Preview – Why Families are Asking for Diverse Media

Posted on: Wednesday 22 June 2022 1:51pm

This video in the Inclusivity Now strand

The media we consume play a critical role in shaping how we make sense of ourselves, our identities, and the world around us. It can perpetuate stereotypes and bias, exacerbating injustice and inequities. But it also presents an opportunity to reduce bias, end division, and be a gateway to a more inclusive future.

Research from Common Sense Media shows parents and caregivers agree that the media their kids are watching still largely contains stereotypes of people of colour. Most feel that White people are often portrayed in a positive light in the media their children are exposed to; one in four believe that portrayals of Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQIA+ people are more likely to be negative. And among families of colour, feelings about current stereotypes in kids’ media are even stronger.

Further research has shown that families are yearning for more diverse media to share with their children. In fact, in a survey conducted by Common Sense Media of over 1,000 U.S. parents, families repeatedly reported that they believe media is a valuable tool to help their kids understand race and ethnicity. Further, families are looking to media creators to deliver content that better reflects the diversity of the world their kids are growing up in.

They also want diversity because it teaches acceptance and inclusion. Almost 6 in 10 (57%) parents said that the media their child consumes has prompted conversations about diversity, and 63% of parents believe that media has an impact on the information children have about people of other races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

This session will dive headfirst into these hot topics and help industry representatives understand not only why families are asking for more diverse media, but how content creators can begin to drive that change. We will hear from three experts: Onnie Rogers – a children’s development psychologist and professor from Northwestern University, Jill Murphy – Editor-in-Chief and Head of Distribution at Common Sense Media, and Adam Woodgate – Senior Vice President of Media Insights at Dubit who have further research in this field.  Three perspectives on a topic which has significant importance for parents and their kids.

Delegates of the Children’s Media Conference 2022, can watch this video from the 27 
 June. Find out more here.

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