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July 2019

CMC 2019: Report – Creative Masterclass: Clangers and Paddington

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 11:47am by Peter McGrath

In the case of the comeback phenomena of 'The Clangers' and 'Paddington', the people who remade these classics thought there were many more stories to be told and were inspired to create many more. This is not always the case when reinventing classic children’s intellectual properties, as this session explored. Session Takeaway: Both of the original series were a success because of the simplicity and innocence of the characters. While the stakes are now much higher and more people are involved than just one creator and one animator, success depends upon the singularity of purpose amongst all those concerned. At their heart both 'The Clangers' and 'Paddington' are pure and good - in the original and the remakes in the…

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CMC 2019: Report – Delivery Demands

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 11:39am by Vanisha Sumboo

Technical standards and delivery demands have undergone vast changes in recent years. Content is commissioned by the platform giants and viewed by the consumer in very different ways than how it used to be. Nowadays, the process has much shorter timelines, higher production costs, and more delivery formats - meaning the final quality can be at risk. This session took a look at how to effectively tackle these new delivery demands. Takeaway: ● Netflix have their own QC (quality control) requirements – knowing them from the outset will help streamline the process. ● Have an IT specialist to help with the demands of security procedures. ● Test your pipeline and delivery processes as early as you can, use automatic routines…

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CMC 2019: Report – Research 7 & 8

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 11:33am by Vanisha Sumboo

Research 7 & 8 put representations of gender, family and friendships under the lens across two research panels. Takeaway: Male representation is dominant - both on screen and off screen. Gender imbalance continues to be an issue that needs to be addressed. Young people rate their families highly but become frustrated at the amount of time parents spend online. Gaming and social media give opportunities to communicate with friends and is part of the fun gaming. Friendship and family relationships can be enhanced through communication online. Detail: Following a study conducted by IZI (International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television) into gender and diversity representation 10 years ago, Dr Lynn Whitaker presented her 2018 research which analysed 300 hours…

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CMC 2019: Report – The Incredible Playable Lunchtime Show

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 11:20am

With a chance to become human buttons, take on the Power Rangers, zap each other with barcode scanners and play Pac-Man using inflatable toys, The Incredible Playable Lunchtime Show was a hilarious CMC innovation putting the audience at the centre and gives them the chance to unleash their inner kid. Takeaway: Everything was interactive from the start. It's a chance to unleash the inner kid. Detail: Dressed out on the stage with inflatables, coloured barcode jackets, everything appeared to be very interactive from the start. Game Developer, Alistair Aitchrson, hosted the event looking like ‘The Greatest Showman’. His work is known for its emphasis on physical activity and social interaction, and his games have won awards at the IndieCade and GameCity…

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CMC 2019: Report – Creative Keynote: Horrible Histories The Movie

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 11:07am by Helen Dugdale

Changemaker singer/songwriter Sapphire introduced tonight’s keynote session with a breathtaking rendition of 'Shallow (A Star is Born)' before an impassioned plea to the audience concerning the struggles teenagers are facing when it comes to mental health issues. Her rally for change in content moderation focused in on social platform Instagram - a platform where, she argued, young people can readily access inappropriate content in contrast to the existing standards in the film and television industries. Takeaway: Quintessential British humour - in the great tradition of sketch comedy. The books aren’t about history - they’re about people. People make the comedy. Write for adults and children (just leave out the swearing). Detail: The keynote was an entertaining dive into the hilarious…

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CMC 2019: Report – The CMC Debate: Limitless Content Good or Bad?

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 10:07am

The session was opened with an introduction of a showreel by changemaker Toby Lloyd, DOP from Truetube, a platform that tells stories about the struggles of young people. He explained that as a child, he was not allowed to explore a lot of things he was interested in, due to lack of accessibility. Even today, smartphone ownership is still not universal among young people. While young people of this generation are so much more aware of the human experience than previous ones, society still has the responsibility to protect them from dangerous content.   Session: The motion of the debate was whether limitless content is good for children’s media. In a world with increasing amounts of content and numbers of…

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CMC 2019: Report – First Timers Lunch

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 9:13am by Cate Zerega

The Hubs Hideout hosted Ester Kaufmann and her 'conference buddies' - CMC experts who have been attending since at least 2013 - for a relaxed lunch packed with tips and tricks to help new attendees navigate the conference hustle with confidence and aplomb. Takeaway:     Newbie homework from Esther Kaufmann - catch one research session, they are always interesting and in her opinion underattended. Brolly Brollyman - Read your fellow delegates' body language and pounce when the body language is laid back and not before. Chella Quint has found Karaoke to be a great boundary leveller. Detail: Jonny Ford recalled sweating at his first conference whilst thinking, “I know there are people I need to talk to but I have no…

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CMC 2019: Report – Pizza Express 2019.

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 9:03am by Simon Bor

The delegates assembled in Devonshire Street for the annual CMC visit to Pizza Express. Takeaway:

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CMC 2019: Report – Focus on Ireland

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 8:51am by Simon Bor

Ireland has become the go-to place for the creation and production of some truly outstanding content for audiences of all ages. The panel, put together by the Irish industry, revealed what Ireland can offer. Takeaway: A supportive broadcaster and tax breaks have created a world class Irish animation industry. Pablo is a pre-school series that aims to raise awareness of the autistic spectrum. The quality bar, for animation, was raised a long time ago.   Detail: Andrew Kavanagh, from Kavaleer Productions, introduced the panel of content-makers from the island of Ireland by asking them to divulge a secret. Lean Byrne, head of Jam Media’s scripting department told us that she left home at twenty-two but her mother continued to buy the…

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CMC 2019: Report – Resetting the moral compass

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 11:47pm by Jenny Kane

In April 2019, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published the White Paper on “online harms”. This session questioned whether we are finally resetting the dials on the internet to make it truly friendly for children and families. Considering high-profile cases, such as the tragic death of Molly Russell, the White Paper demonstrates the a governmental responsibility to safeguard the activity of children within their 'digital playground'. However, as the panel clearly expressed, the protection of children online cannot rely solely on government policy. Content producers, brands, parents, schools and the platforms themselves all have a part to play.   Takeaway: 400 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. "Children won’t 'jump-ship' on their favourite platforms and…

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CMC 2019: Report – Clicks and Mortar: The New Retail Space

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 11:30pm by Michelle Jones

This panel discussed the way in which merchandising, the retail space and the licensing industry is adapting to the digital disruption it's facing.  With a seismic shift in the retail environment as 60% of purchases are now online - which has grown from 20% in 2017 - how are brand owners today creating new consumer product stories by developing their own direct-to-consumer platforms for the paying audience? Takeaway: We need to look at consumers (millennial parents) and where they want to shop. The more IP owners can demonstrate their products are wanted by consumers -  the better placed they are to get into traditional retail landscapes. Licensing spikes are coming from non-traditional TV content now (such as gaming - e.g.…

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CMC 2019: Report – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 11:13pm by Helen Dugdale

Five creative producers stepped up to the podium to pitch their ideas to the friendly industry dragons. The million dollar question is, who will walk away with investment? King Banana with Me Time pitch kicked off with the audience closing their eyes and cleverly taking some "Me Time". In a busy world, kids need downtime and this show, aimed at the 0-6 range, is a series of mini moments that introduce self-care and mindfulness. Why? Well, it's estimated that approximately 1 in 8 children have a clinically diagnosed mental health condition. The team said they wanted to build a "go-to" brand across TV, apps and toys. It’s a mix of animation and live-action, which they believed would work well on…

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CMC 2019: Report – Pushing the Preschool Envelope

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 10:51pm by Sam Barlow

With a panel of industry figures from across the kids' media business, this session discussed the challenges of finding and moreover holding a preschool audience, in the midst of an ever more fragmented landscape. Takeaway: Diversity is the key to building a global brand. Be genuine - don't be 'tokenistic'. Let the audience take the lead and don't be afraid to be where they are. Detail: With a universal audience, there is a need to tell relatable, authentic and skilfully told stories in order to teach children about emotional intelligence, human values, knowledge of the world, cognition and sense of identity. Jodie Morris opened with the topic of inclusivity and diversity and explained that in 'Bing', nothing is prescriptive which…

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CMC 2019: Report – Kids Taking a Stand

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 9:29pm

Young people are constantly given the reminder, especially by media, that their future is bleak. The narrative is one of low pay, dying democracies, a world on fire, and corporations bent on stealing their data. But this needs to be changed to one of hope and possibility even amongst those challenges. This was what the CMC theme – Limitless (suggested by a young person) – meant to the panel, the potential and possibility of youth. Takeaway: Young people are energised, hopeful and poised to take action, and hungry for content on activism – but they need the tools and resources to do it. Media must accept their responsibility as an educator of the young. We have to help ready a…

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CMC 2019: Report – The YACF – A User’s Guide

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 9:25pm by Shannon Reeve

Changemaker Euella Jackson opened the session with a discussion of her journey, and an important question: what can you be doing to inspire change? Session: The Young Audiences Content Fund is a pilot which launched in April 2019. Content makers and producers have the opportunity to access funds to support the creation of distinctive and high-quality content for children. The pilot for the fund is due to last three years and has £57 million available to support development and production. Takeaway: Apply sooner rather than later! - Funding will be split between the three years, offering around £18m per year Read more about the fund on the BFI website: Detail: Jackie Edwards discussed what the fund is, describing it…

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CMC 2019: Report – Commissioner Conversations BBC

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 8:42pm by Sarah Darling

Changemaker Alvin Owusu is a highly inspirational 18-year-old who uses his disadvantaged background as a driver to help young people through The Advantage Group. His aim is to demonstrate to businesses that diversity is not charity, but in fact, good business sense, using Stormzy as an example of how this can work. Through his outreach he aims to help change 2000 young lives for the better. Takeaway: Mantra for BBC Children's:  ‘Making the good popular and the popular good’. Will commission good quality content that aims to instruct but also entertain. Using influencers in a way that doesn’t shoehorn them into an awkward format. BBC Education is restructuring- bringing Bitesize and Education together. Detail: The session opened with Helen Foulkes…

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CMC 2019: Report – Life On The Small Screen

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 7:09pm by Shannon Reeve

Jessica Rees, a research manager at Ofcom, shared their insights on the media use and attitudes of children, examining the reasons that children are drawn to online services including Netflix and YouTube. Takeaway: Older children increasingly view content via tablet and smartphone. YouTube is the most popular platform with Netflix second. There are rapid changes in trends with children losing interest in Snapchat in just two years. Detail: Jessica discussed the Children’s Media Lives research, a longitudinal study which explored the media activity of children over a period of five years, and the Life on the Small Screen research, a one-off project which followed forty children between 4 and 16 over the course of three months. Children's viewing of live…

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CMC 2019: Report – Writers Assemble!

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 5:16pm by Emma Boucher

What happens when a group of writers get together in one room? They share their top tips for getting that sought-after first credit in kids' TV, developing as a writer and staying relevant in the industry, of course! Takeaway: Do your homework – watch shows, be familiar with broadcasters and production companies. Network – build and maintain relationships with your contacts through emails, social media and events. And last but not least write, write, write – producers and agents want to read exciting original scripts.  Detail: Hosted by Dominic MacDonald, the packed session kicked off with plenty of top tips on how to enter the industry as a new writer. The panel advocated the importance of learning the business, watching…

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CMC 2019: Report – Pushing the Boundaries for Learning

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 4:22pm

The session explored a simple but important question; how do we deliver the best, most innovative learning content for children? In a world where children are increasingly media and digital savvy, how can new technologies be used to create learning experiences to compete for children’s attention.  Can the newer skills like gamification and transmedia storytelling make an impact across the education space and help children develop the skills and knowledge the next generation will need to navigate an increasingly complex and challenging world? Takeaway: Characters and narrative deepen the learning experience. Pedagogy knowledge can make sure learning accompanies engagement. Simple AI is already delivering real benefits in learning and is an exciting area of development. New technologies and approaches are…

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CMC 2019: Report – Stream if You Wanna Go Faster

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 3:27pm by David Hodgson

The session began with a presentation by Changemaker Dan Laws, from Youth Politics UK, which offers young people training and opportunities to discuss issues with high profile decision makers. Session: With an expert panel, comparing and contrasting Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and the rest, this session looked at their business models, and explored aspects of customer acquisition and retention strategies in a lively and highly informative session which did not disappoint. Takeaway: SVOD's sole focus is on content that can help them increase and retain subscription, nothing else matters to them. Netflix and Amazon are doing less in-house originals now, but are not necessarily commissioning more from indies as a result, preferring to acquire already established IP. Unless you have an…

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CMC 2019: Report – Limiting the Limitless?

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 3:14pm by Helen Dugdale

This Question Time style session saw an industry panel face pre-planned questions from the audience about several challenging areas, including the new Young Audiences Content Fund, how they really feel around SVODS and how to tackle the safety of kids online. Illustration: Greg McLeod. Takeaway: The industry welcomes the Young Audience Content Fund. There is enough space for both PSBs and SVODs. The government needs to get involved in the battle for online safety. Detail: The session host Stewart Purvis welcomed everyone to the session and talked briefly about the sponsor, The Children’s Media Foundation, and their important work. Question 1:  Is Ofcom happy with responses from the commercial PSBs to last year’s report? Clarifying Ofcom’s position, Kevin Bakhurst said:…

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CMC 2019: Report – Research 3 & 4

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 3:00pm by Gabrielle Smith

Two back-to-back presentations providing thought-provoking research considering today’s media landscape, both on and offline. Research 3 looked at attitudes regarding who makes the rules on age ratings as a point of contention and debate. Combining independent research and the BBFC Public Consultation, the panel delved into some of the concerns of how aspects of sexual violence and threat are portrayed on screen. Research 4 focused on the unique streaming service HEIHEI, and the way in which New Zealand has introduced innovative ways of supporting home grown media and local kids’ content. Takeaways: "You don’t need to see sexual violence to feel its impact" – teens already good at talking about this with their peers. Are children becoming interestingly cautious about…

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CMC 2019: Report – The Art of Play

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 1:09pm by Jess Percival

The Art of Play was a dive into how playing is an amazing way to connect not only with children, but also adults. The session was filled with creation, and lots of noise. Takeaway: Grab fun with both hands Don’t limit children, they can create big things Play for play’s sake - it doesn’t have to be educational. You might have to help children reach a breakthrough, but the results will be wonderful. Detail:  The session was split into two halves, to demonstrate different types of play. The first half focused on play which involved toys and objects, things that you can get your hands on. The second was more focused on imagination, playfulness and sound. The first half was…

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CMC 2019: Report – The CMC Drinks Reception

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 10:28am by Simon Bor

Sheffield Cathedral was humming with chatter and live music as a record number of CMC delegates arrived for the annual drinks reception. Surrounded by displays of classic and current characters such as Mr Benn, it was a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new contacts and sample delicious canapes. Takeaway: "If I can leave this conference inspiring people to tell stories in a new way then I’ll be happy." Detail: The atmosphere was captured by the blogging team as a whole who asked delegates how the first day of the conference had gone for them.  "Factory's opening drinks were so much fun," said one. "This is a great conference." One who was at the CMC SkillBuilder said, "I'm making…

CMC 2019 CMC 2019 Blog CMC 2019 Reports CMC Ebulletin Event Reports #TCMC Mr Benn Sheffield cathedral

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CMC 2019: Report – First Timers Reception

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 10:12am

The First Timers’ Reception kicked off with an impromptu walking tour of Sheffield, as delegates chatted their way through the town to the impressive location of the City Hall. Once the ‘newbies’ had gathered (and found the reception!) presenter Chris Jarvis began, making sure to include useful tips that were both reassuring and engaging for all.  Takeaway: Do download the CMC app to plan your sessions effectively. Don’t forget to use the #tcmc whenever you share anything on your social channels. Do attend the opening and closing sessions. Don’t forget to take notes, you’ll never remember everything! Do turn up early to sessions, they can get very busy. Don’t keep to the same few people for all three days, broaden your social…

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CMC 2019: Report – CMC International Exchange 2019

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 9:06am

This year’s International Exchange market day at CMC seemed bigger than ever with delegates from all corners of the world from the UK to China. They were welcomed to the exquisite Victorian  Town Hall in Sheffield’s city centre to pitch their ideas to television executives, book publishers, distributors and more. Takeaway: 60 potential buyers from a wide range of companies and services across the children’s media industry. A swift and friendly process where fifteen minutes can make the difference. From television pilots to picture books to animated content to games, people participated in a competitive market with a friendly atmosphere. Detail: Participants had two half-day sessions of the Exchange to pitch and sell their ideas to the buyers, some of…

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CMC 2019: Report – CMC Skillbuilder Bible & Pitch

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2019 11:45pm by Helen Dugdale

With a team of industry gurus to guide our delegates through the tricky but essential world of crafting the perfect pitch, there was talk of whether bibles were even still ‘a thing’. In this round-table format, delegates could discuss their ideas and get honest and workable feedback from those that know best. Takeaway: Keep your pitch brief and do your research. Believe in your project. Aim for the follow up/next. A bible isn’t essential - it’s all about the idea. Detail: With a strong team of sixteen children’s media gurus ready and waiting to share their top tips - advice on what needs to be in an outstanding pitch, as well as the ideas to include in a bible were…

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CMC 2019: Report – Opening Keynote: Nadiya Hussain

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2019 10:40pm by Cate Zerega

Tonight at Sheffield City Hall, CMC Advisory Chair, Sue Nott, welcomed the huge gathering of CMC delegates and asked us all to reflect upon what it means to be ‘limitless’- the theme for CMC 2019. With an outstanding address made by Changemaker Noga Levy-Rapoport, the 17-year-old student challenged the audience to eschew a diplomatic approach in addressing climate change in children’s media. Her call to action asked that we all create much needed and vital content, across all platforms- from YouTube, to ‘Insta’-stories as well as in publishing and conventional TV programming. She notes that there is a ‘global call for children to become the leaders of today’, so why not start with their media? The Keynote Takeaway: Create the…

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CMC 2019: Report – Playground 

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2019 4:49pm by Jess Percival

From the 25th June until the 7th July 2019, the Site Gallery becomes Playground - a free interactive exhibition for those aged 5-12 years (but everyone is welcome to join in!). This year’s theme is Game/Changers showcasing several iconic toys and games reimagined in exciting forms that encourage participation, teamwork and having a lot of fun! Takeaway: The core focus of Playground is to combine physical and digital play. Everything is suitable for a variety of ages, and can help bring young and old together. Each exhibit combines recognisable elements with new and exciting interactions. Detail: Will Hurt’s Abstract Playground: AP1 is an interactive, engaging, abstract audiovisual scene using geometry of physical sites to re-present local architecture and landscape. The interesting style…

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July 2018

CMC 2018: Report – De-risk

Posted on: Saturday 14 July 2018 5:29pm

This session, hosted by Gareth Cotton from La Playa, broke down the easiest ways to protect against copyright infringement, as well as intellectual property and libel issues. Takeaway This session covered: ·     Risks companies face on a daily basis ·     Legal implications ·     Insurance of these risks Detail Sunny Kang from Nine Lives Media explained some of the challenging risks he had to consider and deal with on a number of projects. The first project discussed was 'Learning to Fly', a documentary about air cadets flying for the first time. Around the time of filming there was a near collision in which a photographer and pilot were flying and the camera fell out of the photographer's hands, causing the pilot to make…

CMC 2018 CMC 2018 Blog Event Reports Copyright Defamation Insurance IP Law privacy Risk

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