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June 2020

CMC Webinars: Report: Life After Lockdown – An Opportunity for Change?

Posted on: Sunday 28 June 2020 12:23am by Cate Zerega

Key takeaways: The inspiration produced in a creative collaborative environment is difficult to replicate in the remote-work model and will hopefully be nurtured in post-lockdown business. Distractions can be a useful part of the creative process. If you only head down a linear path you only produce linear work. Sueann began by asking the panelists how they had made the adjustment to life in lockdown.  Each panelist found that they had adapted quickly to the technical components of working remotely and found that lockdown created a more open conversation about the challenges of organizing childcare. However, employee isolation and creating a collaborative environment while working remotely were issues needing more dynamic problem-solving. The panel agreed that maintaining motivation and creativity…

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CMC Webinars: SVODs: The Producer’s Perspective

Posted on: Friday 12 June 2020 6:39pm

Fayon Dixon welcomed the participants and introduced two perspectives on how the SVoD platforms are conducting their kids' business and their relationship with the young audience.   Ampere Analysis Richard Cooper of Ampere Analysis began the session with a look at the recent data regarding the main UK SVOD providers and their catalogues of kids’ content: Netflix 12%, Amazon 11%, NowTV 16%. These established SVODs broadly maintain a consistent level of kids’ content with some slight growth in kids’ TV shows on Netflix and a slight decline on NowTV in favour of kids’ movies. To maintain relevance, SVODs are having to refresh content. On all platforms, more content has been added than removed. This is especially evident since lockdown. The growth in the catalogues…

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CMC Webinars: Commissioner Conversation – Cheryl Taylor

Posted on: Thursday 04 June 2020 11:03pm by Cate Zerega

BBC Children’s Head of Content in conversation with Chris Jarvis Takeaway Low-cost, quick-turnaround content is shining as a response to COVID-19 and Taylor would like to see the ethos of that continue at the CBBC. The immediacy, self-expression, high quality and entertainment value that’s come through this form has excited audiences. Current situation at CBBC: Key elements of the CBBC’s lockdown lineup includes informative programming that is entertaining while trying to offer the audience a sense of comfort and security. The production halt in response to COVID-19 has impacted on the work of CBBC commissioning into 2021-2022. Already-commissioned productions are now seeking slots in 2021-2022, leading to a difficult scheduling scenario. It will not be possible to fit in all…

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May 2020

CMC Webinars: Content in the Time of Corona

Posted on: Monday 18 May 2020 12:54am by Cate Zerega

Takeaways Kids are good at sensing their limit with their screen time, even during lockdown. Teens are very smart and can create content by themselves for themselves. Mindfulness has entered the children’s media space in a big way. Links and Resource Handout  for this webinar David Kleeman of Dubit began the first of three presentations by noting the differences that creators are navigating as the landscape is shaped by Covid-19: Time spent with media is up, and the usual rules about monitoring consumption are suspended. Creators need children to keep engaged, and kids want creators to keep new content flowing. The trust young audiences have placed in media during lockdown has heightened the social responsibility of creators. Children’s content created…

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CMC Webinars: Surviving as a Freelancer under Lockdown

Posted on: Saturday 02 May 2020 5:15pm by Simon Bor

Stating that 50% of the UK’s freelancers have had 100% of their work cancelled due to COVID-19, Senior Reporter and Editor of C21Kids, Nico Franks introduced the online panel. First up, Senior Policy Analyst at BFI Jack Powell. He explained the BFI had been tasked by government to coordinate the Screen Sector Taskforce to speak with one voice about the affects the crisis is having on the industry. The taskforce has been looking at the short- and long-term issues facing freelancers. The industry at large is split into three similarly sized groups of professionals: those on PAYE, sole traders, and those offering personal services. Many freelancers are not covered by the Job Retention Scheme. In the longer term, BFI has…

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April 2020

CMC Webinars: Blog – Kids in the Time of Corona

Posted on: Monday 27 April 2020 10:36am

In the first of a series of webinars for the ‘Children’s Media Community’ leading up to the online Children’s Media Conference in July, the presentations shared the latest data about kids’ response to coronavirus lockdown and what it might mean for content producers in the short- and long-term. Adam Woodgate, Dubit Adam presented the latest research data representing kids’ media consumption from 2017 to 2020 (slides available by request from Some of the more notable findings: An uptick in use of smart speakers, which are broadly discounted by parents as ‘screen time’. Tablets are making a comeback in lockdown. PC laptop use is on the rise—a likely consequence of remote learning. Linear TV viewing for pre-schoolers is on the…

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