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July 2015

CMC 2015: Interview with Linda Simensky

Posted on: Thursday 02 July 2015 10:05pm

In a brief interview with Linda Simensky, VP of Children’s Programming for PBS, she shared some personal insights about her first-time experience at the CMC and why she is here. What inspired you to come to the CMC? “I was in the UK in March for a session on tax credits, which looked at how much the children’s media industry has grown in the UK. I was impressed by how interesting the conversation was. On top of that, someone mentioned to me that out of all the kids’ events to attend worldwide, this was the one to go to. This event was a good excuse for me to come back. It allows me to meet more people from different parts…

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June 2015

Write On

Posted on: Monday 22 June 2015 6:59pm

Jane Marlow on why the CMC is invaluable for children’s writers... I’m a TV scriptwriter - lots of soap, continuing drama, that kind of thing. But after dipping my toe in the water of storytelling for a young audience by writing some preschool books, I became smitten with the genre. I wanted to jump right in. With a splash. So I go right under and water goes up my nose. So I went on a course led by Thunderbirds/Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg writer Danny Stack about writing for children’s TV. One of the things Danny told us was go to the Children’s Media Conference. It will be invaluable. You’ll learn loads. That’s why I’m heading up to Sheffield on July…

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July 2012

Destination: Telly Land

Posted on: Monday 16 July 2012 10:59am

A blog post by @Fiona_McLean on work and play at the conference. Originally posted on Last week I trundled over to Sheffield for the 8th annual Children's Media Conference. I'd heard about the conference just after it had finished last year and I still don't know how I hadn't heard about it before seeing as it's almost on my doorstep. Judging by the website it looked like quite an impressive event full of networking opportunities with big shots in the Children's Media industry but the tickets were beyond my budget and I would have to sell an arm, a leg, possibly a few of my teeth and all of my hair to afford a full price ticket with all…

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Crowdfunding – a Delegate’s View

Posted on: Tuesday 10 July 2012 11:05am

This is a repost of Nicholas Lovell's well-known GamesBrief Blog about the Crowdfunding session at CMC 2012 Of all the great sessions at the Children’s Media Conference, the crowdfunding panel with Naomi Alderman of Six to Start, writer of Roger Nix Nick Daze, Jason DaPonte of Firebrace and Kevin Mclean of Tinkatolli was a particular favourite of mine, particularly as I’m running a crowdfunding campaign myself. Here’s seven useful pieces of advice that came out of it: 1: Understand your audience While Kickstarter and Indiegogo provide data on site-wide average and median contribution size ($70-100 average, $25-35 median) your own audience may spend differently. For example, if your target market is under the age of 18, this could make your…

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