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Posted on: Monday 20 June 2022 1:46pm by David Kleeman

Remember the title sequence for Going Live? You will when you watch this video. But Perspective on… Going Live in the Metaverse has nothing to do with Saturday morning TV…  Or does it.  it’s about the intersection of  entertainment, participation.  celebrity, music, brands, for kids.  but now we’re in the virtual space.  David Kleeman outlines what this timely and relevant video covers. 

Wouldn’t you love to go see your favourite performer, with a guaranteed front row seat and plenty of room to dance? Or you could have a spot right on the runway to preview the newest fashions, with the chance to try them on yourself? How about inviting your fans to meet your brand or characters in a playable world where they can compete in games or challenges?

It didn’t take long into the emergence of the metaverse before brands and content creators realized that some elements of old-school media could find new life in gaming spaces. After years of believing that people wanted to be their own programmers, throwback “be there or miss out” events are huge on platforms like Roblox, Fortnite and Core. Maybe it began with the brief explosion of time-specific HQ Trivia competitions, but now the technology enables far more complex and immersive productions. Over 33 million people saw L’il Nas X’s concert in Roblox, leading to a growth in scheduled fashion shows, book and product launches, festivals and more.

Leeds-based Dubit has ramped up quickly to become a major brand-builder on metaverse platforms. Since the start of 2022 alone, the company has created immersive experiences for the BRIT Awards with a performance by Pink Pantheress, the Grammys with Camilo, and Samsung’s Superstar Galaxy with Charli XCX, plus the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and fashion events.

Dubit’s democratized take on eSports – the Metaverse Gaming League – offers scheduled play in a popular game, with a host to keep things lively and a chance for anyone to win Robux. Each event features a sponsor’s brand within the game world.

For the 2022 Children’s Media Conference, Dubit’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Douthwaite, presents “Going Live” – a video introduction to when and why brands should consider hosting a live event in the metaverse, with video samples from a range of recent offerings.

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