Preview: Perspective On… New Trends for Kids in Interactive Content,

Posted on: Thursday 09 July 2020 11:15pm by Kate Dimbleby Rupert Howe

Kate Dimbleby, who produced the CMC video Perspective on… New Trends for Kids in Interactive Content,comsiders “the world turned upside down…”

As Act one of ‘Hamilton’ ends, the lines “the world turned upside down” ring out.   I sing along with my 14 and 12 year old feeling the relevance.  It does seem that way.  And yet, for children, they will soon know no different.  Always growing faster and more flexibly than the adults who entertain them.  In our session, we focus on the New Trends for Interactive – the streaming interactive kids’ shows Netflix have been pioneering and how we can no longer see this kind of content as purely additive or complementary.

As one of our speakers, Alex Breen from 9 story Media Group said, we are making content for “a generation of media it’s only natural that kids would create this level of agency in storytelling”.  Producer Matt Brandon from Plimsoll Productions (Night on Earth) , talks about how we need to “up our game” to cater for an increasingly sophisticated audience of young viewers. And Amy Grossberg, nominated for an Emmy for ‘Blues’ Clues’ and ‘You Interactive’ put it “This is really just the beginning of interactivity…There’s so much more potential out there.

The world is upside down and people are finding new ways to tell stories for this non-linear decade.

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