Preview – The Future of Education?

Posted on: Tuesday 28 June 2022 3:13am by Jo Redfern

There’s been a trend growing for a while that sees kids and young people search for information and learning online, outside of their formal schooling. For a myriad of reasons they’re looking to the internet for everything from information on finance (What is a mortgage, how much is the average salary? etc) to DIY (How do I hang a picture, what is a Phillips head screwdriver?) to basic cooking tips and innovative ways to learn coding.

While this habit is nothing new amongst kids, the speed at which it increased during the pandemic was something never before seen, and the indications are that it continues even now schools are open. Video has replaced text as Generation Alpha’s preferred way of learning so TikTok and YouTube have come into their own as platforms that can service the hunger amongst kids for knowledge – whether practical, or academic. Kids are also acutely aware that upskilling will greatly benefit them in the world of work, not just at the start of their careers, but lifelong.

In this video we speak to a number of experts in this space, from those that use TikTok professionally as part of their work, to those that speak to kids that use it, to creators that have found it a compelling outlet for their own information as a way to connect and communicate with young audiences. We hope you enjoy, and are inspired by our guests. Be sure to take a look: TikTok & YouTube – The Future of Learning?

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Jo Redfern

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Jo is a leader in children’s media, specialising in IP development & content strategy for brands that combine entertainment with education and that exist primarily on YouTube, Social Gaming (Roblox etc) and Social Media channels. She is also Exec Producer of Cozmo & Friends, a new kids brand launched in… Read more