Preview – Understanding Kids in the Metaverse

Posted on: Thursday 16 June 2022 2:44pm

The Understanding Kids strand at CMC replaces and updates our previous “research” sessions, with an in-depth dive into understanding what kids are up to and how they perceive the Metaverse – plus a range of tightly constructed research-based videos packed with insights and information. Some reflect this flagship session and also explore the Metaverse, and some stand alone.  The Understanding Kids strand packs out CMC with the knowledge you need to support your creative and business plans in the children’s and youth sectors.

Here Pete Robinson, producing the Flagship session, outlines what will be discussed. 

The Metaverse is here!  Well it has been for a while, but it is becoming increasingly relevant to children’s media. For those that sigh, and think “not another buzz word” this is the session for you. For those that are excited by it, but don’t know what to do with it… this is the session for you. For those in it, and who get it… this is also the session for you. Insights, revelations, predictions and trends – all lined up to help us Understand Kids in the Metaverse.

We’ve collected some leading experts in how young people consume brands. They are all looking very closely at the metaverse and what it means to their everyday jobs. Anna Rafferty, Vice President of Digital Consumer Engagement at the LEGO Group, Sonia Livingston, Professor of Social Psychology, Dept of Media and Communications at LSE and David Kleeman, SVP Global Trends at Dubit, will all unpack what the metaverse is. They’ll kick off by explaining exactly how they would describe the metaverse, followed by what it means to them, the industry and the opportunities it presents. They’ll also consider the risks, and how we can navigate these for young users.

As we see brands like Nike, Balenciaga, Nickelodeon and many, many more begin to load immersive experiences in gaming spaces like Roblox – dubbed the proto-metaverse – it is clear that young people have an appetite for engaging with their favourite brands across digital spaces. Understanding how kids navigate the metaverse is important to brands and content makers.

But – and the speakers will explore this – it’s  complex. Beyond games, there are multiple formats and routes to entry  and engage.

Not only that – there are still multiple descriptions of the Metaverse. So being clear about what it is and how it differs from what we already know isn’t easy. Knowing when you are metaverse-ing and when you aren’t is a good start!

The speakers will clear this up, and go beyond – to identify current best practice, opportunities, risks and their own ambitions in this exciting new space.

Please come with questions at the ready, for what will be an open and frank discussion about one of the potentially most important developments in kids’ media.

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