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July 2016

CMC 2016: Report – Mapping Data, Building An Audience

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:30am by Heather McDaid

The art of building a content masterpiece through data-driven decisions as well as incorporating real audience engagement patterns Takeaways Help boost the profile of your videos by understanding how to utilise YouTube data A user’s understanding can be vital in shaping design and tells you where and why users are dropping off your product so you can fix it Detail Ten years ago it was said that data was the new oil, but if data’s the new oil then it’s only useful when it’s refined. A panel of 'refinery' experts discussed how data can be used for good across YouTube, publishing and gaming. To kick the session off, Rebecca Frankel from Little Dot Studios talked through the 2billion views the…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC 2016 mapping data

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CMC 2016: Report – Money Talks

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:17am by Helen Dugdale

From concept to creation – finding the funding to make it happen. By guest blogger Helen Dugdale Takeaways Think positively, creatively and work tirelessly to get your hands on the funding and financing available. Brexit doesn’t have to mean Armageddon for the industry! So far nothing has changed with the funding within the EU. This will continue for at least two years, until more is known about the UK’s exit from the EU…  So get your applications in! New funding and financing opportunities could grow out of the UK’s departure. Brexit may bring new ways for UK and France to collaborate together. It’s generally thought that the UK has the strongest writers and France is known for having the strongest…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports Brexit CMC CMC 2016 Europe funding grants money Money Talks

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CMC 2016: Report – Safeguarding Stars and Audiences

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:02am by Zarin Virji

As children increasingly turn to social media and the internet to both consume and create content, are the current measures in place to safeguard them? Takeaways The internet was not fundamentally designed for kids Help children to be resilient as they navigate digital platforms more successfully and less fearfully ‘Screen-time’ is an out-dated concept. It is more important to consider the content and context of digital media use Research suggests that parent-child joint media engagement has better outcomes for learning and safety Detail John Kent, consultant and mentor at The Human Digital Company, introduced the topic as a complicated landscape including content creators, parents, children and regulators. Dan Berlinka, Screenwriter and Director at Kindle Entertainment, shared clippings from his award-winning…

CMC 2016 Blog Event Reports CMC2016 safeguarding stars and audiences

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CMC 2016: Report – Pizza Express

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:59am

The CMC wouldn’t be complete without the Pizza Express evening in Sheffield’s buzzing Devonshire Quarter, as first-timer and blog team volunteer Caleb Bastock discovered. Takeaways Great pizza Great company These people never stop! Detail It was at Pizza Express, so legend has it, that the idea for the Children's Media Conference was born. Gathering all the industry together began its journey at table on the ground floor. And it continues to be the venue where ideas spread and relationships blossom. Every year a wide cross-section of delegates convenes at the restaurant to continue their own journeys to turn ideas into reality. After a hectic day of sessions and workshops, taking in new information and discussing ideas, you might think that delegates would be ready to unwind. On the contrary,…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports children's media CMC CMC 2016 CMC party networking pizza express

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CMC 2016: Report – Masterclass: How to Design Games Children Want

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:47am by Kate Hilton

A delve into the design principles behind Preloaded and their work across brands, education and entertainment. Knowing your audience is just the start Takeaways It is recommended that three design principles are followed to design a game children want to play Low threshold means that a game is easy to learn how to play and draws in the player from the start High ceilings means that a game can be played at different levels Wide Walls encourage different game styles within the same game Detail Phil Stuart is co-founder and Creative Director at Preloaded Games Studio. With more than 100 million gameplays, a broad client base and many awards, Preloaded are at the cutting edge of game technology. Phil explained…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports CMC 2016 CMC2016 design games how to design games children want to play masterclass phil stuart

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CMC 2016: Report – Creative Keynote with Chris Riddell

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:43am

A picture can say a thousand words. Or in Chris Riddell’s case, a whole library, as guest blogger Rick Adams discovered… Takeaways:  “Drawing is a meditation, a catharsis – a way to channel feelings” Use a sketchbook to feel better, you don’t have to be an artist to do it Go out and find stories that only you can tell Detail When the UK’s Children’s Laureate puts pencil to paper something magical always seems to happen. Today’s keynote – or ‘KeySketch’ – at the Crucible Theatre delivered a real-time avalanche of artistic charisma. Chris Riddell’s take on life, with only a pencil, created such heart-felt warmth and joy it roused a room-full of children’s media professionals to their feet for a…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports

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CMC 2016: Report – Focus On India

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:28am by Zarin Virji

What are the current connections between the UK and India and where are the future co-production opportunities? Takeaways India provides a big market of 115 million children, watching about two hours of TV daily. Sixty million of these children are urban and 55 million rural There is growing demand in India for animation content comprising of fast-paced action with slapstick comedy, without dialogues, aimed at the age group 6-9 years YouTube content is targeted at the preschoolers India is the doorway to the South Asian market, leading to Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Detail Mark Leaver, Independent Consultant and Creative Industries Advisor at UKTI, informed the audience about the UKTI’s offices in all of its India's main cities. UKTI…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports Asia CMC CMC 2016 export India

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CMC 2016: Report – Masterclass: Ford Riley, The Call of the Roar

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:26am by Jessica Hoare

Disney’s ‘The Lion Guard’ brings the iconic ‘Lion King’ to a new generation. Executive Producer Ford Riley explained how he took the series to the small screen. Takeaway: ‘The Lion Guard’ was a continuation of ‘The Lion King’ franchise, delivering new characters and concepts, however still staying true to the original film The key themes include friendship, teamwork, fun, family and the importance of accepting everyone’s differences For a series to be successful, there needs to be an element of ‘playability’ The development process of creating a concept and executing the idea takes a lot of time, consideration and planning Detail: Changemaker Kate Wilson, Managing Director of Nosy Crow Publishing opened the session discussing the importance of keeping literacy fresh…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC CMC 2016 Disney Junior Ford Riley Kate Wilson Literacy Little Red Riding Hood The Lion Guard The Lion King

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CMC 2016: Report – Licensing Masterminds

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:17am by Gabrielle Smith

Four experts on kids brand licensing from take on the challenge of Mastermind ‘style’ questioning in specialist and general rounds of knowledge.  Susan Bolsover from PenguinRandom house along with Rob Goodchild from Aardman, Stephen Gould from CPLG and Helena Mansell-Stopher from Bulldog discussed the opportunities in the market. Takeaways Try to make products that are 'evergreen' so you can recharge them and bring them back brands need a good story to build on children use media in a way that allows them to cut through the noise and find what they want Detail This session took on the unusual format of the ‘Mastermind’ quiz show and the panel were put to the test by LIMA UK’s own MD Kelvyn Gardner. In testing the ‘experts’ on the…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CPLG helena mansell-stopher kelvyn gardner licensing LIMA Mastermind Report: Licensing Mastermind CMC 2016 rob goodchild stephen gould susan bolsover

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CMC 2016: Report – What the Vlog is this?

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:10am

What is 'vlogging', and why is it so important in the media industry today? Takeaways: The rise of social media such as YouTube, Snapchat and Vine allow people and businesses to showcase themselves to new markets Vlogging generates huge influence upon the media industry as well as commercial sectors, creating successful and established brands Identifying the demand for interconnectivity between traditional media and vlogs Detail Steve Wynne, host and CEO of Pretzel TV, the company behind CBBC Official Chart Show, began the session by agreeing that he too often asks ‘What the vlog is this’ as he tries to understand the popularity of vlogging and the impact it can have on audience satisfaction. "Our audience watch vlogs more than other…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC CMC 2016 vlog vlogging YouTube

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CMC 2016: Report – Innovation in Education

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 9:55am by Jessica Thornsby

Serious gaming, edutainment and stealth learning – new technology is breaking the boundaries of the classroom and revolutionising the way we see education Takeaways Digital skills are crucial for empowering students Technology has huge potential to enrich classroom learning and engage students It’s an exciting time to be involved in the industry! Detail In a world where children spend their days on smartphones, tablets and computers that offer instant entertainment, how can the traditional classroom compare? How do we rebuild education in the 21st century? The answer is to bring technology to the classroom! The session began with a presentation from Changemaker Phil Wilkinson, Researcher in Residence at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy. Phil stressed that digital literacy…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC 2016 innovation in education Jan Von Meppen katie roden lego therapy matt parkes

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CMC 2016: Report – Apps: Standing Out from the Crowd

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 9:48am by Gabrielle Smith

  Playfulness, design, UX and marketing are the foundations upon which kids apps are built.  Why are some standout successes whilst others fail? Takeaways Understand your target age range by testing early.  Ask yourself 'What do kids want from apps?' Consider that between 80 to 90% of all downloaded apps are used once and then deleted. Keep it simple.  Keep and eye on what others are doing BAFTA award winning Creative Director and Designer Darren Garrett warned that whilst many apps end up in ‘the digital dustbin’, there is the ‘elusive magical 20 per cent’ that do not, and go on to be very successful. The panel took a look at the crowded marketplace of kids’ apps to discover what…

CMC 2016 Event Reports Apps Apps: Standing out from the Crowd CMC 2016 Becky Palmer Darren Garrett fundamentally children George Jurgens kids' app Lucy Gill night zoo keeper Paul Hutson the good app guide

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CMC 2016: Report – CMNS presents: the Katie Morag story

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 5:39pm by Kate Hilton

Howard Litton talked to Lindy Cameron about the rewards and challenges Move On Up faced in bringing Mairi Hedderwick’s books to the small screen Takeaways The journey from option to screen can take a long time but perseverance and belief in the project is key Including an author in the process can be invaluable to the representation of the work on screen Lindy Cameron began by explaining her love for the Katie Morag books – the humour and life she saw in the stories and the detailed drawings. This led her to seek the option for the books from Random House in 1997 and she was thrilled to be offered the deal. It took a long time for the Katie…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC 2106 CMNS Katie Morag Lindy Cameron

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CMC 2016: Report – Animation Online

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 5:28pm

In this session we talked to animators who have chosen the internet rather than a traditional broadcaster to bring their work to an audience Takeaways Big production money does not guarantee online success.  Talent and the skill to execute a production well are far more important Try to understand how the YouTube algorithm works, and then decide what is best for your content Paid adverts are a great way to increase online audiences Above all, human interaction (like sharing) is the best way to build and sustain a fan base Detail Questions were posed to the panel and a collective 'yes' emerged – and no. Has the animation business changed much in the last ten years? Have platforms like YouTube, which…

CMC 2016 Event Reports animation online CMC 2016 Kerrin Kokot

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CMC 2016: Report – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 4:58pm by Oliver Ellis

This session begins with a presentation by Changemaker Jordan Casey, Entrepreneur & Coder, Casey Games.   Will the dragons make it happen for three prospective pitchers in the session where real investment is on the table? Guest blogger Oliver Ellis dropped into the den to find out Takeaways Do your homework and find out what the market are looking for You have to be in it to win it so get ready to go into the Den next year Be innovative Learn how to train dragons Format Now in its fifth year, this session based on the Dragon's Den is a firm favourite in which three producers pitch their projects to a panel of ferocious dragons from the kids’ content industry.…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports CMC 2016 dragons den

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CMC 2016: Report – Commissioner Conversations: Commercial Networks

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 4:12pm

The three big commercial kids' broadcasters, Disney, Turner and Nickelodeon, talked to Stewart Clarke, Editorial Director at TBI Takeaways: Tax breaks have had a huge impact on UK production Disney, Turner and Nickelodeon are open to submissions from UK producers at any time Details: David Levine, VP Programming, Productions & Strategic Development, Disney Channels EMEA & GM Disney Channels UK & Ireland, and Louise Benham, Director of Programming, Disney Channels UK & Ireland introduced an exclusive concept music video titled 'Believe That' from a new locally produced Disney Channel series. ‘The Lodge’, which recently finished filming in Northern Ireland, was inspired by Disney’s original Israeli programming ‘North Star’. David was asked if it was set to be  EMEA’s new ‘High School Musical’, which had a huge impact…

CMC 2016 Event Reports Cecilia Persson CMC CMC 2016 David Levine Disney EMEA James Newton Local Content Louise Benham Nickelodeon Nina Hahn Sarah Fell Turner UK Productions

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CMC 2016: Report – Swipe Forward

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 3:48pm by Tom Jordan

Research and insight company The Pineapple Lounge presented its predictions on future patterns of kids’ media consumption, and asked the panel for their response to five different areas of research. Takeaways Kids content producers need to be aware of how Generation Z (today’s kids) and Generation Alpha (tomorrow’s kids) want to consume their media now and in 10 years’ time Traditional gender categorisation will disappear, and the gender of characters will become secondary, not primary Short attention spans are natural to today’s kids, and need to be catered for Families are now cool, and kids value shared family media experiences Strong story-based themes are the way to engage kids with adverts Detail Pineapple Lounge Managing Director Emma Worrollo introduced five…

CMC 2016 Event Reports adverts attetnion span children CMC CMC 2016 consumer digital family gender insight Kids Media research trends tweens

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CMC 2016: Report – Focus on China

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 3:47pm by Kate Hilton

How can we work with China to develop successful children’s media? Takeaways China is keen to work with companies from the West to develop quality children’s media Collaboration pairing Chinese and Western talent is key to success Projects should include Chinese elements in story or character Bring early development projects to potential partners Challenges can be overcome to create successful projects Detail Xiaoyuan Yuan from Shenzhen Media Group, Grace Tian from Magic Mall and Yuan Yuan from the Beijing Children's Channel introduced themselves, their channels and media that is popular in China. They are keen to find quality IP that could be suitable to China so are happy to meet international distributors and co-producers. Yuan Yuan said Kaku wish to…

CMC 2016 Event Reports

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CMC 2016: Report – The Creative Edge?

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 3:16pm by Jessica Thornsby

An inclusive and inspiring range of talent discussed why diversity is the lifeblood of our industry Takeaways Children’s media has a unique opportunity to build a more inclusive society Inclusivity in the workplace shouldn’t be a boring box-ticking exercise Inclusivity is about improving your business and fuelling creativity by bringing fresh perspectives to the table, disrupting traditional thought processes, and challenging assumptions Detail In this session, a diverse and inspiring range of talent came together to discuss and debate some of the big questions surrounding inclusivity, with special attention to what gives them that 'creative edge'. Oli Hyatt, Creative Director at Blue-Zoo Animation and the Chair of Animation UK, said he sees his dyslexia in a positive light: “I believe that people…

CMC 2016 Event Reports Ashley Kendall CMC CMC 2016 Inclusive Society inclusivity Jess Thom Kez Margrie Oli Hyatt

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CMC 2016: Report – Oh, That’s New: Innovation Showcase

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 2:53pm

New formats, new technologies, new business models – and the creative solutions required to bring them to life. Takeaways Be innovative. Even in small areas, you can pioneer new techniques Cross-platforming is the way forward for children’s content consumption Detail Within this seminar, delegates from different children’s media backgrounds came together to discuss modern practices and inventive functions of children’s apps and media content. Trevor Klein, Digital Strategist and Producer, kicked off by showcasing a short form, the CBBC series 'Secret Life of Boys', an interactive comedy for the touchscreen generation. It enables children to interact with a linear story by making onscreen buttons available that lead to extra gags or dialogue. As it was essential to enhance the interactivity…

CMC 2016 Event Reports Nick Marsh Stephen Scott Suzanne Kelly Swipe TV Trevor Klein

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CMC 2016: Report – VR 101: Making Virtual a Reality

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 1:42pm by Jessica Thornsby

Gaming may be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about virtual reality (VR), but it also has the potential to revolutionise many other areas. The panel explored the way VR is currently being used in children’s media, and its massive potential when it comes to enhancing storytelling, learning and play Takeaways Virtual reality has massive potential for enhancing the way children learn. It’s not just about computer games VR and augmented reality (AR) offer a way of bringing subjects to life, to an extent never seen before Children who typically weren’t interested in a subject suddenly became much more engaged once VR was added to the mix Detail VR is big news, and the excitement surrounding…

CMC 2016 Event Reports AR Augmented Reality Chloe Meineck CMC CMC 2016 Dan Tucker Dr Dave Raynard Ed Barton Juliet Tzabar Peter Robinson Virtual Reality VR

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CMC 2016: Report – Making it Happen for UK Kids

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 12:36pm by Heather McDaid

A Question Time-style panel on issues facing children’s media, with focus on the B word: Brexit. Takeaways: There are global opportunities, particularly through YouTube The industry is already used to complex deals, we just need to look further afield and go into new markets to keep doing what we do Detail: With Brexit still sinking in, a Question-Time style panel dealt in the uncertainty for children’s media in a post-EU UK. Chaired by Professor Steven Barnett, the panel featured Labour Peer Lord Waheed Alli, Marc Goodchild, Co-Founder of Gingersnap, David Johnson, CEO of Compact Media Group, Cat Lewis, CEO of Nine Lives Media, Andy Taylor, CEO of Little Dot Studios and Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s. The discussion started…

CMC 2016 Event Reports Alice Webb Andy Taylor Brexit Cat Lewis CMC2016 David Johnson Lord Waheed Alli Marc Goodchild Professor Steven Barnett

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CMC 2016: Report – Making it Happen with YouTube

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 11:56pm by Simon Bor

A workshop all about making it happen online? It's over to YouTube… Takeaways Innovate, do not imitate. Trends online are fleeting, so create content that's authentic to your brand. YouTube has tremendous revenue potential, which requires experimentation by creators to figure out what works for them and resonates with audiences. Detail For this year's Making it Happen with YouTube workshop, the participants gave three minute pitches with advice for existing vloggers, and how they could increase their presence over the year ahead. Before the practical workshop began, the participants were given advice from YouTube and a panel of producers. Cedric Petitpas, YouTube’s Strategic Partner Manager for Northern Europe, had two key messages for would-be content providers. Firstly, to innovate, not imitate.…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC CMC2016 content online production YouTube

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CMC 2016: Report – Opening Keynote with Lemn Sissay MBE

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 10:00pm by Tracy Warren

The keynote kicked off with changemaker Jess Thom, who had the audience in fits of laughter as she talked about the importance of inclusion and the power of media in changing perception. Lemn Sissay followed this with a powerful, challenging and thought-provoking talk that ended with a standing ovation. Takeaways Children’s media is a big part of influencing social change to build a more inclusive world. Think openly about the potential of broader stories and connect creating richer and more dynamic programming. Move your personal and professional goals closer together and see what happens. Take action together and encourage diversity of thought. Detail Jess Thom opened the keynote session with a challenge to society to think differently about the frequently…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports cmc keynote

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CMC 2016: Report – Make Something Happen (An Open Space Workshop)

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 7:28pm by Gabrielle Smith

This ‘Open Space’ workshop discussed the prominent issues surrounding inclusivity, and the broader questions of how the potential of creative people is harnessed, included and represented in the wider industry. Takeaway: Delegates used the pioneering 'Open Space' method to create their own diversity agenda Working in ‘Open Space’ allows everyone present to bring their personal and professional passions, interests and concerns to the room, whilst encouraging an open, and honest discourse Topics of inclusivity discussed included how to remove labels, creating more inclusive games for children, and creating a more diverse workforce The workshop was specifically designed to address the issues of what you can do for inclusivity in your sector Detail: This Open Space discussion worked on the principles that…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports CMC CMC 2016 diversity inclusivity Media Open Space workshop

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CMC 2016: Report – Bible Class 2

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 7:04pm by Jessica Thornsby

Following the huge success of last year’s ‘Bible Class’ workshop, this popular workshop was back for 2016 - this time with character firmly at its core. Takeaway: Character and characterisation are a crucial part of any pitch bible You should know your characters inside out - from their backstory, to their flaws, and how they speak As much as possible, characters should be pro-active rather than reactive - their 'wants' should drive the story Detail: In ‘Bible Class 2: The New Testament’ a panel of industry experts shared their first-hand experiences and unique insights into how to produce and present the perfect Pitch Bible. “Character is the start and end of creating great content,” said award-winning writer Jeff Norton. CBBC’s…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports Alexi Wheeler Andrew Kavanagh Bible Studies Character CMC CMC 2016 Ingrid Selberg Jeff Norton Sarah Muller

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CMC 2016: Report – Playground

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 5:01pm by Kate Hilton

It's fun and games all week in the Playground – the free interactive digital art exhibition for children. This year a truly exciting exhibition called ‘Playground’ is being held in the Site Gallery to run alongside the CMC. Although designed with children aged 5-12 in mind, it really is a chance to play for both children and adults alike, and is filled with games, toys, apps and digital art. One of the main attractions is Dubit’s virtual reality room. Wearing a headset and headphones you can explore a Fairy Garden using wands to interact with the magical landscape. Participants of all ages can immerse themselves in this activity, but, if you don’t want to try it out, watching others get…

CMC 2016 Event Reports CMC CMC 2016 digital exhibition gallery interactive playground

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CMC 2016: Report – Volunteers’ Career Guidance Session

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 12:17am by Oliver Ridgeon

Over 80 students and young people from the industry make up the CMC volunteer team.  You'll see them everywhere in their yellow tee-shirts. They're from a wide variety of institutions across the county, including Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield, Hallam, Nottingham, Lincoln, De Montford Leicester, Manchester, Brighton and Sussex. On Monday 4 July they were all briefed, given their CMC business cards, assigned their tasks and went to a career tips session organised by recently graduated Oli Ridgeon. Takeaway There’s no set path or hard and fast rules to get into children’s media, but there are certain attributes that can help you along the way, including: Persistence Willingness Having a positive attitude and a willingness to be helpful, and listen Taking rejection in your stride…

CMC 2016 Blog Event Reports BBC career careers children's media CMC 2016 creative digital experience Media producer production publishing student volunteer volunteers writer

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April 2016

CMC Rights Exchange @LBF 2016: Licenced and Non-Author Publishing – What do Publishers want?

Posted on: Tuesday 19 April 2016 1:52pm by Simon Bor

Speakers: Emily Campan, (Penguin Random House) David Maybury (Scholastic Children’s Books) Katie Price (Hachette Children’s Group) Host and producer: John Lomas-Bullivant (Dynamite Studios) Takeaway ‘Discoverability’ was the buzzword of this year’s CMC Rights Exchange @LBF Publishers are now looking to take rights in a TV or digital project as part of the partnership - especially if they invest at an early stage.. The annuals market is in decline, and properties such as 'Doctor Who' are moving to quality colouring-in books. But one way or another, licensed product has been a mainstay of children’s publishing for decades. Now publishers are looking to share in the IP, but David Maybury, Media Development Director at Scholastic Children’s Books says they’re not looking for a…

CMC Rights Exchange @LBF 2016 Event Reports

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CMC Rights Exchange @LBF 2016: Who Needs Broadcasters?

Posted on: Monday 18 April 2016 7:01pm by Simon Bor

Speaker: Christopher Skala, (TaDaKids) Host and producer: John Lomas-Bullivant (Dynamite Studios) Takeaway The old funding model is dead. Is it the gatekeepers who make sure only quality is produced? Absolutely not. ‘The old funding model is dead,’ announced Chistopher Skala of TaDaKids. Christopher’s gave an entertaining, if self-deprecating, talk about how he and his business partner, Will Brenton, set up TaDaKids – a Kid’s YouTube channel with private equity funding. He focused on the financial restraints on making new content and freedom from broadcaster ‘interference’. When developing 'Mike the Knight' at Hit Entertainment, Chris was not allowed to give Mike a sword, not even a wooden sword. YouTubers rely on building up audiences in order to benefit from Google’s advertising revenues for…

CMC Rights Exchange @LBF 2016 Event Reports

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