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Posted on: Tuesday 28 June 2022 5:55pm by Amy Rich

CMC Changemakers are young people (usually under 25) with something to say to the children’s media industry. They are all achievers in their own fields, some are campaigners, some are media personalities already.  In this year’s CMC, four Changemakers will be live in The Crucible Theatre, while five others are featured in videos in the on-demand library.  Amy Rich outlines the live Changemakers and how they’ll feature at CMC.  

Ever since the legend, Whitney Houston, sang ‘I believe children are our future’ in ‘The Greatest Love of All’ circa 1986, us olds have known it’s only a matter of time before we’re kicked to the kerb to fester in the gutter, while the kids take over. So, before we’re too old to remember what we came into this room for, let’s have a listen to what this year’s Changemakers have to say.

This year, live in Sheffield, we have four very special young people ready to tell you what’s what and make you feel super-ancient all at the same time. Sigh. First up, is seven-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala who’ll be the first speaker you’ll hear at CMC as he opens the Opening Keynote with Ben McOwen Wilson on 5 July, 7pm-8pmAneeshwar is a passionate advocate for the natural world and has helped to raise awareness about issues surrounding this, via appearances on Britain’s Got Talent, Blue Peter, and through his YouTube channel. He’s been busy getting his message out there since the age of 4. Which makes us wonder why we weren’t doing the same at his age. (Too busy watching ‘Pigeon Street’, am I right?

Also on the CMC bill are TikTok viral comedy sensations, Ollie Ball and Jacob Pasquill, who’ve won the internet with their school canteen food and drink reviews and catchphrases. Hoping to one day be the next Ant & Dec, these two are already working with music producers and podcasters and have even started selling their own catchphrase-branded merch! But what have they got to say about TikTok and going viral? What’s the secret to their success? Will Jacob ever get his chance to star on ‘Coronation Street’? Ollie and Jacob will be talking live in The Crucible on 6 July at 6.30pm. Come and see a viral sensation IRL and stick around for our extra-special top-secret Creative Keynote speaker – the first public appearance of the new Waterstones’ Children’s Laureate.

Lastly, if you’re feeling demotivated (because you’re 42 and still trying to get where you want to be, ahem) and lacking in confidence (because you’re 42 and still trying to get where you want to be, ahem), make sure you’re there to catch 15-year-old multi-award-winning motivational speaker,Inspiring Vanessa. Hopefully she’ll impart all her best tips on how to network like a pro and not come across as even slightly weird. I’ll be the one at the front taking notes. She’s onstage in The Crucible from 2pm – 3pm on 6 July, ahead of the session What Next for Kids?.

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