Preview – UK Creativity – Talent Driven and World Beating

Posted on: Tuesday 14 June 2022 12:30pm by Vanessa Chapman

Session Producer Vanessa Chpaman looks at the why’s and how’s of successful British animation in this session at CMC.
UK Creativity – Talent Driven and World Beating  brings some welcome good news and potentially promising opportunities.  So, if you’re engaged in the creative process from development to writing, from design to pre-production – and even if you’re the owner of IP or an animation business – this is the session for you!
The inspiration came after witnessing a new wave of companies coming into the market, looking to invest and recruit. Yes, invest! This is despite Brexit and our relative lack of grants in comparison to other major territories.
It provoked us to ask why now? And why the UK?
The answer came back loud and clear! It’s our creative talent and proven skills that are attracting overseas companies to set up new ventures and go a stage further and invest in UK companies to enable them to grow and prosper.
We hear from:
  • Walid Omar, founder of Malaysian company, Lil Critter Workshop, who spent his formative years in the UK, and now wants to set up a development/pre-production hub, looking to recruit UK talent to develop his own IP.
  • Experienced UK writer and producer Sally Marchant, who is executive producing Omens Studios’ first UK preschool series for Sky, following the Singaporean company’s launch in the UK two years ago.
  • Long-standing founder Mark Taylor, of respected UK animation studio A Productions, who has successfully attracted corporate investment into the business from a European animation power-house, and already has a major, new production to show for it.
All positive stories, providing valuable insights.
But, while we celebrate our UK creative drive and other financial advantages we have to offer, Animation UK’s Kate O’Connor asks – what more can we do to support the UK animation sector and incentivise further overseas investors to bring their business and opportunities to our shores?

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