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Posted on: Monday 13 June 2022 5:54pm by Amy Rich

Get In, Get On: free CMC Online Webinar 4pm – 5.30pm Monday 27 June 2022 

Do you have a burgeoning desire to write scripts for live action children’s TV? Would you love your animations to be seen on TVs the world over? Do you believe ‘Peppa Pig’ needs a new voice, and you’re it? Book your ticket – they’re free! – for Get In, Get On, a 90-minute online event run by the Children’s Media Conference, then.

During the course of this session you’ll hear from a stash of industry insiders desperate to impart their expert knowledge to ensure the next generation of kids’ TV talent is the best in the world.

Kids’ Industries Co-Founder and CEO, Gary Pope will outline the basics in ‘What is the Kids’ Industry?’  There’ll be info on how to break into starter roles, and find careers in publishing, animation, digital media, and TV. Plus, you’ll also get hints and tips on what you can do to give yourself the best leg-up into the industry from BBC Children’s Talent Manager, Amy Tambyraja, and BBC Assistant Commissioner for 0-12, Anna Berrington.

Last year, I attended this session. It was still the height of lockdown Britain, and, like everyone, I was in my ‘slobs’ (the clothes you wouldn’t be seen dead in outside your own front door).

I turned up (shut myself away in my bedroom, with laptop balanced precariously on the edge of the bed so I could charge it), pen and notebook in hand, ready to jot down all the names of the successful people telling me their hot tips because hey, maybe they were nice people and they might be happy to read my script/give me a job/tell me to come back tomorrow. I was psyched for this event because:

  1. I hadn’t had a meaningful conversation with anyone other than my dog for approximately three months.
  2. I got to shut myself in my bedroom and not make dinner.
  3. I was doing it all in my slobs because it was a webinar format and I did not have to turn my camera on. Result.

Then those pesky CMC folk dropped a bombshell – they were testing their new online networking platform, Wonder, and there would be an impromptu networking session for anyone who’d like to attend.

‘Like’ is a strong word when the word ‘networking’ is involved, but I knew this was an opportunity too good to miss. I mean, the dog’s conversational skills are good, but I knew speaking to actual people working in the industry might be better for my career prospects, so I ignored the fact I was in a baggy, 12-year-old t-shirt and joggers, and clicked ‘join’.

A year later, this moment all feels a little bit Mofy (yes, the little fluffy rabbit of C5 Milkshake fame). I practically skipped, hopped and jumped into Wonder (though I was dead nervous), and met super-helpful, friendly producers, funny kids’ TV writers, and other people just like me – trying to figure out how to get a foot in the door of kids’ media. I made contacts, had a laugh, and left feeling proud of myself for doing some networking in my slobs.

This year, I’ve signed up again. (Just to re-live those halcyon lockdown memories).

My hot tip: maybe don’t do it in your slobs.

CMC seems to me to be a bit like kids’ TV – you never know what they’re going to spring on you. It could be a bucket of bright green slime, or it could be an impromptu networking session. Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing experts share their wisdom, jotting down more names, and enjoying a session that, I think, is one of the best things you can do – that’s FREE! – and that will help you move forward on your career journey. Want to join the fun? Sign up here:

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