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Posted on: Saturday 04 July 2020 10:52pm by David Kleeman

David Kleeman shares the outstanding children’s TV that emerges from the PRIX JEUNESSE International Festival every two years. The Festival has just finished its first ever online screenings, and hot-off-the-press, David has curated three different views off some of the best kids’ TV from the last two years – worldwide.

I’ve been going to PRIX JEUNESSE since before many of you were born. My first festival was in 1988. That was a wholly different time in media, and some things are radically new, while others haven’t changed at all. One of this year’s top preschool competitors was a remake of a show I loved at that 1988 event!

Still, there’s nothing I look forward to more – an uninterrupted week of watching kids’ TV, when usual working life leaves us no time to screen anything other than what’s necessary for our jobs. A close second place in what I love best is sharing shows from PRIX JEUNESSE with colleagues – seeing their reactions (since I’ve seen the shows before, I get to watch you watching!) and hearing widely divergent interpretations. With the pandemic, I won’t get to watch your faces, but I certainly look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you see!
David will be dropping in to the Children’s Media Conference Facebook Group Event PJ Briefcases during the week of 6-10 July to read your comments, respond and answer questions.

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