rang, loud and clear. Suddenly the whole ecology of the UK Children’s TV market was going to change radically. The reason…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin General Guest Blogs regular What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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CMC 2016: What Happens in Sheffield…

Posted on: Wednesday 08 June 2016 9:30am by Eric Huang

Eric Huang has been a speaker in several past conferences and this year is producing the Session 'Innovation in Education'. This is his response to the frequently asked question "What has the CMC Ever Done for me?" The Children's Media Conference is one of my favourite conferences in the world. Through the years I've met so many people who became business partners, employers, and friends. My first time was in 2009 when I was one of the children's publishers at Penguin. I looked after a licensed publishing list: books behind media brands, generally from big studios like Disney, The BBC, etc. The CMC was a nice alternative to the giant licensing shows. It was - and is! - full of…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin General Guest Blogs What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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May 2016

CMC 2016: Creating a Buzz

Posted on: Thursday 26 May 2016 11:46am

“What has the CMC ever done for… King Bee Animation?” Martyn Niman from King Bee describes how pitching into CMC’s dragons’ den made all the difference for one of his projects. Last year’s 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' session was scary, but exciting.  The cinema was packed, as it’s the most popular session at CMC. Four “dragons” on stage have real money to invest, to take short options in the projects being pitched. There are only a few minutes to pitch and, in a new twist to the format, the dragons were cast in the role of ‘The Voice’ judges and required to turn their chairs to show interest... or not turn. I pitched King Bee’s series IP based around…

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CMC 2016: Life Changing

Posted on: Friday 20 May 2016 9:01am

We asked Stuart Pearson, Director, International Content Distribution at Maker Studios to contribute to our series: "What has the CMC ever done for me?" Quite simply, attending the CMC changed my life. It’s almost a year since I attended as a self-funded delegate trying to get my content consultancy off the ground, and my abiding memory of the event is “white heat”. I don’t just mean the sweltering July temperature in the Showroom bar or the un-airconditioned budget hotel room that I had booked myself into. I mean that it reminded me of Harold Wilson’s 1963 speech about “the white heat of the technological revolution”. Like everyone else over that few days I networked my socks off, caught up with old mates, listened…

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CMC 2016: Daring to be Different at CMC

Posted on: Thursday 12 May 2016 9:53am by Kath Shackleton

What a fantastic year for Fettle Animation.  They won a Japan Prize, the first ever Sandford St Martin’s Children’s Award, two Yorkshire RTS Awards, a BAFTA nomination, a British Animation Award nomination and they have a book coming out!  Continuing our series ‘What has the CMC Ever Done for me?” Fettle Producer, Kath Shackleton describes daring to be different with the help of CMC. Guess where this all began? At the Children’s Media Conference. Well, we didn’t make a show about unicorns, princesses, puppies or talking toys. Our subject was the Holocaust. What? Yes, quite a tricky one! It took a while for people to understand why and how we might have made animation on such a difficult subject. However, over time,…

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CMC 2016: From Hamburg to Hollywood

Posted on: Monday 09 May 2016 4:34pm

In the third of our series “What has the CMC ever done for me?” author and screenwriter Esther Kaufmann describes her CMC journey – and just how far it has taken her. When I first went to CMC two years ago, I had just graduated from the German masterclass Academy for Children’s Media, encouraged by one of the Heads of Studies to think big and show the world my animation series concept, as well as myself as a writer. The same Head of Studies then told us about a conference he ran in the UK that we could come to. The suggestion struck a chord. I had been working as a freelance writer in Germany for several years, but maybe…

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April 2016

CMC 2016: Taking the Plunge at CMC

Posted on: Wednesday 27 April 2016 5:20pm

In the first of  our series 'What has the CMC Ever Done for me?" Adam Bailey, Head of Animation Development at Cloth Cat Animation in Cardiff, explains how coming to CMC meant taking the plunge, in more ways than one... What has the CMC ever done for me? Apart from being an ideal platform to kickstart a career in a challenging and ever adapting industry, the CMC is a must attend event for anyone working in animation in the UK. In my opinion. I first attended not knowing very much about the industry, having very few contacts but a passion for production and wanting to throw myself in at the deep end. As an animator working in commercials at the…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Previews General Guest Blogs What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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