What has the CMC Ever Done for me? Little Crowns and Big Ambitions

Posted on: Saturday 05 June 2021 1:54am

What has the CMC ever done for me?  

I think that’s an excellent question. Although it sounds cheesy, I have always dreamed of making children’s television. The fact that it is actually starting to happen is astounding to me.

Let’s go back a bit! Little Crowns Storyhouse has been my company since 2018. We are a children’s puppetry company that provides regular workshops and mother and toddler groups in South London.

My toddler groups were regularly attended and parents would sometimes say to me, “I could see this toddler group on TV.” I was always so happy that they could see my vision.

Then came the lockdown!

There were no workshops, no toddler group, and I had to stay at home! I was completely lost and had no idea what to do.

My toddler group was originally offered as a paid private zoom service, but then I realised that people were going to be at home, watching on screens, so it was up to me to showcase my work.

In my early career, I worked in television and became a video editor and camera operator. I took the risk and started writing songs, posting them to my YouTube channel and holding live-streaming classes. My first official song was the ‘NHS tribute’. Then following the tragic death of George Floyd, I wrote an anti-racism song to support children’s understanding of race, identity and diversity. My work gained a little recognition, and I knew then I wanted to focus on working in Children’s TV.

Since then we have released 42 songs and shows over lockdown (I had a lot of time).

 I randomly came across a CMC 2020 online event on LinkedIn and knew I had to attend, so I booked it straight away. Although the conference was already halfway through, I was able to watch the majority of it on demand since it was online.

As part of the conference, I attended the keynote panel on Black Lives Matter and during the discussion Miranda Wayland volunteered to mentor someone for a year. I knew I had to get in touch somehow, so I tried to contact her on LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and even Twitter. Despite my persistence, I did not receive a response. My next step was to email Greg Childs (the CMC Editorial Director) and post on the CMC Facebook page regarding the application.

Luckily Greg and Mario Dubois (from the CBBC commissioning team) offered to help me contact her. In addition, Mario kindly offered to help in any way he could!

When I showed him my show reel, he was extremely impressed and offered to mentor me for a year! This was the best news ever.

Having been mentored by Mario, I have been introduced to some invaluable people at the BBC, including Miranda Wayland. Additionally, I have also collaborated with Greg Boardman  from Three Stones Media (‘Rastamouse’, ‘Apple Tree House’). We are working together on a very exciting idea and I’m pleased that CBBC is also very supportive of my work. I am incredibly grateful for all the support, encouragement, and advice I have been given. The CMC has changed my life and since attending I am so lucky to have worked with some great collaborators from CBBC, Three Stones Media and of course my mentor Mario Dubois!

Little Crowns will always be my first love and I hope that this new journey will continue to grow.

Delvene Pitt
Director, Little Crowns Storyhouse
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsMegt8YMO1j7-hlooulLuQ

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