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Posted on: Wednesday 22 June 2022 6:57pm by Becky Jones

Becky Jones has produced many sessions for the CMC Learning Strand in recent years. But none are more important than What Next for Kids?  Following the CMC 2022 them, and reflecting on the state of childhood as we emerge for Covid, but into war, inflation, widespread childhood poverty and the education deficit caused by the last 2 years.

What’s Next for Kids focuses on our responsibilities as content makers, broadcasters and platform operators, and learning providers  for the young audience today.

In a post-pandemic world, our kids are entering a new phase of global unravelling – the war in Ukraine, failure of government, environmental destruction, poverty, inflation, fake news… the list is long.  Young people are being characterised as “behind” – educationally, disconnected socially and their mental well-being under extreme pressure.  What does all this mean for producers, writers, and the people who distribute the content they create?  How do we make sure we create content kids want to watch, and yet also help them navigate the complex and in many ways negative world they find themselves living in?

Was the pandemic all bad for young people?  BBC Teach was hailed as a national saviour for its home schooling; magazines like the Week Junior had unprecedented sales.  But what did we learn?  Can we capitalise on the lessons of lockdown?

And post (or near post) pandemic – have children and young people changed? Are kids now all living in a world of individual isolationism, consuming media alone in their bedrooms or on phones.  Has the relationship with school and friends changed permanently for significant numbers – or just a worrying minority?  And is this a “lost generation” or are the young showing huge resilience in the face of these multiple changes and stresses – and if so how can we tap into that, reflect and support? Do we engage and explore the issues or offer an escape?

The panel will explore our responsibilities as content makers in difficult times.- and in particular how this plays out in educational media as well as mainstream entertainment, drama, factual and news for kids.

Our kids are growing up faster, sharper and savvier – under pressure, but not necessarily “going under”.   Let’s encourage and empower them, looking to a brighter future.

Come and join the debate – and get inspired.

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