Preview – Mario Kart Networking speeds into CMC 2022

Posted on: Thursday 09 June 2022 1:19pm

Not to be outdone by drinks receptions and late-night parties in Sheffield venues, the virtual crowd at CMC 2022 are also planning some social events. Here’s one for the enthusiasts, planned for the evening of Wednesday 6th July – Organiser Chris Douch explains….


What do you get when you take a group of writers, producers, comedians and other industry creatives and get them to play Mario Kart?

Chaos. Beautiful chaos.

You also create a unique networking space, where the discussion moves seamlessly between animation writing tips, book recommendations and offers to hear pitches, to cries of, “WHO SHELLED ME AT THE FINISH LINE?!”

The Mario Kart networking group started rather organically. When I saw a tweet from Dom Carter asking if anybody fancied a few online races, I realised that there was an opportunity to bring people together. After floating the idea, 40 people from a range of creative backgrounds quickly joined us and we were off!

This isn’t a traditional online gaming community. What sets us apart is that we’re creatives first, gamers second. Everybody is welcome, regardless of experience or skill level (both in gaming and the media industry) and nobody is left behind. With Mario Kart networking, it’s the community that wins every time.

We meet online a few evenings a week and tear through 16-tracks of banana-infused destruction, all whilst chatting and forming genuine, meaningful connections. Yes, there is taunting. There are celebratory GIFs. But these are outweighed by support, the sharing of knowledge, and fast-paced networking like you’ve never seen before. There are fellow writers in this group who I’ve known in a professional capacity for years. I now see them as friends… even if they do shell me at the finish line.

For CMC 2022, we’re excited to bring the world of Mario Kart networking to a wider audience and invite online delegates to join us for an evening of racing, conversation and new connections on Wednesday 6th July.

If the concept has got your cartoony-engine revving, this is what you need to take part:

– A Nintendo Switch

– Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (latest expansion pack not required)

– A current subscription to Nintendo Online (a 7-day free trial is available)

– A Discord account (to join the discussion).

We also recommend downloading the Discord app to your device, although it does work in your web browser.

Once you’ve got all of the above in place, on the evening of 6 July, head to our special Mario Kart Networking Discord server using this link: Here you’ll be warmly welcomed, meet your fellow friendly CMC gamers/deadly rivals, and be given the special tournament code to get racing!

But if you’re feeling a desperate urge to get some practice laps in and chuck a shell at someone before 6 July, there’s no need to wait – there are races and chat most evenings. You can use the Discord link above to join the community, make friends, and, crucially, get some laps under your belt. Remember, the CMC Mario Kart Crown is at stake!

If you’re new to Discord (and anything like me) you may be a little concerned about joining yet another platform. It looks a little techie but I promise it’s very intuitive and you’ll quickly find your way around. There’s a space for you to introduce yourself and get to know the rest of the community.

You can also reach me on Twitter @ThisisDouch

Happy Karting!

Chris Douch

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