What has the CMC Ever Done for me? Mittens, Shoes and Funding Clues

Posted on: Monday 14 June 2021 11:45pm

Nai Morris is a director and animator at Matinai animation, working alongside co-owner and CG artist Matt Morris, they specialise in high end CG animated films with humorous characters and stories at its heart. They are making CMC 2021’s short animated sequences that will run at the start of every session.

I first came to CMC Sheffield, in the summer of 2019, with a pitch bible tucked under my arm and an aim to test the water with my pre-school series, ‘Mitten and Shoe’.

‘Mitten and Shoe’ was inspired by many trips to the playground with my two young sons and noticing all the children’s accessories left around the park. Of course my crazy animation-y side of my brain thought, “what if these things were alive?” So, Mitten and Shoe live in the playground with their friends and meet new visiting lost items in each episode. Looking after these ‘wee raindrops’ is an old tartan umbrella called Mac-Drizzle who is obsessed with the weather of course!

It’s essentially a comedy show for children filled with fun and laughter, but it also has an underlying message about embracing people from all backgrounds, and celebrating our differences and uniqueness, a playground is a safe place where play comes before prejudice.

So, what has the CMC ever done for me?

Well one of the best things I discovered at CMC was the BFI’s Young Audience Content Fund, which I had never heard of before. The team were so friendly and helpful, I spoke to administrator Aisha Jan and John Knowles (production executive), who explained how I could apply for the development fund, which we did, and went on to receive some funding the following spring.

Back in the summer of 2019, I left the CMC on the train with a big handful of business cards, a potential distributor and producer and lots of useful tips about taking my next steps with the show, including advice for our oncoming pitch at Cartoon Forum later that summer.

We are proud to be a sponsor-in-kind for CMC 2021 and very excited to be able to supply the animated interstitials for the conference.

We’ll definitely be attending more CMCs in the future, and look forward to meeting you all, hopefully in person very soon.



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