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Posted on: Thursday 19 May 2022 6:43pm by Amy Rich

You can register now for the CMC International Exchange. CMC Preview Blogger Amy Rich tells you why you should!

You’ve got an idea. It’s a good one. Hey, it’s better than ‘good’ – it’s brilliant!

You’ve slogged over it, turned it from that nugget of a concept into a fully-formed gem of a pitch, and now it’s ready to go out into the world. But how do you do this? Do you shoot off endless emails to production companies? Do you scout out people of potential interest on LinkedIn? Do you stand outside CBBC in Salford in the hope someone may have a coffee with you? Well, you could do all of these things but there’s a recurring drawback with all of them: Time. They all take time. So much time. And who, these days, has time? So, let’s speed things up à la roadrunner and get busy with the help of The International Exchange at the Children’s Media Conference.

This year, like the last two years, it’s an online event. It takes place using all relevant time zones from 08:00 – 20:00 BST on Thursday 30 June 2022. The event is your opportunity to pitch your super-fantastic next-big-thing project to industry executives from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia, China and the rest of the globe. It could be a children’s picture book, a TV series, or a multi-platform IP – if it’s aimed at children and you think the world needs it, bring it to the International Exchange and meet the people who could help bring it to life.

You could be pitching your project to a production company in Ireland at breakfast time, and end the day meeting a distributor from China. This is a global event, open to anyone with an exciting new concept that’s ready to be delivered and shared with prospective buyers. In the 2021 International Exchange, over 650 opportunities to meet were pursued in the 12-hour time slot. And according to our CMC all-delegate survey, individual business wins ranged from £10K to £5M. This year, your project could be in that frame.

And making the deal isn’t everything. Many delegates at the International Exchange report back that the feedback they got from the various buyers through the course of the day was of huge value – something money can’t buy:  access, time, experience and honest appraisal. Equally sellers also found themselves meeting other sellers – just as you would at a real-world market – and partnerships and contracts can follow.

This all sounds impressive, but perhaps there’s a teeny tiny part of you that’s apprehensive. Maybe there’s that cartoon devil character sitting atop your shoulder telling you you’re just not ready. Let’s deal with the devil and get them to pipe down. In 2021, ahead of the Exchange, the CMC Exchange Manager worked with delegates – both sellers and buyers – to ensure they were fully prepared  to make the most of the event. Email and phone consultations helped sellers ensure their pitches were ready to go, and gave them  info so that they could make appropriate and effective meeting choices. Buyers were helped to understand just what the event would entail, how to maximise their benefit by accurate profiling and listing of priorities and needs, and the opportunity presented  by this unique event where so many of the pitches are making their market debut. So, little cartoon devil, you can jog on now because you’re just wasting your time.

One delegate from 2021 summed up the experience:

The team are highly-skilled at matchmaking and encouraging partnerships. The preparation meetings even before the actual International Exchange event were invaluable. As a new creator the advice and insights on how to conduct the meetings were invaluable and boosted my confidence.

If you’ve got a concept that you believe in, don’t sit on it. Nothing will happen if you keep it hidden. Bring it to the International Exchange at CMC and show the world of children’s media what you have to offer. Who knows what partnerships and connections you’ll make…

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Thursday 30 June 2022: 8am – 8pm BST

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