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Posted on: Monday 06 July 2020 2:40pm by Sarah Baynes

Sarah Baynes is deputy chair of the CMC Advisory Committee and our go-to person for links with China. She has executive produced the Focus On INternational business strand this year…

Our Focus On… strand is once again laser focussed (appropriately enough) on giving you the up to date view-point on territories that are keen and open for business with the UK.

In an increasingly editorially competitive and commercially challenging global landscape, knowing your options and allies will be the lifeblood to industry survival as well as yours. This year we are focussing on Canada, China and Ireland –  with contributions from Producers, Distributors and organisations with knowledge of routes to finance. Join them right here right now (as they are always ready-to-view on the CMC Online Platform) and get some invaluable updates and wisdom.

I know I learnt a lot on the recordings, – especially that the market is alive and functioning espies the crisis. Though clearly, like so much ehe, the kids’ media world has new forms and a new rhythm to business… But the business goes on.

Join us to find out more …

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