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Posted on: Sunday 05 July 2020 6:43pm by Dr Vicky Brophy

Vicky Brophy has been the Exec Producer of the CMC Changemakers since 2018.

I’ve learned not to worry whether or not we’ll be able to unearth yet another clutch of inspirational Changemakers each year.

Luckily for us all, young people are not just caring more than ever; they’re taking more positive action as well.  I know I’m getting older but, six years and sixty successful speakers into the strand, they would appear to be getting younger too.  Not so long ago I found the naive optimism of youth rather wearing.  However, I’ve come to realise that those unencumbered by years of energy-sucking actuality, are the ones transforming ambitious ideas into truly change-making reality. 

The Changemakers are like shots of caffeine, their infectious energy a welcome, recharging hit.   Whether you’re after a quick fix of uplifting inspiration, fresh thinking or an alternative spin on business, taking ten minutes out for one of their talks might just prove your most stimulating coffee break this week.

And just while I’m thinking about the contributions of talented young people, I will make some noise about the wonderful work put in by our two-person production team – Kate Clifford and Tom Outteridge, who help me find them, and then delicately ease them into the CMC’s structures and editorial thinking.

Some Changemakers are live contributors to webinars in the schedule of CMC 2020 Online,. Others have made videos for the Changemaker strand.

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