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July 2016

CMC 2016: Report – Minecraft University

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 3:46pm by Jessica Thornsby

How is Mindcraft being used in the classroom and at home and what does it offer that traditional education methods may not? Takeaways Minecraft is a world where children are the experts Minecraft is a great opportunity to engage children in a wide range of different subjects - from global warming, right through to the issues impacting their local community Minecraft can give children access to places and things they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, including imaginary worlds inspired by famous paintings Detail Minecraft is nothing short of a phenomenon: it’s gone from indie game to household name in just a few years, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Today Minecraft has ‘captured’ millions of…

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CMC 2016: Report – Sound Advice

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:54pm by Jessica Thornsby

The step-by-step guide to finding and using voices in your animation to ensure it stands out from the crowd Takeaways It is crucial that you find the right voice for your characters Dubbing and localising content is a huge and growing part of the animation industry Detail In this session, a panel of seven industry experts offered their unique insights into casting, recording, directing, performing and dubbing your animation. Michelle Jones, Casting Director at Brilliant Casting, debated the tricky question of hiring child actors, versus hiring an adult who can impersonate a child. “My advice is to do what’s right for your project,” she said, although she did point out that there are additional things you need to consider, when…

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CMC 2016: Report – Focus on Europe

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:13pm by Heather McDaid

With the increased demand for content on increasingly smaller budgets, this session took everyone on a tour of Europe to find out where the money is and how to get your hands on it! Takeaways: There can be a difference in how stories are told culturally, so consider this with co-productions Cross-border projects are interesting models that can open you up to more funding Despite political shifts on the horizon, “there is business still to be done”, and so the panel talked about their work, funding and potential changes to come. Eryk Casemiro, Chief Creative Officer of Zodiak Kids Studios explained that they’re divided between London and Paris. With great subsidies for French content and a points system – for…

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CMC 2016: Report – Girl, Interrupted: A Deeper Dive into Gender Depiction

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:00pm by Kate Hilton

How is the industry changing it’s attitude to females in children’s media? Takeaways Female representations in children’s media are beginning to improve Work is being done to break down gender stereotypes in books and TV shows Using humour is the best way to cross gender divides in programming. The industry would benefit from having a greater number of women in writing and technical roles Detail Changemaker Jo Summers, began the session by talking through video games that offer alternatives with female characters and a different type of play. Jo believes that games should be considered a creative medium for artistic expression. A powerful clip from #redrawthebalance set the scene for the session itself, showing how children perceive gender in the professional world.…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports a deeper dive into gender depiction CMC2016 girl interrupted

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CMC 2016: Report – Commissioner Conversations: BBC

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 1:51pm by Simon Bor

Commissioners from CBBC, CBeebies and Interactive reveal their plans Takeaways You are who you are and you should be proud (Changemaker) BBC look for Voice, Choice and Rolls Royce The ‘Play Time’ app has been downloaded 6 million times Detail The session was opened with a presentation by Changemaker Leo Waddell. A 15-year-old transgender boy, Leo was featured on ‘I am Leo’, part of CBBC’s ‘My Life’ documentary series. Born female, he always knew he was boy. He resented this mother using female pronouns and calling him Lilly. Transgender people’s brains don’t match their bodies. His doctor told him not to worry and accept he would grow up a lesbian. When his mother changed his name to Leo by deed poll,…

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CMC 2016: Report – Focus on Canada

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 1:38pm by Helen Dugdale

Find out what Canada wants – and what you can offer in return Takeaway Yes, Canada has lots of money, but it’s not a cash cow – it wants to develop long-term relationships Canada is searching for incredible stories and characters Canada is a dreamy co-production partner for the UK – we speak the same language and have a similar sense of humour and style Make sure your co-production partner has the same vision for the project and be prepared to make compromises Get good advice to ensure you get the most out of the Canadian co-production treaties Speakers: Andrew Baker, CEO, Kidscave Entertainment Deirdre Brennan, Vice President of Content, Corus Entertainment Miles Bullough, Managing Director, Wildseed Studios Lucy Goodman,…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports Andrew Baker CMC CMC 2016 Co-production Corus Entertainment Deirdre Brennan Diane Rankin Distribution360 Focus on Canada Happy Films Kidscave Entertainment Lucy Goodman marblemedia Matt Hornburg Miles Bullough Partner Relationships Sean Gorman Turner Broadcasting Wildseed Studios

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CMC 2016: Report – Commissioner Conversations: VoD and OTT

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:52am by Oliver Ellis

This session begins with a presentation by Changemaker Rich Keith, Chief Revenue Officer, The Yogscast.   Children increasingly access content via VOD/OTT. As these services acquire more and make original content, what are they looking for and how can you get involved? Is there 'New hope' in the SVoD sunny uplands? Guest blogger Oliver Ellis feels the Force... Takeaways Different VOD channels have different content needs but all agreed they no longer need standard amount of eps or running length. Everything is possible The VOD services serve two audiences: Children for content but parents for approval of that content and for safety online. Co-viewing on VOD is a real point of difference To have impact online, content has to be high quality Detail Changemaker, Rich Keith,…

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CMC 2016: Report – Money Talks

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:17am by Helen Dugdale

From concept to creation – finding the funding to make it happen. By guest blogger Helen Dugdale Takeaways Think positively, creatively and work tirelessly to get your hands on the funding and financing available. Brexit doesn’t have to mean Armageddon for the industry! So far nothing has changed with the funding within the EU. This will continue for at least two years, until more is known about the UK’s exit from the EU…  So get your applications in! New funding and financing opportunities could grow out of the UK’s departure. Brexit may bring new ways for UK and France to collaborate together. It’s generally thought that the UK has the strongest writers and France is known for having the strongest…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports Brexit CMC CMC 2016 Europe funding grants money Money Talks

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CMC 2016: Report – Pizza Express

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:59am

The CMC wouldn’t be complete without the Pizza Express evening in Sheffield’s buzzing Devonshire Quarter, as first-timer and blog team volunteer Caleb Bastock discovered. Takeaways Great pizza Great company These people never stop! Detail It was at Pizza Express, so legend has it, that the idea for the Children's Media Conference was born. Gathering all the industry together began its journey at table on the ground floor. And it continues to be the venue where ideas spread and relationships blossom. Every year a wide cross-section of delegates convenes at the restaurant to continue their own journeys to turn ideas into reality. After a hectic day of sessions and workshops, taking in new information and discussing ideas, you might think that delegates would be ready to unwind. On the contrary,…

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CMC 2016: Report – Masterclass: How to Design Games Children Want

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:47am by Kate Hilton

A delve into the design principles behind Preloaded and their work across brands, education and entertainment. Knowing your audience is just the start Takeaways It is recommended that three design principles are followed to design a game children want to play Low threshold means that a game is easy to learn how to play and draws in the player from the start High ceilings means that a game can be played at different levels Wide Walls encourage different game styles within the same game Detail Phil Stuart is co-founder and Creative Director at Preloaded Games Studio. With more than 100 million gameplays, a broad client base and many awards, Preloaded are at the cutting edge of game technology. Phil explained…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports CMC 2016 CMC2016 design games how to design games children want to play masterclass phil stuart

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CMC 2016: Report – Creative Keynote with Chris Riddell

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:43am

A picture can say a thousand words. Or in Chris Riddell’s case, a whole library, as guest blogger Rick Adams discovered… Takeaways:  “Drawing is a meditation, a catharsis – a way to channel feelings” Use a sketchbook to feel better, you don’t have to be an artist to do it Go out and find stories that only you can tell Detail When the UK’s Children’s Laureate puts pencil to paper something magical always seems to happen. Today’s keynote – or ‘KeySketch’ – at the Crucible Theatre delivered a real-time avalanche of artistic charisma. Chris Riddell’s take on life, with only a pencil, created such heart-felt warmth and joy it roused a room-full of children’s media professionals to their feet for a…

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CMC 2016: Report – Focus On India

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 10:28am by Zarin Virji

What are the current connections between the UK and India and where are the future co-production opportunities? Takeaways India provides a big market of 115 million children, watching about two hours of TV daily. Sixty million of these children are urban and 55 million rural There is growing demand in India for animation content comprising of fast-paced action with slapstick comedy, without dialogues, aimed at the age group 6-9 years YouTube content is targeted at the preschoolers India is the doorway to the South Asian market, leading to Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Detail Mark Leaver, Independent Consultant and Creative Industries Advisor at UKTI, informed the audience about the UKTI’s offices in all of its India's main cities. UKTI…

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CMC 2016: Report – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 4:58pm by Oliver Ellis

This session begins with a presentation by Changemaker Jordan Casey, Entrepreneur & Coder, Casey Games.   Will the dragons make it happen for three prospective pitchers in the session where real investment is on the table? Guest blogger Oliver Ellis dropped into the den to find out Takeaways Do your homework and find out what the market are looking for You have to be in it to win it so get ready to go into the Den next year Be innovative Learn how to train dragons Format Now in its fifth year, this session based on the Dragon's Den is a firm favourite in which three producers pitch their projects to a panel of ferocious dragons from the kids’ content industry.…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports CMC 2016 dragons den

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CMC 2016: Report – Opening Keynote with Lemn Sissay MBE

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 10:00pm by Tracy Warren

The keynote kicked off with changemaker Jess Thom, who had the audience in fits of laughter as she talked about the importance of inclusion and the power of media in changing perception. Lemn Sissay followed this with a powerful, challenging and thought-provoking talk that ended with a standing ovation. Takeaways Children’s media is a big part of influencing social change to build a more inclusive world. Think openly about the potential of broader stories and connect creating richer and more dynamic programming. Move your personal and professional goals closer together and see what happens. Take action together and encourage diversity of thought. Detail Jess Thom opened the keynote session with a challenge to society to think differently about the frequently…

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CMC 2016: Report – Make Something Happen (An Open Space Workshop)

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 7:28pm by Gabrielle Smith

This ‘Open Space’ workshop discussed the prominent issues surrounding inclusivity, and the broader questions of how the potential of creative people is harnessed, included and represented in the wider industry. Takeaway: Delegates used the pioneering 'Open Space' method to create their own diversity agenda Working in ‘Open Space’ allows everyone present to bring their personal and professional passions, interests and concerns to the room, whilst encouraging an open, and honest discourse Topics of inclusivity discussed included how to remove labels, creating more inclusive games for children, and creating a more diverse workforce The workshop was specifically designed to address the issues of what you can do for inclusivity in your sector Detail: This Open Space discussion worked on the principles that…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin Event Reports CMC CMC 2016 diversity inclusivity Media Open Space workshop

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CMC 2016: Report – Bible Class 2

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 7:04pm by Jessica Thornsby

Following the huge success of last year’s ‘Bible Class’ workshop, this popular workshop was back for 2016 - this time with character firmly at its core. Takeaway: Character and characterisation are a crucial part of any pitch bible You should know your characters inside out - from their backstory, to their flaws, and how they speak As much as possible, characters should be pro-active rather than reactive - their 'wants' should drive the story Detail: In ‘Bible Class 2: The New Testament’ a panel of industry experts shared their first-hand experiences and unique insights into how to produce and present the perfect Pitch Bible. “Character is the start and end of creating great content,” said award-winning writer Jeff Norton. CBBC’s…

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CMC 2016: Preview – The Prix Jeunesse Suitcase

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 2:27pm by David Kleeman

Session producer David Kleeman on the value of seeing what’s out there in international kids’ TV. Warning: graphic nudity. In children’s TV. There... that ought to fill Cinema 3. That’s not all, though – far from it! Come to the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase screening – kids and tweens programming from around the world – to see a 9-year-old marrying his 10-year-old girlfriend, a monster who really wants to be a singer, a moondance, and preschoolers playing agony aunt for their stuffed animals. But, wait, don’t stop there. We’ll finish with a five-clip focus on Japan’s NHK, which is turning out the world’s most highly-designed, visually innovative, unique treatments and narratives for all ages. Why watch kids’ TV from Japan, Norway,…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Research Insights @ CMC

Posted on: Sunday 03 July 2016 1:07pm

The CMC prides itself on making space for 9 distinct research insight sessions, from a variety of research providers - the academic community, commercial research companies and major institutions. This year Sheffield University, Platypus, Family Kids and Youth, the BBC and Ofcom are amongst the bodies offering 30 minutes of research insight and analysis. The CMC schedule is designed so that every research session is repeated on Thursday. All the research session can be conveniently found in Showroom Cinema 1.   Here's the full list: 1. Continuity and Change: The Impact of Online on Children’s TV Viewing Compelling video footage plus a decade of quant research reveal what’s changed in children’s viewing and what this might mean for the future. Presented by…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Under the Bonnet of Over the Top

Posted on: Friday 01 July 2016 5:11pm by Jon Watts

Jon Watts (MTM) has assembled his team of mechanics to take apart the OTT business model and reveal its inner workings. Have you ever wondered what’s really going on, under the bonnet of over-the-top video services? Well, fear not – we’ve got just the session for you. We’ve assembled up a panel of industry leaders and experts – including Alice Webb of the BBC, Hopster’s Chief Creative Officer Miki Chojnacka, leading kids' producers and distributors Zodiac Kids and Cake Entertainment, and Ofcom’s Head of Media Research and Market Intelligence Jane Rumble – to give us the lowdown on what’s really happening and where the market’s going. What does the latest research tell us about OTT video consumption and the future of linear kids'…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Green Shoots for Children’s Film

Posted on: Friday 01 July 2016 3:06pm by Phil Parker

Session Producer Phil Parker is taking a positive attitude to an area showing small signs of growth. For the last three years at CMC we have had discussions about different ways to fund and make children’s and family films. Come to this session to see how you can join in the fun and pain of Indie film-making for the world’s largest audience. ‘Bach In Brazil’, an Indie family film, has now been in the cinemas for 16 weeks, defying all expectations in Germany. This first-time feature, by Ansgar Ahlers, was made using a combination of a co-production deal, pre-sale, TV sale and public funds. So what are the prospects for the UK? Film Cymru / Wales have a whole new strategy.…

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CMC 2016: Preview – VR 101: Making Virtual a Reality

Posted on: Friday 01 July 2016 2:09pm by Imogen Hesp

Session producer, Imogen Hesp, on why now is the time talk VR and how she plans to do that at CMC. 2016 is pegged as being a watershed moment for VR. Oculus Rift, first made available as a development kit to producers in late 2012, has finally hit the consumer market. Google’s cardboard and Samsungs Gear are making VR experiences accessible to anyone with a smart phone and McDonalds took VR to the masses with its Swedish Happy Meal Box that transformed into a VR viewer. VR experiences have obvious appeal to the children’s market. With the ability to transport you into magical worlds and new exciting places who could be a better audience? But producing for VR is a new…

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June 2016

CMC 2016: Preview – Commissioner Conversations: VoD & OTT

Posted on: Thursday 30 June 2016 5:42pm by David Heslop

Freelance producer & director, David Heslop (session producer for 'Commissioner Conversations: VoD & OTT' has some observations on 'VoD and Me' I’m of an age where I remember (in the fog-shrouded ancient times of the 1980s) coming home from school to find solid blocks of television just for me; one on BBC 1 and another on ITV. They ran from approximately three o’clock until about 5.25, until Neighbours started. And, aside from the obligatory weekend morning programmes, that was your lot. Regimented and ordered, a curated platter of dedicated children’s television served regularly at the same time, day in, day out. Even as we moved from those after-school slots to the wall-to-wall smorgasbord of multi-channel TV – dozens and dozens…

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CMC 2016: UKTI @ CMC

Posted on: Friday 24 June 2016 12:39pm

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) will be at CMC and the International Exchange UK Trade & Investment, the government organisation that helps companies expand their business globally, are supporting the CMC International Exchange and the 'Focus on….' sessions at CMC covering China,  India, Canada and Europe. UKTI team members are available to International Exchange delegates on the Meeting Mojo bookings system - so why not book a short meeting to assess how we can help your plans and your projects. UKTI staff will also be around during CMC to advise you on how to get your content into key markets and how we can help you with support for key events like Kidscreen and MIPJnr.  We'll be present at each of the 'Focus…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Focus on China

Posted on: Friday 24 June 2016 11:55am by Maggie Liang

For the Focus on China Session, CMC Session Producer Maggie Liang asks “Is co-production with China possible?” China is a huge market. It has more than 50 broadcasters and thousands of production companies. Big and scary? Or a bigger pool, with lots of opportunities. It depends on your point of view . This is my third year at CMC, and I’ve encountered lots of UK children’s content talent at the Conference – some of who have the real intention to expand their international reach - especially to China. This year my company The Media Pioneers is bringing a group of Chinese content commissioners to the International Exchange and to the Conference to meet new people and explain the Chinese market for kids’…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Innovation in Education

Posted on: Thursday 23 June 2016 1:11pm by Eric Huang

We asked CMC Session producer Eric Huang to outline his plans for his session about breaking the boundaries of the classroom. ‘Innovation in Education’ brings together case studies of new projects and a panel of professionals to discuss balancing education, entertainment, play and real-world engagement, and how they plan to turn lesson plans into children’s media brands and platforms of the future. Children’s media organisations, from multinational giants to VC-backed start-ups, have sprung up around the world to tackle the problem of how to engage kids with school subjects and how to make learning interesting in a world in which their lives are spent on screens offering instant entertainment, information, opinion and social interaction.  How can the classroom compete? How can…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Too Cool for School

Posted on: Thursday 23 June 2016 12:56pm by Lorna Probert

Lorna Probert is producing a session that sounds like a song from a musical – 'Too Cool for School' Hosted by Mr Cool, Dan Efergan, Aardman's Digital Creative Director, who has considerable experience of making content both attractive and learning-focused, our panel brings together a group of people who each bring different insights into how entertainment content is actually being used in the classroom and its effects – perhaps in contexts or to teach topics we might never have imagined. The session will look at whether there really is a role for entertainment – film, TV or games – in the classroom. Of course the entertainment producers and commissioners at CMC will all answer with a resounding "yes". We can see the potential for the content we…

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CMC 2016: Preview – Minecraft University

Posted on: Thursday 23 June 2016 12:32pm by James Coleman

James Coleman, producing Minecraft University, asks "How can you teach kids in a world where they are the experts?" In this Minecraft University course, crammed into one hour, and hosted by Educational Technologist, Donna Comerford, we mine Minecraft and its ancillary activities to discover the opportunities they present to children, educators, and the community. Most of us have had some personal experience of the Minecraft phenomenon. It's totally immersive, challenging, creative, social, developmental, eclectic and has 'captured' millions of young users.  On YouTube millions of kids are watching people building and playing in Minecraft as their daily entertainment "fix".  Educators are already engaging, of course, especially as Minecraft sits so well as a bridge between creating and coding - the new educational priority. Now…

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CMC 2016: Brief Encounters…

Posted on: Tuesday 21 June 2016 11:22am by Anne Brogan

Anne Brogan is the co-Director of multi-award winning independent production company Kindle Entertainment, successful producers of 'Dixi', 'Leonardo' 'Kiss me First', 'Treasure Island' and many more.  Anne was suitably brief about the encounters at CMC which are her response to "What has the CMC Ever Done for Me?" CMC has introduced me to a number of people over the years whom I have worked with subsequently. It's often people with experience in areas a bit outside of our immediate territory (scripted content) whom I might not have come across in the day to day; publishers, interactive producers, writers, financiers, designers. Our enjoyable and successful collaborations with both Plug-in Media ('Big and Small', 'Get Well Soon') and Walker Books ('Hank Zipzer'), to name but two, came out…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin General Guest Blogs What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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CMC 2016: Finding Our Voice

Posted on: Wednesday 15 June 2016 10:10am by Anna Home

Anna Home, Chair of the CMC Board, and for ten years Chair of the CMC Advisory Committee, considers the question “What has the CMC ever done for me?” In July 2006, in the final session of what was then called the Showcomotion Children's Media Conference, when people were beginning to think about making sure they didn’t miss their trains home from Sheffield, Anne Brogan (the joint founder of Kindle Entertainment) who was then running Children’s ITV, made a dramatic announcement. The production arm of ITV Kids was to close due to declining advertising revenue. This was a huge shock. Alarm bells rang, loud and clear. Suddenly the whole ecology of the UK Children’s TV market was going to change radically. The reason…

CMC 2016 CMC Ebulletin General Guest Blogs regular What has the CMC Ever Done for me?

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CMC 2016: Making it Animated

Posted on: Friday 10 June 2016 11:57am

This year's CMC  interstitial animations- those funky little pieces that run just at the start of each session at the Conference to get the audience to pay attention - were made by Beakus - a South London animation company. Steve Smith - founder of Beakus - explains how they did it: We interviewed a range of children about their understanding of and interests in children’s media – what they want to see more of, or less of, and how they make use of devices we don’t even understand. Then director Rory WT set to wrk animating his favourite clips in his trademark morphing style. We love being a part of the CMC – the interstitials will play out before every one…

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