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July 2018

CMC 2018: Report – Research 5 & 6

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:28am by Cate Zerega

There is no really safe place where parents feel they can let their children go wild in the current voice world. The industry has not addressed parental fears of the long term impact voice technology will have on their children. Takeaway: The most successful games are built around social mechanics at their heart. Gender differences emerge in games in terms of platform. Both genders start on tablets with boys more likely to push through to consoles and girls more likely to graduate to mobiles. Detail: Alexa, Amazon’s voice technology application, gained notoriety because it beat out “mum” as a child’s first word. Anna Campbell of Sparkler presented her research on the relationship between voice technology, children (aka gen alpha users)…

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CMC 2018: Report – Big Lessons from Niche Memes

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:22am

The ever-changing landscape is evolving at such a pace that companies are constantly working to keep up with demand and expectations of the audience. Takeaway: Kids still like the same things they liked 25 years ago - it's the delivery mechanism that has changed. Kids are cherry picking the best bits and tailoring to their needs. Not all content is universal, one size does not fit all. Detail: After an inspiring film and presentation from Changemaker Jemima Browning, moderator Nick Fisher, co-founder of Hook Research, kicked of the session asking how brands can keep up with trends in terms of content, communications and marketing? Panel speakers, Stuart Rowson, BBC Children’s, Marc Goodchild, Turner EMEA, and Iain Sawbridge from Beano Studios…

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CMC 2018: Report – Put It Down To Experience

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:16am by Joseph Channon

How do real-world experiences engage children and enhance a brand's relationship with its audience? Four different approaches to the new emerging experience economy. Takeaway: • Consumers are increasingly looking for experiential events rather than products. • An experience can be a powerful brand enhancing tool for some companies or the entirety of the brand for others. • Inclusivity for the entire family is very important for the current generation, who value building memories with their family as much as they value the experiences themselves. Detail: This session covered four extremely different businesses and the experiential events that they offer for kids. Virginia Monaghan began by talking through the live events that Nickelodeon offer in the UK. Slimefest is a combination…

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CMC 2018: Report – Technology – What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:08am by Cate Zerega

Takeaway: Consumers can expect to see reliable AR hardware on the market within 2 years. Emerging technology combinations learn and adapt, allowing children forward movement in infinite directions instead of traditional linear paths. This is exciting, terrifying and full of potential. Detail: Moderator Matthew Thomas of MTM began the discussion asking the panel where they saw opportunity for engaging kids with voice assistants. Preloaded’s James Allsopp is most excited about how voice technology can be used to create access for kids with vision and cognitive impairments.  What about the tendency to outsource a child’s attention to Alexa and an Ipad? BBC’s Jon Howard placed the responsibility with the industry to create products that generate conversations within families. Lucy Gill of…

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CMC 2018: Report – Research 7 & 8

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 11:58pm by Sian Reed

This session was broken into two halves: News, Trust and Truth and Children’s Media and Diversity: What’s Next in Europe? Research 7: News, Trust & Truth Takeaway: ·     Do not dumb news and programming down for children, they are smarter than you think. ·     Focus on multi-platform content and social media: children get most of their news from apps. ·     Young people in theory are savvy but in practice, the results don’t showcase this. Detail: Do children and young people still trust news sources? This half-hour session explored Florencia Donagaray’s study into children and their perception of the media and fake news. Florencia’s findings were presented through an assortment of graphs and videos which were a mixture of humour and shock. The session…

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CMC 2018: Report – What’s Next For UK Kids?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 11:42pm by Catherine Trewavas

Takeaway: In the face of post-Brexit uncertainty, the need for the industry to unite is stronger than ever with regard to future access to European talent and funding. Contestable Fund will affect Public Service Broadcasters and content commissioning. More needs to be done to protect children online and diverse representation can be improved. Detail: Hosting today's session, Stewart Purvis CBE looked ahead to the future of post-Brexit access to talent and funding, the impact of a changing media landscape and how this will affect Public Service Broadcasters (PSB). VT footage of Margot James, Minister for Digital and Creative Industries, commented that “more needs to be done to protect children from a range of online harms”. James also made reference to…

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CMC 2018: Report – Sustaining UK Animation

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 11:36pm by Simon Bor

What will the industry look like in the next two to three years? Kate O’Connor of Animation UK asked the panel for their realistic as well as optimistic views. Takeaways: There's life after Brexit, but we have to work on it. Utopia is what we should be aiming for. University is a place for critical thinkers as well as training. Detail: Phil Dobree (Jellyfish Productions) said that there was nothing positive about Brexit. Every good thing that was happening in the industry was despite of it. Everyone is hungry for content. He advocated getting things created and made in the UK, stating it seemed strange that IP from UK was being produced abroad while studios worked for hire on overseas…

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CMC 2018: Report – It’s Alive

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 11:31pm

With AI constantly in the news today, this session addressed fundamental questions for the children’s media industry; will AI in its various forms really work for kids of different ages? How will it impact creativity, content creation, learning, jobs? How can AI engage children? Where are the opportunities and what are the challenges? Takeaway: AI with children is at a very early stage.  It simply does not factor in the special style of a child’s conversations, and there are concerns around safety and being age appropriate. The Industries developing and benefiting from AI need to take a very different and response attitude to AI with children. What is happening so far is very advertising and commerce-driven (e.g. Alexa), so panellists…

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CMC 2018: Report – Small People, Big Picture

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 11:05pm by Monica Siegenthaler

Chapman Maddox, the Vice President of Development and Production for Boat Rocker Rights in London hosts a panel of producers on their opinions of the content being created that address the big issues of the day. Takeaway: A study shows that 18% of teens trust the police. 93% of parents want their children to be open with them. If kids aren't having fun, they change the channel. The session highlighted the importance of giving children a voice. Detail: The panel addressed questions about environment, social change and violence and how to effectively work with this content to educate and create change. The responsibility to parents and families to produce content that helps them move forward. The debate to “let children…

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CMC 2018: Report – Creative Keynote: Baroness Beeban Kidron OBE

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 10:44pm by Gabrielle Smith

Changemaker and award-winning performance poet Jay Hulme introduced tonight's Creative Keynote with an honest and inspirational plea for breadth of inclusivity, understanding and empathy for all. Jay’s performed poetry came from personal experiences of what it is like to grow up transgender, and how different an experience that might have been in an accepting and tolerant society. Keynote Takeaway: ·      Those in charge do not always have your best interests in mind ·      In order to create the stories that are needed, our greatest role is to step aside for others ·      It is not how you use a camera, but what you use it for Detail: Baroness Beeban Kidron OBE is the Founder and Chair of 5Rights…

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CMC 2018: Report – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 7:38pm by Sian Reed

Takeaway: ·     Know who you are pitching to. It is important to do your research beforehand. ·     The children's TV market is saturated. You need a USP. ·     Make the pitch exciting - add in video and other visual elements. Detail: Dragons Den done CMC-style. This session presented the opportunity to pitch your TV ideas to four industry heavyweights. In this interactive session, five potential producers stepped up to share their pilots for the panel and audience to debate. Hosts Tony Collingwood and Anthony Utley first explained the format before introducing each contestant to pitch away. Each panellist had £1000 to bid for projects: to work with the producers, gather up information and see if the idea could be taken to the wider…

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CMC 2018: Report – Out and Proud? Or Still Under Wraps?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 7:30pm by Cate Zerega

Takeaway: ·     Neil Gaiman said, “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” Let’s beat them together. - Olly Parker ·     Let’s see this panel on the center stage next year - Shabnam Rezaei ·     Be Brave - Kez Margrie Detail: Host Sallyann Keizer of Sixth Sense Media began the panel by asking, “is technology offering platforms to represent LGBT+ and helping children self identify and identify with LGBT+ role models in a way that broadcasters don’t?”. Olly Pike, creator of the YouTube channel ‘Pop’n’Olly’, spoke of his experience as an educator, saying that YouTube is a huge part of the world of a 6-8 year…

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CMC 2018: Report – The Art of Laughter & The Art of Meaning Making

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 7:16pm by Chris Colman

This one-hour session was broken down in to two distinct halves. Part One: The Art of Laughter Writer, comedian and children’s performer Howard Read spent the opening minutes making jokes and playing games to elicit laughter from the audience, in order to later analyse why his efforts did or didn’t succeed. Professor Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist at University College London then took to the lectern to discuss the (surprisingly little) research in to laughter and its meaning to humans. Ask an adult about laughter and they will tend to think of jokes, but Scott says it is in fact fundamentally about communication and a social activity. We are thirteen times more likely to laugh if we are with people.  In…

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CMC 2018: Report – eSports Tournament

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 6:24pm

Takeaway: eSports are growing in popularity, with fans across all demographics. They allow children to engage and learn through play. This kind of gaming promotes analytical thinking amongst players and improves reasoning skills. Detail: Although both online and offline competitions have been an in-home staple since the domestication of gaming technology, competitions on a professional level did not become commonplace until the late 2000s. Recently, the popularity and spectatorship of eSports has continued on an upward climb with fans across all demographics converging to watch their favourite players compete. eSports ‘shoutcasters’ — an industry term for presenters — Ketchup (Ryan Neal) and Mustard (Jake Neal) hosted a casual, improv introduction to eSports during which delegates and volunteers alike were able…

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CMC 2018: Report – What a Relief!

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 6:02pm by Simon Bor

An overview of the successful creative industries tax reliefs and how to apply for them. Takeaway: Tax relief for animation and children's TV was worth £15.3 million in 2016/17. The UK tax relief system is one of the most efficient in the world. Go to the BFI for advice at an early stage. Detail: Kate O’Connor of Animation UK hosted this session. Andy Wright of the BFI gave an outline of how to apply for credits and the cultural tests needed for both British productions and co-productions with treaty countries. It is worth 25% of UK core expenditure on Children’s TV or animation based on a maximum of 80% of total core expenditure. On a British-only production with a £1m…

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CMC 2018: Report – Commissioner Conversations: PSBs

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 5:17pm

This session aims to demystify the Public Service Broadcasting Commissioner’s process. Takeaway: • Commissioners are optimistic about the coming year, as there is such a variety of great kids’ content. • Research is key when pitching to commissioners. Detail: Alison Bakunowich, SVP and General Manager of Nickelodeon UK and Ireland, NEE and Milkshake was first to speak, commenting on the enthusiasm for new writers across the channels that she manages. Alison noted that as they have the facilities to provide writer’s rooms, they are a great place for new talent, and they open their doors to upcoming creatives. On the changing media landscape, Alison said that they are embracing YouTube, and creating content for the platform, such as Bedtime Stories…

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CMC 2018: Report – Is The Internet Really Broken?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 4:36pm by Joseph Channon

Can publishers, creators, parents and governments trust computers and algorithms to make intelligent decisions about what is shown to children online? Takeaway: Big platforms (especially Google) are placing an increased importance on algorithms both to model their users for advertising and to control what content is provided to them. However, without proper moderation you cannot always be sure that what these algorithms provide will be entirely appropriate (especially for children). Parents and children need to be taught better media literacy skills so that they have the tools to safely navigate online providers. However, it is too easy and dismissive to place the entire burden on parents. Content creators for online platforms such as YouTube do not face the same strict…

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CMC 2018: Report – Behind the Screens at YouTube Kids

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 4:01pm

Before the session we heard from changemaker, 19 year old Zoë Daniel - a Guardian and Reuters Journalist who is also a freelance filmmaker and broadcaster. Zoë’s story of how she has built a career in the media was inspirational and shows how given the right opportunities, talent will shine. The challenge is how to encourage individuals of all backgrounds to be part of the media both in front and behind the camera.  Takeaway: YouTube App now has over 70 billion views and 11 million active weekly users. The App is in 37 countries and 8 languages. Parental controls are increasingly granular and now offer the ability to select/block specific programmes. Detail: Franceso Miceli pulled back the curtain on the…

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CMC 2018: Report – Commissioner Conversations – BBC

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 3:48pm

This session invited key speakers from the BBC to reveal their strategy for the future and how the CMC audience can engage with them through pitching, development and production of content across all platforms. Takeaway: • The ‘Fewer, Bigger, Better’ strategy will provide focus for priority brands, but not at the expense of new content across all genres and platforms. • There are opportunities to pitch for new content for 13-16 year olds which will sit on BBC iPlayer. • Across CBeebies and CBBC there are opportunities to pitch for drama, as well as games and short form content for apps. • Animation is still key across both channels and there is an open door policy for pitches. Detail: Tim…

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CMC 2018: Report – Bagging a Book Deal

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 3:08pm by Joseph Channon

Do you have a brand or license that you believe is perfect for a children's book? Find out what publishers are really looking for from our expert panel. Takeaway: • Whilst an IP can be attractive to publishers due to the promise of a built-in audience, the key thing that appeals is a passionate pitch and a strong polished idea. • A style guide will be essential in showing how your IP can translate into a book. • Approximately 15% of published material in a year will be a licensed product. Detail: John Lomas-Bullivant (Kickback Media) introduced a panel from both the publishing and IP owner sides of the licensed publishing business. Throughout the session there was a recurring theme…

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CMC 2018: Report – Disruption – What’s Next?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 2:55pm by Sian Reed

As the landscape of Children's TV changes, what is next for the companies involved? Takeaway: • Diversifying platforms still need great content and engagement. • Most viewing is still done via traditional TV but binge-watching tends to be on-demand. • Knowing your audience and researching thoroughly is the key to making content that lasts. Detail: Jon Watts, MTM and host, jumped right in by asking the panellists to discuss changes to the UK market in recent years. All three panellists agreed that the resulting factor has been the way in which we consume content. Alison Bakunowich, SVP general manager at Nickelodeon, thought that there had been three main changes: a creative generation, portable devices and on-demand services. “We’re in the…

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CMC 2018: Report – Playground

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 1:31pm

Based at the Millennium Gallery, the Playground is a week-long interactive art exhibition held every year at the Children’s Media Conference, curated for 5-12 years olds (but enjoyable for all ages). The theme for this year’s Playground is Music and Response, with a host of auditory, interactive experiences to enjoy. Takeaway: • Projects focused on bringing together technology and play. • Games to encourage noisy play and music making. • Listen Manja Ebert’s immersive interpretation of internet culture’s impact on teenagers today. Detail: Open to all, and completely free, the Playground is part of the Children’s Media Conference that kids and adults alike will not want to miss. With work from a host of artists across the UK, there is…

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CMC 2018: Report – Opening Keynote

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 4:17am

Acclaimed children’s poet, broadcaster, columnist and former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen took to the Crucible stage for the opening keynote, to ask how children’s media can encourage creative and inquisitive thinking and safeguard children in the digital world. Takeaway: Rosen expressed concerns that the education system teaches children only how to pass tests and minimises children’s ability to ask questions of the world around them. He discussed how the digital media world is largely unregulated and can be a dangerous place for children. He suggested that the children’s media industry needs to work together to find solutions and create safe spaces for children online. Detail: Rio-Leanna, winner of CBBC’s ‘Got What It Takes’ and one of the 12 changemakers at…

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CMC 2018: Report – First Timers’ Reception

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 2:42am

As sunshine poured through the windows of the Crucible Theatre, this year’s newcomers mingled over drinks, excitedly awaiting advice from seasoned CMC veterans on how to successfully navigate their first Children’s Media Conference—and perhaps something arguably more enticing: the opportunity to win one of four goody bags provided by Disney. Below are panel’s five top tips and insights into how to squeeze the best experience out of your short time at this year’s conference: Rick Adams: “Mix, meet and learn from each other’s presences, experiences, smells, whatever”. Christian Hughes: “Take every opportunity you can. Go out there and do it”. Sharna Jackson: “Go to a session you wouldn’t normally and go to the Mercure Hotel at the end of the…

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CMC 2018: Report – International Exchange

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 12:56am by Chris Colman

Each year the first day of CMC orbits around the International Exchange, an all day market event, divided into morning and afternoon blocks, in which UK and international buyers, sellers, broadcasters, distributors, producers, writers and everything in between collide for whirlwind 15-minute meetings. The 2018 International Exchange was the biggest yet, with 155 registered delegates, seeing it outgrow last year’s already sizeable Millennium Gallery and relocate to the historic Sheffield Town Hall.  On a beautiful sun-kissed morning, the Town Hall’s Mandela Room was already abuzz by 9am.  The CMC has a stalwart following, many of whom return every year, and these early conversations had a feel of old friends catching up, while newer faces collected their badges and found their…

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CMC 2018: Report – CMC SkillBuilder: Building a Pitch

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 12:30am by Tom Jordan

An esteemed panel of experts guided delegates through the daunting world of pitching, putting would-be pitchers through their paces in a round-table format and offering invaluable advice from a diverse range of industry sectors. Takeaway: ·     A good pitch is all in the preparation. ·     Pitching is about your idea, but it is also about you and the conversations that might develop. ·     Short is sweet – commissioners can sit through more pitches in a fortnight than you are likely to give in a lifetime.  Detail: They said this session would be ‘intensive’  – and they weren’t joking! Over the course of four hours, delegates were schooled hard in the art of putting together an eye-catching pitch. The process was simple, but hugely…

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CMC 2018: Report – CMC SkillBuilder: Building a Bible

Posted on: Tuesday 03 July 2018 11:24pm by Cate Zerega

Takeaway: ·     The best bibles don’t tease the broadcaster, they show that you can do the job. ·     Collaboration is about finding people who understand your style. ·     The most effective pitchers are magicians - they have passion, they have vision for the pipeline and most importantly they are adaptable. Detail: Alison Norrington, CEO of Story Central, kicked off the session on Building a Bible with a challenge to all workshop attendees. Think of your audience in terms of the literary archetype rather than the industry standard metric of age. Who is the hero? The trickster? The wise person in and viewing your story? Whilst the wise person stereotypically sports a beard like Gandalf, they might also be a six year old boy…

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April 2018

CMC Exchange @LBF: CMC @LBF 2018 – Session Report: Don’t Forget the Creator

Posted on: Sunday 15 April 2018 11:35pm by Simon Bor

John Lomas-Bullivant quizzed the people behind the new Disney Junior show: 'Claude' - a successful adaptation of the already popular series of books by the same name. He introduced the creator, author and illustrator, Alex T Smith, and asked him how he came up with the original idea for 'Claude'. Alex said that it came from a doodle in his sketchbook, a small plump dog in shiny shoes -  with a sock as his best friend. His influences were not only the comedy he was brought up with, such as ‘Allo ‘Allo and the Carry On films, but his accident prone grandfather. It all came i=out relatively fully-formed. He put together two pages of illustration and some written work and sent…

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CMC Exchange @LBF: CMC @LBF 2018 – Session Report: Disruptive Publishing

Posted on: Sunday 15 April 2018 11:17pm by Simon Bor

The not so "tongue in cheek" title of the session highlighted two companies who have not taken the traditional route into publishing. Moderator, Stephanie Barton saw parallels between the two companies. Both have only been around for a few years, both have a direct root to their customers, both cater for the under twelves and both have been on 'Dragon’s Den'! Neither, though, had a background in publishing. Jonny Pryn was one of the founders of One Third Stories which is just two years old.  The idea was to publish a language picture book, where (originally French) words were gradually added to the English text throughout the story. A slick Kickstarter presentation was made and the company found it had…

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CMC Exchange @LBF: CMC @LBF 2018 – Session Report: Emotion Sells! Unlocking the Power of Family and Reading

Posted on: Sunday 15 April 2018 11:05pm by Simon Bor

Even though children’s book sales are at a high point at the moment, Egmont’s Cally Poplak told us that their research indicated the figures for kids reading for pleasure were down on five years ago. Now 30% of children read independently and 36% are read to. The session gave us overviews of research being used or with potential to encourage the growth of the reading habit - from a variety of perspectives. Dr Barbie Clarke of Family Kids and Youth, and Jessica Bondesson, Children’s School Manager at IKEA, presented research conducted with children in Germany, China and the UK, that showed how the type of lighting in children’s bedrooms effected their moods.  IKEA take children seriously, calling children: ‘The most…

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