Preview – Doctors in the House (and a Taxi)

Posted on: Wednesday 15 June 2022 6:33pm by Victoria Coker

New member of the CMC Advisory Committee, Victoria Coker, gets all the best gigs. On this occasion – supervising an interview with the doctor-presenters at the heart of one of Britain’s’ best loved children’s factual series ‘Operation Ouch!’

No need to be nervous about this doctor’s appointment. Relax, and enjoy this revealing, and hilarious dissection of ‘Operation Ouch!’ with its three stars, Drs Xand, Chris and Ronx. The multi-award winning BBC Children’s series has been prescribing a healthy dose of entertainment and education for ten years. In the session, the trio reflect on how it all started, the gut-wrenching audition (all will be revealed) and the importance of creating a family feel on set.

They give us the lowdown on the impact the show has had on making children feel more at ease in hospitals and encouraging young people from different backgrounds to consider careers in medicine. From experiments that didn’t quite go as planned to not dumbing down medical language, hear about all of the above and much more in The Key To…Operation Ouch!

And if that isn’t enough to tempt you, tune in to see Dr Xand masterfully manoeuvre from a taxi to his sofa during the interview!  Expect the unexpected in this lively session.

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